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I love working with Moon Astrology and it has enhanced my life in so many ways including learning how to slow down, embrace my pace and understand that we need both yin and yang phases in our life – in other words, times to strive and times to rest.

In this blog, I want to share some of my favorite tools for working with the moon.

lunar astrology

Moon Plus App 

A simple iphone app with all the Moon Phase data you need including the current and upcoming phase of the moon as well as a monthly moon phase calendar.

AstroSeek Website

The AstroSeek Website is a fantastic Lunar Astrology resource and I particularly love referencing this New & Moon Moon annual chart, their monthly Void of Course chart and their monthly Moon Phase Chart. I love that you can easily adjust these charts for your (or a client’s timezone).


There are simply gazillions of Moon Astrology books out there so it can get a little overwhelming – my favorite Moon-based Astrology Books are:

Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring – I love this book because it dives into your natal moon placement but also your progressed placement in-depth – it’s become a bit of a bible for me as my progressed moon changes signs and houses.

Moon Phase Astrology by Raven Kaldera – This book is really interesting as it dives into the moon sign and phase that you were born under – for example I was born under a Cancer Disseminating Moon which is the “Shield Father’s Moon” and let me tell you the description is me to a tee! 

I hope these resources have whetted your appetite to work more with the moon – check out my Lunar Planning toolkit to work more closely with the moon!

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