In a previous blog, I have introduced the Lunar Nodes but in this blog, I am going to introduce you to the Nodal Axis and what it means for you.

What's your nodal axis

But first, a quick introduction on the Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes known as our North & South Nodes are not planets but mathematically calculated points directly opposite each other on our birth chart.

The nodes are points in space where two different orbits intersect: the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and the Sun’s orbit as it appears to move around the Earth. The point at which these two orbital paths cross is where we find the north node and the south node.

Your South Node is a karmic point on your chart representing your most recent past life – what you mastered in your previous life and therefore a point of comfort or ease in this life but also a point of potential stagnancy.

Your North Node is a very special point in your astrology chart, especially for Soul Purpose Astrology. It is the point of your soul purpose or ultimate journey in this lifetime.

The Nodal Axis

the nodal axis

The nodal Axis is the line between your North and South Node and demonstrates that they are not two separate and independent points but an axis along which you will both integrate and stagnate. 

They will always be directly opposite each other on the chart and represent a polarity in your life.

Finding your Nodes

Your nodes can be found on your chart as seen below, be sure to check that you have chosen the ‘True Node’ (rather than mean node) and on you select ‘Descending Node’ to show your south node as well as your north node. For directions to create your free astrology chart click here.

Themes of your Nodal Axis

The chart below describes the polarity or axis issues that arise with your north and south node placement. Your needed action will vary depending on which node is in each sign.

Aries – Libra 

Aries Libra Nodal Axis

Self/Freedom/Independence => Others/Relationship/Codependency

This is the axis of balancing your desire for freedom, independence and self-exploration with being in relationship with others.

 Issues may come up such as being a hermit or the opposite being codependent.

Taurus – Scorpio 

Taurus Sagittarius Nodal Axis

Resources/Survival/Security => Transformation/Power

This is the axis of balancing and integrating your survival instinct and need for solid foundations with embracing your innate power and internal stability. 

Issues may come up such as never having enough money or other resources or being in unhealthy power dynamics – either being controlled by others or being dominating over others. 

Gemini – Sagittarius 

Gemini Sagittarius Nodal Axis

Communication => Search for Meaning

This is the axis of balancing and integrating an insatiable desire for learning and the search for meaning with the need to use that knowledge and teach and inspire others. 

Issues may come up such as being a perpetual learner who never does anything with the knowledge or being a generalist who needs to go deeper. 


Cancer Capricorn Nodal Axis

Nurturing yourself and others => Achievement/Responsibility

This is the axis of balancing and integrating the need to nurture yourself and others be that through the role of a mother, partner or a nurturer with the need or desire to be out in the world achieving goals and being recognised for your work.

Issues may come up such as lacking in self-care looking after everyone except yourself or being a work-a-holic or someone who doesn’t value the intimate parts of life.


Leo Aquarius Nodal Axis

Expression for self => Contribution to collective

This is the axis of balancing and integrating being visible and brave in the world and contributing to collective and humanitarian goals. 

Issues may come up such as being selfish or egotistical or on the flipside being too focused on the benefit of the collective that you ignore your own need to shine. 


Virgo Pisces Nodal Axis

Service/Healing => Mysticism/Spiritual Connection

This is the axis of balancing and integrating being of service and providing hands on healing or support and being an introspective channeler of wisdom.

Issues may come up such as over-serving without giving yourself time to channel or intuit divine messages or being afraid to go beyond your own divine connection to pass on your knowledge, skills and healing and thereby depriving others of what you have to offer.

Want more?

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