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The ultimate guide to interpreting your business astrology birth chart

Are you looking for new ways to unlock the potential of your business – have you considered your business astrology birth chart? Would you like to tap into a powerful and soulful tool that can help you navigate the entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities ahead? 

Look no further than your business astrology chart. 

Yes, you read that right – astrology isn’t just for horoscopes or personal insights. It can also be an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and business owners.

By harnessing the power of your business astrology chart, you can gain valuable insights into your business’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential. 

This ancient practice connects the positions of the planets and stars at the time of your business’s inception with specific traits and energies that can influence its success. By understanding these cosmic influences, you can make informed decisions, develop strategies, and align your business with the forces that are most favorable for growth.

In this blog, I will explore how to unlock the secrets of your business astrology chart, the benefits it can bring, and how to apply its insights to enhance your success. Get ready to delve into a world where astrology and business meet, and discover how this powerful tool can empower your entrepreneurial journey.

Understanding the components of a business astrology birth chart

To harness the power of your business astrology birth chart, it’s important to understand its various components. Just like a personal birth chart, a business astrology chart is based on the specific date, time, and location of your business’s inception. This information is used to calculate the positions of the planets and stars, which in turn determine the energies and influences that shape your business’s destiny.

The key components of a business astrology chart include:

  • The dominant zodiac signs, 
  • Dominant Elements & Qualities
  • Planetary positions
  • The 4 Angles
  • The 12 Houses, and 
  • Aspects. 

Each of these components plays a crucial role in revealing the unique characteristics and potential of your business. By understanding how these components interact with one another, you can unlock a wealth of insights that can guide your business toward success.

The dominant zodiac signs in your business astrology birth chart

Understanding the zodiac signs that are most dominant in your business chart is extremely important to understanding how to brand your business as well as which activities and offerings are most aligned.

I wrote a full blog on this topic here but as a summary, this is what each zodiac sign means about your business when you have a lot of planets, luminaries, or angles there.

Aries – The Warrior Queen/Leader

Keywords: Bold, Brave, Fierce, Leader, Activator

Dominant Aries businesses need to be very intentional in their branding and marketing because they are not for everyone and their direct nature can (and should) put some people off.

Taurus – The Earth Maiden/Sensualist

Keywords: Sensual, Grounded, Slow

Taurean businesses are not meant for fast food or fast service – so they must charge appropriately and provide clients with a luxuriating experience that they can savor.

Gemini – The Sacred Messenger/Social Butterfly

Keywords: Social, Connector, Curious

A dominant Gemini business must be able to be curious and multi-passionate and above all else do something with words or communication.

Cancer – The Nurturer/Hermit

Keywords: Sensitive, Protective, Feminine, Nurturing

A dominant Cancerian business must be based around a core foundation of nurturing and feminine connection. Cancerian businesses just feel like a soft place to land as soon as you experience them.

Leo – The Creatress/Celebrity

Keywords: Warm, Inspired, Bold, Courageous

A dominant Leo business must be seen and heard for all that it has to offer and can express itself creatively. 

Virgo – The Grounded Healer/Planner

Keywords: Analytical, Organized, Detailed

Dominant Virgo businesses must be built on a sense of order and are also able to be of genuine and practical service. If either one of these things is missing then the business simply cannot flourish.

Libra – The Harmonizer/Lover

Keywords: Peace, Diplomatic, Balanced, Just

Dominant Libran businesses must be able to create beauty as well as harmony. 

Scorpio – The Wild Woman/Alchemist

Keywords: Passionate, Intense, Deep, Magnetic

Dominant Scorpio businesses must go deep (and sometimes dark) to help people or society experience transformation. 

Sagittarius – The Seeker/Evangelist

Keywords: Worldly, Philosophical, Optimistic, Expansive

Sagittarian businesses need to be free to keep evolving, growing, experiencing, and teaching others. Stagnancy is their enemy and exploration is their joy. They are here to support the collective expansion of minds, people, and the planet.

Capricorn – The Sovereign/Ruler

Keywords: Masterful, Goal-Oriented, Ambitious

Capricorn businesses must pursue mastery, success, and recognition. These businesses have big goals and the stamina to achieve them. What others might think of as too hard is child’s play for a Capricorn business so it’s important to always have lofty goals that inspire action.

Aquarius – The Rebel/Maverick

Keywords: Futuristic, Altruistic, Rebellious, Detached

Aquarian businesses are born to be different, ahead of their time, and vital to innovation and progress. Anything too mainstream, normal, or repetitive will bore this business to death so it is important to create a business model flexible enough to follow the lead of its innate creative genius.

Pisces – The Mystic/Dreamer

Keywords: Intuitive, Sensitive, Psychic, Compassionate

A dominant Pisces business needs to prioritize creative download time because this is the lifeblood of their business and without it, they wither and die. Pisces businesses should also be careful to design their offerings in a way that works with their non-linear style. 

Dominant Elements & Qualities

It can be really helpful to look at the element and quality table of your business astrology birth chart to determine which element and quality your business is dominant in. 

In my scoring method I give the Ascendant, Sun, and Moon two points, the other planets + Chiron 1 point and the North Node 1 point (I don’t score the South Node or MC).

Understanding your dominant element and/or quality can help you to understand your business’s orientation to the world and how best to harness it.

Not all charts will be dominant in an element or quality – some charts will be quite balanced across them meaning that they can use each energy when they need them and accomplish a variety of things – the danger being that they burn out because they don’t build a team.

Dominant Fire Business

Your business has a lot of initiatory and action-taking energy and will have a lot of ideas.

Dominant Earth Business

Your business is focused on stability and foundations and will naturally excel in this area

Dominant Air Business

Your business will focus on pursuing logical and practical activities

Dominant Water Business

Your business will have a natural ability to connect authentically.

Dominant Cardinal Business

Your business can be visionary, with bold and innovative ideas, and be action-oriented, a leader in its field, and goal-oriented

Dominant Fixed Business

Your business can stabilize— set up a solid goal or foundation, then transform ideas into something real through sustained energy and implementation.

Dominant Mutable Business

Your business can be adaptable, and flexible and refine and perfect ideas through to completion.

Your Business Chart Angles

Understanding the signs that the four angles (Ascendant, Immum Coeli/Nadir, Descendant, and Mid-Heaven/Medium Coeli) intersect can be immensely helpful.

To give you an idea of the relevance of the angles in a business chart we can see them as follows:

Business Rising Sign/Ascendant 

This is the perception others get about your business and how it greets the world.

Business Immum Coeli/Nadir

The ancestral and familial patterns that we have brought into the business. It also reflects the foundation of our business. 

Business Descendant

Your business’s soul clients as well as your most aligned mentors and coaches. 

Business Midheaven/Medium Coeli

Your business’s most aligned zone for recognition as well as the nature of its most aligned services and/or products. 

The significance of the planets in your business astrology chart

The significance of the planets in your business astrology chart cannot be overstated. Each planet represents a different energy or archetype that influences your business’s dynamics. For example, the Sun symbolizes leadership and vitality, while Venus represents business values and finances. By analyzing the positions of these planets, you can gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and challenges your business may face.

Business Sun 

Where your business is destined to shine 

Business Moon 

How your business can be nurtured and its instinctive nature as well as how it connects with others

Business Mercury

How you can best communicate through your business.

Business Venus 

How your business can most easefully generate money

Business Mars 

How your business takes action 

Business Saturn

Where your business needs structure and discipline.

Business Jupiter 

Where you will find success, luck, and expansion 

Business Uranus 

Where your business experiences sudden ups and downs and where it seeks to rebel

Business Neptune 

Where your business seeks to be creative and intuitive but also where it may be avoidant

Business Pluto 

How your business seeks to transform and any power struggles

Business Chiron 

Any wounds or limitations the business has

Business North Node 

The soul purpose of your business

Business South Node 

The past experience and karmic debt the business has

Analyzing the planets in your business astrology chart can provide valuable insight into your business’s core strengths. 

For example, if your business chart has a prominent Sun, your business may possess natural leadership abilities and a strong sense of purpose. Similarly, a prominent Venus can indicate easeful flow of money. By recognizing and capitalizing on these strengths, you can position your business for growth and success.

How to interpret the houses in your business astrology chart

The houses in your business astrology chart correspond to different business domains. Each house represents a different domain, such as finances, communication, or partnerships. By examining the planets that reside in each house, you can gain insights into the specific areas of your business that may require attention or nurturing, or the ones that have a natural advantage.

The 1st House – Identity

The business’s visual brand and identity

The 2nd House – Finances

The financial security of the business, the financial resources at its disposal, and how the business manages its finances as well as the business’s innate strengths and its values.

The 3rd House – Communication

How the business communicates – whether that is through speaking, writing, or teaching.

The 4th House – Foundations

The behind-the-scenes work and core foundations of the business and also the ancestry of the business – so the skills that you (or others) have brought into the business. 

The 5th House – Creativity

How the business can experience creativity and pleasure. 

The 6th House – Team and Business Routines

The day-to-day operations of the business, the team, the routines, systems, and structures of the business as well as the overall “health” of the business. 

The 7th House – Partnerships

Partnerships in your business – so think about investors, business partners, and 1:1 services.

The 8th House – Transformation

Transformation and rebirth in your business.

The 9th House – Expansion

How your business can experience expansion and the potential for writing and publishing through your business.

The 10th House – Success

Public recognition, reputation, and success.

The 11th House – Goals & Community

Business goals and vision as well as how your business creates and interacts with a community. 

The 12th House – Downtime 

How your business needs to support itself through rest, retreat, and downtime. 

Busy houses in your business astrology chart indicate the types of offerings that you are most aligned to offer and those that are likely to be harder to find success with.

Case studies: Real-life examples of businesses using astrology for success

I’d like to share a couple of client stories with you. I recently worked with two fledgling entrepreneurs in my 1:1 Astro Coaching package to understand their natal + business chart and to make aligned business decisions.

My first client is an ex-professional corporate woman, she is used to providing advice to high-level management and executives around culture and change and she also had an existing blog and strong thought leadership around race and freedom. She felt like she had to offer corporate services as well as deliver online courses because that’s what would earn her money. But when we dove into both her personal and business charts we identified there wasn’t a lot of natural energy around this type of work. When I asked her about this she admitted she didn’t want to do this type of work – it certainly didn’t spark joy! I then went on to tell her that what I saw was the potential for her to write books, and be a thought leader and speaker. This was a pivotal moment for her when all her childhood dreams and forgotten or abandoned desires rose to the surface. It was emotional but deeply healing. It permitted her to do what she wanted to do in the world.

My next client is a holistic health and wellness practitioner combining yoga, ayurveda, and astrology to name a few techniques. She too felt like she should offer community and run live courses, but again this just didn’t show up in her chart! What was prominent was deep, intense, and transformational work and being a pioneer in her multi-modality approach to health and wellness. I advised her that what would be more aligned were deep and intensive 1:1 packages and VIP days. She was secretly thrilled that she didn’t have to hold space for large groups of people or run live teaching calls.

Understanding your most challenging business aspects

Aspects refer to the angles formed between the planets in your chart. They reveal the relationships and interactions between different energies, indicating potential strengths or challenges. For example, a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Jupiter may signify abundance and growth, while a challenging aspect between Mars and Saturn could indicate obstacles or delays.

Understanding the weaknesses or challenges in your business astrology chart is incredibly important. For example, a challenging aspect between Saturn and Mercury may indicate difficulties in communication or a need for more structured processes and discipline. By acknowledging and addressing these weaknesses, you can develop strategies to overcome obstacles and enhance your business’s performance.

Leveraging your business astrology chart for decision-making and goal-setting

Your business astrology chart holds the key to uncovering the unique strengths and weaknesses of your business. Just as individuals have their astrological birth charts, businesses also have a birth chart that reveals important information about their inherent qualities and potential.

To begin, you’ll need to determine the exact time, date, and location of your business’s inception. With this information, you can generate a comprehensive business astrology chart that highlights the positions of the planets and stars at the time of your business’s birth. 

Your business astrology chart is a powerful tool that can provide valuable insights. By understanding the components of your chart, such as the planets, houses, and aspects, you can unlock a wealth of information that can guide your decision-making and goal-setting processes.

By examining the placement and aspects of these celestial bodies in your business chart, an experienced business astrologer can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business (I do this in my Business Chart Readings) or you can learn how to do this yourself in my Level 2 Advanced Business Astrology Certification.

Armed with this information, when faced with an important business decision, you can consult your business astrology chart to gain clarity on the most favorable course of action based on the strengths and weaknesses revealed in your business astrology chart. 

By aligning your actions with the energy patterns indicated in your chart, you can optimize your business’s performance and unlock its full potential.

It’s like having a roadmap that guides you toward your desired business destination, with the planets as your celestial guides.

So, why not explore the world where astrology and business meet? Unlock the secrets of your business astrology chart and the potential of your business. 

Want More?

I’ve only just scratched the surface in this blog about what you can learn from your business astrology chart. Join my Level 2 Business Astrology Certification and go through an advanced level course on business astrology unlike anything else on the market. In this course, I provide you with 10 modules and over 350 pages of content including business chart interpretations.

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