You might have heard that it is the equinox this week but wondered what it is and how it relates to astrology.

Well, when we work with planetary cycles (transits) we are able to understand the stage of life that we are in – these transits can occur over multiple years. 

However, there is another level to cycles which is annual natural cycles – solar and lunar cycles of the sun and moon. 

When we work with the new and full moon we are working with monthly cycles. 

Many of us are now highly attuned to working with lunar cycles but how much attention are you giving the solar cycle?

Luminary cycles were the way in which the ancients planned their year, decided when to plant crops and when to reap the harvest when to hold their ceremonies and festivals and so much more – as such they are a natural calendar.


The Solar Cycle

The solar (or sun) cycle lasts for the year and as we know is divided into four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall), and Winter.

The seasonal new year begins at the Spring Equinox which is in September in the Southern Hemisphere and March in the Northern Hemisphere. 

It is worth noting that the Astrological New Year which starts on March 21st aligns with the Northern Hemisphere seasonal new year but not with the seasonal new year in the southern hemisphere. However, we often feel a burst of energy at this time despite it being our autumn as we benefit from the season of the Sun in Aries.

So we can see that working with the Solar Cycle is about being aware of the passage of the sun through the Zodiac – which I guide you through with my monthly Zodiac Season Blogs. 

The Equinoxes 

So how does the equinox come into this? Well, every season begins at an equinox or a solstice. These occur when the sun moves into 0 degrees of the cardinal sigs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Cardinal signs represent taking action and initiating projects in our lives so these times are powerful for starting new projects and getting clear on our intentions.

Keep in mind that the equinox and solstices are different in each hemisphere due to the difference in seasons. 

For example, right now we have the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and the autumn equinox (Mabon) in the southern hemisphere. 

So if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and it is the spring equinox (otherwise known as Ostara) it is a time to ask yourself – what seeds do I want to plant right now to bloom later in the year? 

According to Priestess Brandi Auset the Ostara equinox is a time for: “Balance, awakenings, fertility and vitality”

And if in the southern hemisphere it is about what do I need to harvest – which of my projects is ready to be picked so to speak? It is also a time of gratitude. 

Brandi Auset describes Mabon as a time for “Thanks, preservation, reflection, preparation, and abundance”

In ancient times as the spring and autumn equinoxes were a time of festivals that celebrated Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis.  In Myth, Autumn is the time of darkness when Persephone was abducted away to the underworld and Spring when Persephone was reunited with her mother Demeter.

So ultimately to work with the Equinoxes is to work with the solar and natural cycles. It can bring you back to your ancient roots and it can ground you into more intuitive ways of being in the world. 

I recommend that you follow my monthly Zodiac Season blog and attune to the monthly sun energy in your life!

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