You might be wondering what the uses of business astrology are and if it is something you want to add to your astrology toolkit. As I write this I have just sold my first ten places in my Advanced Business Astrology Certification. I know that these will be the first 10 of many and I am beyond excited to share with this group advanced astrological techniques.

So in this blog, I wanted to share 5 uses of business astrology (that you might not have thought of using).

Business (or entrepreneurial Astrology)

When I first started studying astrology my mind immediately went to – “how can I apply this to my business?”. I assumed that there would be people teaching and writing about this use of astrology but I came to realize that actually barely anyone was.

When I looked around I saw some applications of astrology to share market trading and for really big business mergers and acquisitions but almost nothing for the new wave of digital entrepreneurs.

So I decided that this was a sign that I needed to create a business (or entrepreneurial) astrology framework.

As astrologers, we can Conduct business readings that help our clients to understand the natural energy of their business, the best way to run their business, their soul clients, aligned marketing, and what they bring to the business as well as likely challenges. We can apply houses, planets, and signs to a business chart in a unique way and conduct business chart readings including synastry analysis of the business owner and the business itself.

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Planning using Astrology (AstroPlanning)

I’m a born planner and organizer (just ask my mum!) and in personality tests, I tend to score off the charts for this trait. I think it’s due to being a Virgo rising and Capricorn Mars, as well as having Saturn in my first house.

One of the first things I started to use astrology consistently for is planning my day, week, month, and year.

As astrologers, we can advise clients on the current and longer-term energy that they will be working with and use advanced techniques such as Transits, Solar Arcs, Solar Returns, and Lunar Gestation to help our clients plan for success including personal and business forecasting and tuning into annual energy. 

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Electional astrology or AstroLaunching

Before I was an astrologer I was an e-Course expert and launch strategist so it was only natural that when I learned astrology I wanted to create a process to help my clients determine the very best time for them to launch their products and services out into the world.

As astrologers, we can use electional astrology techniques to advise clients on selecting the best dates and times for various launching activities such as launching a business, a course, or other offering down to the minute.

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Ok so I might have naturally gravitated towards the above techniques based on my previous business offerings but if you asked my Sagittarius Sun what it was most excited to learn – it would tell you without a doubt that it was AstroCartography (a term coined by Jim Lewis who has now passed on and only certified students of his school can use this term in their work).

I am not yet certified through Jim Lewis’s school but I have graduated with honors in Astrocartography from a major astrological school as preparation for being certified by Jim Lewis’s school.

I like to call this technique AstroTravel (I’ve also heard it referred to as AstroGeography or Locational Astrology).

Astrotravel overlays your planetary positions as lines across the globe and can help us to determine the best locations in the world to live, work and travel to. We can also use it to prepare for travel and the likely energies of the destination as I did before I went to Lord Howe Island in February 2022 or have done to feel into my retreat in Tulum, Mexico in August 2023. 

AstroTravel can also help us to use Feng Shui and Remote Activation to harness our most auspicious planetary lines without actually having to physically travel to that destination.

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Sacred Feminine Archetypes

Astrology can feel extremely limited for women. We are typically given two feminine archetypes – that of the mother (the moon) or the seductress (venus). Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that she is a lot more complex than that!

So when I discovered that there were actually a set of asteroid goddesses and dark goddesses that we could apply to our chart I was overjoyed!

Studying feminine archetypes in astrology provided a much deeper understanding of ourselves and our chart.

As astrologers, we can apply the feminine asteroids and dark goddesses to our client’s personal & business charts and give them a much deeper sense of who they are and what they are meant to do in the world. 

We can also look for asteroids that are personally meaningful and significant in a client’s chart such as ancestral asteroids.

If you loved learning about the greek or roman goddesses in school and reading myths then you’ll adore this application of astrology.

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Want to learn more uses of business astrology ?

So there you have it, five ways that you might not have thought of to apply astrology to your own life and business as well as in offerings for your clients.

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