The 12 Houses in Business Astrology have a different (or modified) meaning to natal astrology.

Whilst some of the houses have similar meanings others take on different focuses and applications and they can tell us a lot about the potential, strengths, and weaknesses of our business!

In this blog, I’m going to go through my interpretation of the 12 Houses in Business Astrology when conducting business astrology readings.

Keep in mind that the way that they are interpreted for your unique business chart is based on which planets are in which houses and which signs rule each house.

The 1st House

In business astrology, the 1st House can indicate a focus on the visual aspects of your business such as rebrands or branding, new websites, photoshoots, and generally being more visible. It can also relate to the general physical structure of the business so perhaps registering the business or changing the legal business structure.

The 2nd House

The second house in business astrology is the house of creating money through the business and creating money through your (or the business’) natural strengths and talents. It can also relate to the financial security of the business, the financial resources at its disposal, and the way in which the business manages its finances. 

The 3rd House

The third house is all about how the business communicates – whether that is through speaking, writing, or teaching the 3rd house will give clues to how the business is destined to shine in this area. A lot of planets here may also indicate a local (rather than global) business. 

The 4th House

The fourth house in business astrology is really about the behind-the-scenes work in the business. It’s about the core foundations of the business and also the ancestry of the business – so the skills that you (or others) have brought into the business. It may relate to the close supporters of the business – the business “family” in a sense that gives the business emotional support. 

The 5th House

The fifth house in business astrology is about how the business can experience creativity and pleasure. You can look to this house to see what will bring you true happiness in your business and how to get your creative juices flowing. 

The 6th House

The sixth house in business astrology is all about the day-to-day operations of the business, so the routines, systems, and structures of the business as well as the overall “health” of the business. Depending on the sign this might indicate that you are highly organised and systematic or more loose and free in the way you approach this part of your business.

The 7th House

The seventh house in business astrology is all about Partnerships in your business – so think about investors, business partners, and 1:1 services. If you have a lot of planets here in your business chart it may indicate that these partnerships are important to your business. 

The 8th House

The 8th house in business astrology is a tricky one to translate but overall it speaks to transformation and rebirth in your business as well as potentially indicating metaphysical skills, tantric or sexual therapy, working on money-related fields or in topics about power or empowerment, and potentially running your business with your intimate partner. 

The 9th House

The 9th house in business astrology relates to how your business can experience expansion, through learning or through work or clients internationally and the potential for writing and publishing through your business.

The 10th House

The 10th house in business astrology relates to how you can gain public recognition for your expertise through your business and as a result grow your business.

The 11th House

The 11th house in business astrology relates to how your business sets and pursues its goals and vision as well as how your business creates and interacts with a community. Planets in this house may indicate running group offerings through your business. 

The 12th House

The 12th house in business astrology relates to how your business needs to support itself through rest, retreat, and downtime. Planets in this house can indicate running retreats through your business but planets here can also be “hidden” in your business and therefore difficult to express – so you’ll have to work harder or more consciously to express the areas of their domain e.g. a Mercury in the 12th house could mean that you find communicating through your business difficult however it could also indicate more intuitive or channeled communications.

The 12 Houses in Business Astrology summarised

12 houses in business astrology

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