Did you know that you can use astrology to gain insights into your past life (lives)?

Pretty cool isn’t it?!

In this blog I’m going to give you an overview of how you can explore this using your Natal Chart. If you need help creating your natal chart then click here for instructions.

This blog may ask you to suspend belief for a minute and feel into the concept of past lives and reincarnation sing Past Life Astrology. 

Evolutionary Astrology of which I am a student and teacher believes that we have multiple lifetimes and that, as Steven Forrest states:

The chart simply tells us what we need to know in order to effectively navigate the present life. It describes prior lifetimes that are relevant to the present one

So this distinction is important, our chart is not describing every past life we have ever had – can you imagine trying to interpret that?! Rather it provides information on the most important past life themes for our present existence

The idea is that the chart illuminates past life issues that remain unresolved AND that we have a soul intention to work on in this lifetime.

Past Life Astrology & the South Node

We start exploring past lives through our natal chart by looking at our South Node. The South Node reveals the difficult things that we need to work on in this lifetime.

Steven Forrest in his excellent book “Yesterday’s Sky” describes this:

The South Node primarily represents unresolved wounds, tragedies, limitations and failures from the past, which potentially interfere with our ability to fulfill our soul-contracts in this lifetime.

So we need to look at the Past Life Astrology by the south node placement and consider how we may have been limited and how it may be limiting our potential and distorting our present life experience. 

A Framework for analysing your Past Life Astrology in your chart

Astrology and Past Lives

The framework I use for analysing your significant past life includes looking at:

1. The Sign of the South Node – the nature of who we were in this important past life – your character and emotional nature. 

2. The House of the South Node – the realm, physical environment, and circumstances of the significant events of this past life.

3. Planets conjunct the South Node – Any planets within 10 degrees of your south node provide an additional layer to your past life and provide insight into your core past-life personality.

4. Ruler of the South Node – another layer or angle to the Karmic story of the past life in question and may sometimes relate to a pivotal event in this past lifetime

In my course, Your Astrological Purpose, I also look at some other aspects of the nodes to provide additional insight.

Example from my chart

My South Node is in Aquarius indicating a past life where I was a revolutionary, exiled or an outsider. I was likely involved in some sort of radical movement or experienced persecution or torture.

My South Node is in the 5th House – with the south node in this house past lives may have had unexpected pregnancies or issues around children. This may continue into the present life with confusion around whether to have children or not or feeling restricted by your role as a parent. This placement also indicates creative talents that have been used in previous lifetimes and that may come through in the present lifetime – or a desire to express them. Finally, Hedonism and love affairs can also be indicated by this placement and this may be something that you struggle with in your present life.

I don’t have any planets conjunct my south node 

My south node is ruled by Uranus – There is an indication of having been an outsider or an exile in the past life in question. You may have felt isolated, may have had to hide who you really were and likely were innovative and intelligent. This placement can also indicate a sudden change in condition or circumstance so look to the house for clues on this.

Interpreting your Past Life Information

So what does this mean to me? 

Well most of my life I’ve felt like I didn’t really belong whether in my family, in workplaces or within friendship groups.

I always feel like I’m on the outer and will naturally tend to be the lone wolf rather than connect with community. My mother always told me how defensive I was which is likely related to this leftover karmic energy of being judged or persecuted. 

In terms of the 5th House, what most resonated with me is the past creative skills that I’m finally allowing myself to express through my business as well as the Hedonism aspect. I can tend to escapism or to drink to excess to feel socially comfortable which also feels like this outsider energy coming through.

Being ruled by Uranus I feel the leftover karmic energy of a feeling like having to hide who I really am – especially in terms of my spiritual beliefs and practices. This comes through most strongly with my family but also within the corporate world.

On the upside, I do feel like this Aquarius energy comes through in my innovative business offerings and ideas and especially merging technology with creativity.

So what does this mean about my past life?

Ultimately it is not the specifics of the past life that matters however I get a sense of some sort of spiritual person who was persecuted for their beliefs. 

Perhaps a witch or medicine woman or perhaps a creative person who was ahead of their time. 

I have had a past life vision of being a priestess in an emerald gown – it felt like a Celtic period – so maybe this is the lifetime in question.

Why don’t the specifics matter?

You can get enough information on the leftover karmic energy and the unresolved issues to work through in this life without knowing the specifics of the past life.

Our North Node then gives us the information on how we are meant to work through and overcome this karmic energy and pursue our purpose.

Would you like to explore your significant past life and how to resolve your karmic energy?

Check out my Past Life Astrology Toolkit – with detailed tables to interpret my framework using your natal chart – just $29USD.

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