I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a concept I’ve developed and coined Energetic Bravery ™.

In particular, how Energetic Bravery ™ is crucial for a launch.

During a launch it often looks and feels like we’re doing ‘all the things’.

Sending lots of emails, showing up on social media in a more visible way and sharing our message.

People are telling us we are “on fire” and congratulating us for getting out there and being visible.

On the outside, it appears like you’re aligned and ready to meet your goals.

We tell ourselves and others how much we ‘want this’. We declare our dreams loud and proud. We set our goals and create goal trackers and measure our progress.

But, usually, on the inside, it’s a different story!

Energetic bravery and the truth about what's really going on in your launch

So what IS going on?

On the inside, we’re contracting and trying to protect ourselves.

We feel it in our heart chakra which is building protection around itself and shutting off receptivity.  

We feel it in our solar plexus (abdomen) with stuck, stagnant energy and often fatigue. We start comparing ourselves and diminishing our personal power.

Our base chakra goes into meltdown with fear about our literal safety in the world and whether our investments will pay off (for me this manifests as back pain).

We lose the ability to tune into our intuition and receive divine guidance through our third eye and crown chakra. We make bad decisions, we don’t listen to our inner knowing.

Our message becomes stuck (and not at all potent and magnetic) through a seized throat chakra.

We can’t draw on our potent creativity and passion through our sacral chakra.

The 7 Chakras of the Human Body

Our energetic system wants to protect ourselves from failure.

Protect ourselves from negative feedback.

Protect ourselves from an undesirable outcome.

So it shuts down.

Our lizard brain kicks in and sniffs a hint of danger. You’re doing something new, something that it isn’t so sure about, something that isn’t “safe”.

So we contract and tell ourselves “I don’t want to experience the pain”.

And even though it looks like we’re showing up, taking risks and going after our dreams, we’re just going through the motions.

And we’re not truly receptive to abundant possibilities…

Can you relate? Have you ever felt like this in one of your launches?

Let me ask a question then…

Do you really want to be seen, heard and recognised?

And I mean really, really?

Often, the answer is no. Whether it’s on a conscious or subconscious level, our energetic field is saying no.

Because if we actually showed up, if we actually surrendered and if we actually practiced Energetic Bravery ™ in our launch then that would mean we had to deal with all of our fears and unintended negative consequences of our launch.

Fear of being found out as an impostor.

Fear of supporting as many participants as we say that we can… and fear of this leading to fatigue, ill-health or relationship issues.

Fear of getting refunds.

Fear of losing our freedom.

Fear of actually being successful.

Fear of not being able to deliver what we’ve promised.

We all have fears and unintended negative consequences related to launch success.

I know you might be saying “No way, I DO want to be successful with my launch!”.

But take a minute and dive deep – what reasons might your subconscious, your reptilian brain, your ego and your energetic system have for wanting to “protect” you from launch success?

And although those fears might not be logical or real, they’re holding you back from the next level of success. They aren’t allowing you to reach your full potential and you’re missing out on an opportunity to activate Energetic Bravery ™.

So what is Energetic Bravery ™?

Energetic Bravery ™ is about activating the courage to be receptive to launch success.

And for this to happen, we need to do the following…

Activate our energetic system

At precisely the time when we want to be opening up and magnifying our receptivity, our energetic system wants to shut down. This means that now more than ever we need to invest in, and work on, our energetic health.

So what does this mean?

Well it means having a daily practice to clear our energetic (or Chakra) system and to energise and activate each and every one of our chakra centres.

We need to ensure that all of our energetic centres are neither over or under active and instead are working in harmony together.

We can do this through:

  • Daily chakra balances or guided meditations,
  • Scanning our system to perceive which chakras needs support
  • Professional chakra clearing sessions
  • Kinesiology sessions
  • Energy healing or reiki sessions
  • Journaling
  • Reinforcing our true desires with mantras and affirmations

I’ve written a heap of other blogs here and here where I provide tools and strategies to keep our vibe high and our mindset strong during a launch.

The most powerful thing we can do is to learn how to do this work on ourselves rather than be dependent on our amazing energetic support team (kinesiologists, reiki healers and others).

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting energy work and readings from my favorite practitioners but we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and to activate our own energy system and this is far more empowering. 

Clearing out the junk

Clearing out the junk is a way of working with any limiting beliefs or blocks that are taking the wheel during your launches.

We all having limiting beliefs, unintended negative consequences and blocks so it isn’t about feeling ashamed of them. But it is important to make sure that we’re clearing them out so that they aren’t having negative effects or making any important decisions in our launch!

It is so critical that we start our launches with this step otherwise we are taking all of this negative, stagnant energy into our launch – and it is over before we even start.

Activating your desires

It’s easy enough to sit down and write a goal in our diary or Asana project. But it’s another thing to fully back ourselves and our desires and put full trust and faith in them!

I was running a workshop last week when one of the participants quoted Sandy Forster who talks about making sure not to cancel your order with the universe.

We can often set big, bold goals and put it out the universe but as soon as something negative happens, we cancel the ‘order’ by saying things like ‘Oh no, that could never happen for me’ or we start making contingency plans or ‘Plan B’. Or even worse, we take actions that sabotage our goals!

Activating your desires means to fully back them and stop canceling your orders after you make them.” 

Having the courage to believe

Recently I had a stark realisation when doing a clearing session with a client.

Activating our desires also relies on the courage to truly believe.

And I’m talking about full body, spirit and soul courage!

Because truly having the courage to believe means that we believe in the most potent and powerful version of ourselves. It means that we are willing to open ourselves up, willing to risk being hurt, willing to risk being disappointed, willing to risk a crushed ego and heart.

It means we are willing to do the work, invest the money and go ALL IN – heart and soul before we can see the results.

It means we are willing to not only sit in the void but to actually take action in the void even if there is not yet any proof that our program, product, services or offering will be a success – that WE will be a success.

And seriously this takes ENORMOUS courage.

I’ve learned that it is not creating a program or launching that takes courage. No these are just actions really – implementing steps.

But the courage to open ourselves up fully and to believe that it is possible? That is true Energetic Bravery ™.

It isn’t easy but so worth it!

Potent and magnetic receptivity

And finally, Energetic Bravery ™ is about being willing to knock down the walls that you have built up around your heart.

“It’s about being willing to be seen, be heard and to be loved for your soul gifts.” 

It’s about being willing to believe that is safe to be who you are.

It’s about deciding that you are not going to dull your light any longer.

It’s about opening your energetic system to receive love and recognition.

It’s about speaking your truth – in it’s full potent force.

And while I know that most launch strategies or launching programs don’t talk about any of the elements of Energetic Bravery ™, I believe a launch strategy is meaningless without it! I believe that your launch will not succeed without Energetic Bravery ™.

So are you ready to activate Energetic Bravery ™ in your next launch?

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