You might be wondering what the best astrology software is for your astrology business or personal use. I’m really grateful to be an astrologer in this day and age of computers and programs where I can easily and quickly run charts. Platforms like and are awesome for this purpose.

But if you are a practicing astrologer (or plan to be) then you probably want to consider getting some professional astrology software.

Let me be really clear here – I am not receiving any commissions for this article or any future purchases that you may, or may not make!

There are things that full-service astrology software can do that free software just doesn’t and in today’s blog I’m going to share some of the things I love about the software I use.

Which is the best Astrology Software and do I use it

First things first I use AstroGold which is built for Mac operating systems but Solar Fire is a great option if you are a Windows user.

Running custom transit reports

Astro Gold has a great function that allows me to run a transit report for set dates based on conditions that I specify. This saves a heap of time trying to work these out for clients manually. 

The software also provides interpretations of the nature of the transit – however, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t put it in the context of the signs and houses which you will need to do for clients. I don’t recommend using these interpretations as the only information you give clients.

This saves a heap of time when preparing for my Year Ahead Astrology Readings however, I still need to refine the list based on the client’s specific areas of interest and use my expertise to determine which transits are likely to be most impactful to the client.

Quick & accurate transit checks

I also love to use Astrogold to do quick checks for clients on the timing of transits such as their next Saturn Return or when Venus will next activate their MC angle.

I find that often during a Year Ahead Reading a client will ask a question that leads me to suggest that a certain transit will be important to look out for – it’s super quick and easy to then look this up in my software and give accurate timing to them live on the call.


Now I will preface this by stating that has a great astrocartography feature but there are some things that Astro Gold does that does not.

For example, on Astrogold, I can easily use my cursor to determine the distance between astrocartography lines and therefore see which parts of the world are impacted by this line.

The ability to get super specific with transit placements

Sites like and are great for running basic charts but they typically limit the chart you run to a specific date.

Where a platform like Astro Gold really excels is when you want to get transits to the hours, minute, or even second and be able to play around to get the precise best timing for an event.

This is particularly useful if you do predictive astrology – I use this feature a lot when I am doing Launch Astrology Readings for clients.

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