We will experience the direct Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on the 12th of April 2022 at 24 degrees Pisces. 

The Sabian Symbol for this Jupiter Neptune conjunction.

The Sabian symbols describe the 24th degree of Pisces as

“The tiny island seems lost in the broad ocean, but its happy inhabitants have created a world all of their own”

This Sabian symbol is about collaboration and connection, about the need to get along and co-exist and this could not be any more significant than now with Russia invading Ukraine and the global flow-on of this action. It is something that threatens the security of the entire world.

There is a sense with this symbol that we are no island, we cannot just shut ourselves away and forget about others.

Some quotes relating to this symbol are:

“How I wish somewhere there existed an island of those who are wise and of goodwill”

– Einstein

In a sense, each of us is an island. In another sense, however, we are all one, for although islands appear separate and may be situated at great distances from one another, they are only extrusions of the same planet earth.

– J. Donald Walters
jupiter neptune conjunction

Meaning of the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction

The Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is powerful as both planets are at home in Pisces (Jupiter’s traditional ruling sign is Pisces – the modern ruler is Sagittarius).

This aspect occurs every 13 years in successive signs (e.g. the last one was in Aquarius in 2009). As such it is one of the major aspects that Astrologers see as particularly historically significant. 

This conjunction also marks the first time that civilization has experienced it forming conjunctions through all 12 signs as Neptune was only discovered in 1846.

This aspect should be considered in the context of those of the last few years and as such it follows the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the Saturn-Uranus square of 2021. 

These aspects were of a restrictive, masculine, and patriarchal energy and occurred during a time of a global pandemic and the resulting changes to the world.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, however, is as opposite as can be from these previous annual aspects – bringing a new sense of hope, vision, creativity & spirituality. 

Creative expression, fresh vision, and spiritual contemplation and exploration are what we will be called towards in 2022.

In light of global events that have occurred since I first wrote about this conjunction, I feel that we are being called towards the expansion of society towards a model that is more compassionate and feminine in nature but that will not come easily – great forces like Russia will kick and scream as this change occurs. And I feel that this will continue for some time yet when Jupiter – all about expansion – moves into the aggressive sign of Aries ruled by the warrior planet Mars.

How can you harness the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction

Where is 24 degrees Pisces in your chart?

Where do you need to be more compassionate and feminine in your life? 

How can the expansive energy of Jupiter and the intuitive, creative, and spiritual energy of Neptune support you?

Or where might you feel a little confused, lost, or perhaps have unrealistic expectations (Jupiter’s buoyancy and optimism blend with Neptune’s illusion and rose-colored glasses!).

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