In my last blog, I looked at the  Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). Now it is time to look at what we call the Social & Transpersonal Planets.

Much slower moving the Transpersonal planets are more generational in nature with all people born at a certain time born with these planets in the same sign. This means that we start to see generational patterns for the Transpersonal Planets and that the house the planet falls in takes higher precedence.

interpersonal planets

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Let’s start with the social planets – the fastest of the slower moving transpersonal planets – Jupiter and Saturn!


Jupiter is my fave planet possibly because it rules my sun sign Sagittarius but also because who couldn’t love a planet that is all about luck, expansion and abundance??!!

Jupiter is also about Growth and Optimism so look to where it falls in your chart to see how and where you can experience luck, abundance, expansion, growth & optimism.

Jupiter is not concerned about the little things in life, Jupiter is about the big, hairy, scary goals – Jupiter is about your highest potential. Jupiter is about the most amazing, most expansive thing that could happen to you.

Jupiter changes signs every 12-13 months giving us a beautiful period of luck and expansion in different parts of our lives – but with Jupiter, the key is that it brings the potential – you have to take the action!

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With Jupiter in my first house in Libra I am a natural philosopher, deep thinker and the endless optimist. I actively seek expansion and far-reaching goals but being in Libra there is an ever-present theme of needing to balance this with responsibility, fairness and harmony in relationship to others.

My Jupiter placement in the 1st house of self and appearance can indicate weight problems – as Jupiter likes to expand what it touches (!!) – and this totally played out to the point I had surgery to get it under control (best decision ever!).

I love my Jupiter in the 1st house except for the physical weight part!⠀


Saturn is all about structure and responsibility and some refer to it as your great work (or more precisely your “hard work” or what is challenging for you).

Saturn was known as a Malefic planet or as a troublesome one but in modern astrology, we see all planets as both teachers and tricksters – they all have the potential for good (and not so good) in our lives.

Saturn spends 2-3 years in each sign, so you’ll experience quite a long period of focus on each of the areas of your life and a need to take more responsibility and bring more structure to this aspect of your life – you may also feel more restricted and obligated.

The sign and house Saturn is in your chart will give you an idea for the way you experience structure, responsibility and discipline and which particular part of your life it will be most significant in.

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My Saturn is conjunct my Jupiter in my first house. As such Saturn is a big part of who I am and how I present to the world – responsible, disciplined, structured and in the sign of Libra – so with an energy of fairness, harmony and balance. This also means that in relationship I can feel a lot of responsibility and constriction.

The challenge for me is to find freedom (Jupiter) within the structure and responsibility of relationship (Saturn).

But Jupiter and Saturn conjunct can be quite tricky, there is a feeling of expansion and contraction to this energy. I’ve seen this through my weight loss and gain – expanding and contracting and less literally but just as strongly in my business – I expand, experience success and fulfillment and then feel a need to contract again. Even in terms of the products and services I launch I go wide for a while and then focus in narrowly – this expand and contract motion feels natural but also a little tricky.

This is a big part of my work on visibility and bravery – exploring why we contract and how we can allow ourselves to feel safe enough to not need to.

I have a client with this same conjunct placement but in the 2nd house and we are working through similar issues for her around how she earns money and receives for her gifts.


I have a soft spot for Uranus, another of the so-called “Malefic” planets. Lots of people dread a Uranus transit but I have to admit I’ve always loved a bit of change, crave freedom and don’t mind things being shaken up a bit!⠀⠀⠀

Uranus is all about freedom, revolution, sudden change and rebellion – juicy hey!

Uranus changes signs every 7 years – 7-year itch – That’s a sign of Uranus changing signs…

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OK so Uranus on its own is a handful but mine is in deep, intense Scorpio….in the 2nd house of Money!!

Yep for me Sudden Change and Money kind of go hand in hand.

Uranus brings its unpredictability into my business being a launch based business – anyone who has lived launch to launch knows what that is like! Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to tame my business and personal finances and my husband and I have made a lot of progress so that now the unpredictable lows don’t impact as much and the unpredictable highs can be enjoyed – yes please!

Uranus in the 2nd can indicate that you will earn money in a non-traditional way, often from modern technologies and you’ll want to have a lot of freedom and do things your way! It’s absolutely an entrepreneurial signature.

Instinctually I can tend to live on the edge with my finances in a very Uranian way, booking a trip to Europe (to satisfy Uranus’s need for freedom) even if there is not a lot of money in the bank and chasing the next launch’s income – trusting that there is always more where it came from.

This helps me to be brave in my business but the longer I am in business the more I appreciate and try to cultivate a more balanced approach to finances!

Uranus can be scary and unpredictable and what I’ve found helpful, especially when I notice a Uranus transit coming is to stay playful, curious and open rather than feeling scared or fighting what needs to change.


Neptune can be a hard energy to get your head around.

Neptune can place a haze over things, you can feel confused, lost and disillusioned in the area of your chart it touches.

But Neptune also is about our dreams, our intuition and imagination.

Neptune is very slow-moving and stays in each sign from anywhere for 10 – 14 years so it has a decade long or more impact on your life.

Many of my clients come to me in their late 30s or early 40s when they are going through their Neptune square Neptune transit – otherwise known as the mid-life crisis transit. It’s not a time to take action as Neptune confuses things – rather a time to tune in and reflect and wait for the haze to pass.

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I have Neptune in the third house bringing mysticism and intuition into my communication style. As such I am an empath and energetically pick-up what is going on around me and the hidden nuances in the communication.

I’m not always sure this is a good thing because I can feel through the pretenses, the words, through to the truth underneath and those two things are not always in alignment.

This made for a lot of anxiety through my teens and 20s and somewhat my 30s as I could pick up what wasn’t being said and how people really feel about me.

I’ve had to learn to have strong energetic boundaries and not look for validation outside of myself.


Pluto is another planet that has a bit of a bad name. Pluto is deep, dark and potent.

Pluto is all about death and rebirth, transformation and power. Pluto in Greek myth was the god of the underworld and he abducted Cere’s daughter Prosperine and kept her for six months of the year in the underworld.

So Pluto is about the deep dark things of life, the hidden, and unseen, death and rebirth.

Pluto is often linked to our soul and key soul journey in this lifetime.

In 2005, Eris, a dwarf planet in the scattered disc which is 27% more massive than Pluto, was discovered. This led the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to define the term “planet” formally in 2006, during their 26th General Assembly. That definition excluded Pluto and reclassified it as a dwarf planet.

So technically Pluto is no longer considered a “Planet” in the same league as the others but in astrological circles, Pluto is still very much one of the big players!

Pluto spends 12-31 years in a sign as it has an elliptical orbit so for most people pluto will only pass through 3-6 or so of their signs and houses in a lifetime.

I’m going through a Pluto square Pluto transit and yep it’s living up to expectations! So I’m studying intensively about Pluto and my next astrology book to read is “The Book of Pluto”.

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Pluto is in my first house, this placement means I can tend to be a bit of a recluse or a hermit. When things go wrong (as they often do in my extended family) I retreat to the underworld into protection mode. It’s something I’m working with an astrologer/therapist on and very much linked to my relationship with my father but it’s kind of amazing to see it right there in the chart.

With Pluto in the first, I am also the creator/destroyer. I’m not afraid to kill my darlings, to evolve and transform. There is a need for me to make changes to allow for my growth and evolution.


The wounded healer.

Chiron in our chart represents our core wound and path to healing.

Chiron is often not covered in traditional astrology books, however, there are some good books on Chiron.

Astrostyle talk about Chiron:

”Wedged between karma overlord Saturn and high-minded Uranus, Chiron helps us to synthesize our own core lessons so that we can help others relieve their own suffering. As Chiron flies through its orbit, it makes an erratic, flower-shaped pattern between these two planets. Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow refers to Chiron as “the rainbow bridge” because of its unique trajectory, and also because of the way it bridges the energy of Saturn and Uranus. Chiron can reveal where we learn to fly free after a period of struggle.

Astrologically, the wound of Chiron is not one we overcome, but rather a pain that we learn to live with.”

Want to know how to find your transpersonal planets in your chart and how to interpret them – download my free guide below.

My Chiron is in my 8th House bringing core wounds around power, (shared) money and sex.

I have a number of core wounds my house burning down when I was 8, a boyfriend dying when I was 24 but the strongest of all wounds was a lack of safety as a child due to a parent who was unable to contain and process their anger. There are also wounds around money – specifically shared money or family money. I come from a wealthy family and there are some unhealthy family dynamics around power and money.

My path to healing is empowering myself. Learning how to stay strong in myself when events trigger the frightened little girl inside of me. How to stay strong and empowered without being triggered into extreme panic reactions and then debilitating anxiety attacks. It’s not easy but I’m on the journey and I am a cycle breaker – creating a different life for my girls and standing up to my parents and helping them to see the damage they caused (and continue to cause).

Financial Empowerment, independence, and stability has also been a core pillar for myself and my husband to heal this wound.

Chiron moved from Pisces into Aries in 2019 and I see this as it being time to take action on our healing, time to get out of our heads and out of the mystical and intuitive feeling into the wound and time to start actively healing it.

Healing is not just energy healing sessions and crystals – although I love these things. Healing is also action, boundaries, being seen and heard, empowering ourselves, being the adult we needed as a child.⠀⠀

Where do you need to set boundaries? Where do you need to be heard? What changes do you need to make to heal? Where do you need to be a warrior?

What’s Next?

In the next blog I’ll be introducing you to the North & South Node in your chart and how they can teach you about your soul purpose!

If you would like help to interpret the placement of your interpersonal planets (or even where they are!) download my guide below.

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