In my last blog I wrote about 2018 and the year that was. In this blog I want to tell you about my word of the year and my plans for 2019.

Theme Word for 2019

Primary: Empowered

When I was picking my word for the year I knew it needed to be powerful. I’d spent much of 2018 feeling ‘impotent’ and at the mercy of factors outside of my control. I knew I was ready to take back my power and I felt into words such as ascend, rise and sovereign.

However, I just know my word for 2019 is Empowered.

How I’m making this real:

  • I want to feel empowered and sovereign in every decision I make and empowered in my business and my life
  • I’ve set some difficult boundaries within a relationship with one of my parents and taken back my power that had been leaked away
  • My husband and I are implementing the barefoot investor financial model and taking control of our finances and growing our wealth for the future
  • I’m committing to continuing the good work I did with my business finances in 2018 and I am using a monthly cashflow and expenses tracking process so that I can make empowered financial decisions in my business.
  • We have created surplus in both our personal and business accounts so that at all times we feel empowered in our lives
  • I’m doing what I want to do in my business in 2019, following my soul purpose and working towards a vision for 2020 onwards that is empowering.
  • I’m empowered and grounded by my faith and trust in the future and what I am building
  • I’ve invested in training for 2019 including my astrology certification and advanced soul centres certification. I feel empowered when I am learning, building new skills and solidifying existing ones and it helps make the less interesting things I need to do in my business bearable!
  • Being empowered is a mindset – it means going into every day and every task with a sense of ownership and knowing that I chose this. That everything is happening for me not to me.  It means rather than seeing the boring or irritating things like saving or paying off debt in a negative light that I feel empowered around creating a more solid financial future. It is time for us to rise up and create our legacy and the future that we want for ourselves.

Supporting Themes:

I always pick some supporting themes for my year. These are additional themes that I want my year to be based around.

In 2019 these themes are:

  • Grounded Stability – allowing my good work on our finances to support me moving forward to feel safe, protected and empowered.
  • Vision & Clarity – honing in on my vision and clarity about where I am going and what I am building.
  • Soul Purpose & Depth – staying true to my soul path and depthing in it.
  • Choice & Freedomfeeling free and like I have choice in life whilst still creating structures and boundaries that support me.
  • Radiant & Sovereign – Shining my light, standing in my leadership and feeling like a sovereign queen in my life and business.

This means that as I make decisions I ask myself:

  • Will this support grounded stability?
  • Will this help me to feel radiant & sovereign
  • Will this help me to have greater vision and clarity?
  • Will this allow me choice & freedom?
  • Will this allow me to feel empowered?


  1. Fill my Mistressmind and work intensively with these women to help them discover their soul purpose and align their business to this.
  2. Download and create a new body of work that will become a new flagship program in 2020 (my mistressmind will be getting access to this work as I create it!).
  3. Continue writing my book
  4. Certify as an Intuitive Astrologer and Advanced Soul Centres Practitioner and attend live workshops in Melbourne, Brisbane and Bali.
  5. Prepare to be ready to relaunch my business in 2020 with a new focus, name and look and feel!
  6. Create and/or enhance effective evergreen funnels for my existing programs for an easeful and regular flow of revenue.
  7. Pay off all bad debt and increase my profit margin

A tip for making your goals a reality – declare it and make it real publicly (to your list, on your blog, on your social media or in Facebook groups).

So what is my focus in 2019?

2019 is a 5 year for me.

This means it is likely to be a year of major change where horizons are expanded. After my 4 year last year setting structures and boundaries and getting serious with my finances the five year should feel a bit freer and fluid and will likely be fast paced and hectic.

I really see 2019 as a depthing year. Depthing my study and learning, depthing my methodologies and body of work. Deepening my impact with clients.

So that in 2020 I can re-emerge more aligned to my soul purpose and the soul of my business than ever.

You can find out more about how to find out what numerological year it is for you here.

In 2019 You Can Expect to See Me:

  • Certifying as an intuitive astrologer!
  • Working intensively with an intimate group of women in my Mistressmind
  • Writing my book!
  • Creating new training to launch in 2020
  • Feeling into the next iteration of my business and brand

Looking forward to 2020 I want to see:

  • Progress with my book
  • A new program ready to launch
  • A new business brand and website
  • A strong sense of vision for the future including developing my own certification program for 2021

I encourage you to go through a similar process for your own business and you can do this with my business planning day framework Your Soulful Year.

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