So many women feel influenced by the moon. It’s completely natural for so many reasons – most of which we are cyclical beings with our monthly menstrual cycle which (often) so closely mirrors that of the moon.

But some of us are more Lunar than others (dare I say we are lunatics!).

influenced by the moon

So how do you know if you are heavily influenced by the moon?

Well first you will need to grab your birth chart, you can create one here.

You were born at night

OK so firstly what time were you born? If you were born between 6.01pm-5.59am then you have a nocturnal birth chart – or in simple language, you are a being of the night. The moon rules a nocturnal chart whilst the sun rules a day-time chart so if you were born at night you are automatically more influenced by the moon. 

You have prominent Cancer in your Chart

There are a number of ways this can show up in your chart to show the moon heavily influences you. So let’s go through them.

You have a Cancer Moon

If you have a cancer moon (Snap! I do too) then your moon is in its home sign and so it expresses in its most natural way. Cancer Moon people are sensitive, intuitive and highly influenced, and impacted by cycles – they have a natural ebb and flow energy just like the moon!

You are a Cancer Sun sign

If you are a Cancer ( a sun in Cancer) then you express in a Cancerian way and given the moon rules Cancer this means that you are also very sensitive, intuitive, and cyclical in your approach to life.

You are a Cancer Rising

If your ascendant is in Cancer then you come across to others in a Cancerian way – sensitive, intuitive, emotional, perhaps a bit over-sensitive or defensive. Overall people probably find you very nurturing – like the mother hen or mama bear of your group. The moon in your chart is also your chart ruler.

You have a cancer stellium

Astrologers disagree on what officially makes a stellium versus a cluster or triple conjunction but let’s keep it simple for the purposes of this blog. If you have three or more planets in Cancer then you are also highly influenced by the moon.

You have a busy 4th House

The moon rules the 4th house in modern astrology so if you have a busy 4th house (3 or more planets here) then you are also heavily influenced by the moon.

Your moon is Prominent

If your moon is tightly conjunct an angle (within 2 degrees of your AC, IC, DC or MC, conjunct your Sun, or conjunct a number of personal planets (Mercury, Venus or Mars) then you are also heavily influenced by the moon.

You are consistently (i.e. on a regular basis) heavily impacted by New and Full Moons

Maybe you don’t have any of the above in your natal chart but you know for a FACT that when the New Moon and Full Moon occur that you are extra sensitive, emotional, have a melt-down or feel extra intuitive or inspired – well you guessed it you are heavily impacted by the moon.

Your menstrual cycle aligns with the New or Full Moon

For those women who have not yet gone through menopause (or who noticed this before they went through menopause) if you get your monthly bleed either at the new moon or full moon then you are also highly influenced and attuned to the moon. It’s more common to bleed on or close to the full moon however at times of my life when I was more in the masculine I used to bleed at the New Moon. So my anecdotal experience is that bleeding at the new moon is likely a sign that your masculine and feminine is not in balance – you are likely too much in striving energy and not enough in thriving and receptive energy.

Am I influenced by the moon? Example using my chart

I am significantly influenced by the moon so I thought I’d go through these indicators as an example.

I’ve created a quick and simple quiz (no-opt-in required!) for you to get your result!

Moon Influence IndicatorsNotes
Born at nightYep I was born at 2:35 am
Cancer MoonYep at 19 degrees
Cancer SunNo
Cancer risingNo
Cancer StelliumNo
Busy 4th HouseNo
Prominent MoonNo
Heavily impacted by new and full moonsI often experience emotional meltdowns
You have your bleed (or used to) at the new or full moonI used to have it at the new moon but these days consistently have it at the full moon.

Take the Moon Influence Quiz!

Want to learn more about working with the moon?

If you are strongly influenced by the moon (and even if you are not!) you’ll love my Lunar Planning Toolkit.

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