Have you ever heard people refer to “Pisces Season” but not been sure what it means?

Well, Pisces season starts when the sun moves into Pisces and several other personal planets join it during the month-long transit of the sun through Pisces.

Pisces is a water sign and brings a creative, compassionate, and spiritual energy but it can also manifest in an escapist, victim, or martyr energy.


February 19th – March 20th

Ruled by: 


Ruling house: 

12th House – Secrets and Rest & Retreat

Pisces season facts

Mantra for Pisces Season: 

I am my own mystic and my own oracle – all the answers I need are inside of me.

Best things to focus on during Pisces Season:

After the mentally oriented Aquarius season, it is a great time to connect with your deeper soulful, and intuitive side and allow source energy and divine downloads to filter through.

Personal Planets in Pisces:

We only have Mercury and the Sun in Pisces during Pisces season. 

Mercury – 24th February-10th March 2024

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 3rd of March and stays there until the 19th of March.

⁠The best way to harness the Mercury in Pisces energy is to focus on being creative, soulful, and compassionate in your communications in order to express your sacred message. 

Embrace your inner oracle!

Venus – 12th March-5th April 2024

Venus moves into Pisces on the 12th of March and stays there until the 5th of April.

The best way to harness Venus in Pisces energy is to showcase your creative and intuitive side to attract your soul clients. Show them that you are compassionate and connect through feelings and emotions.

Neptune in Pisces

We also have Neptune in Pisces. Neptune moves from 24-25 degrees Pisces during Pisces season.

Where is Pisces in your chart?

To find Pisces in your chart you will first need to create a chart at astro.com if you don’t have it already.

Then you will want to look around the edge of the chart and find the Pisces Glyph.

Then look at which house(s) Pisces spans in your chart to see which areas of your life Pisces season is likely to play out in.

If you want an easy reference chart for the signs and houses join my free astrology course here.

In my chart below you can see that Pisces spans my 6th & a small portion of 7th house and it is also the sign of my DC angle. 

I don’t have any planets in Pisces however having my DC angle here gives it prominence in my relationships.

This shows up mostly in the type of people I am called to serve through my business as well as my core relationships (my husband and children) with emotionally sensitive people.

My hubby can absolutely play the Martyr from time to time and he and one of my daughters absolutely fit the ‘highly sensitive person’ classification. 

In Pisces season, it’s important for me to ensure that I have plenty of time to tune into my intuition, rest and retreat, and make sure that everything I do is soul-aligned.

Reminder for Pisces Season

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