In my last blog, I wrote about 2021 and the year that was. In this blog, I want to tell you about my word of the year and my plans for 2022.

My theme word for 2022

word of the year

I wanted a word for 2022 that could take the word I picked in 2021 of freedom and expand into something even brighter.

I chose the word shine – as I felt it described the next stage of my business journey – I’ve built the foundations, I’ve created financial stability and now it is time to shine my light as brightly as I can.

Shine is a word that I have used as a theme word before, back in 2014 in my best ever year in business when I felt ready to expand my reach, my impact, and my revenues. The energy of the word shine just felt right for 2022. 

The word shine (or similar words) was also repeated in my card reading I did for 2022 and with a Leo North Node in the 11th house – being brave enough to shine amongst groups of people is really important to my soul growth. 

You can find out more about my process to pick my word for the year here

word of the year

How I’m making this real

  • By expanding my reach through pursuing speaking opportunities, publishing an oracle deck, embracing strategic collaborations and growing my list.
  • By building my self-love and self-confidence
  • By embracing my role as a leader in the realm of business astrology including launching an advanced business astrology certification (Level 2)
  • Through a goal to double my revenue in 2022
  • By repeating to myself the mantra “it’s my time to shine”
  • By accepting an opportunity that came my way for a creative collaboration with a highly successful entrepreneur
  • By committing to show up and be visible

Supporting Themes

I always pick some supporting themes for my year. These are additional themes that I want my year to be based around.

In 2022 these themes are:

  1. Getting effective support – investing in the right people to support my growth (including my new community mentor for the certification as well as customer service support).
  2. Protect my businesses’ greatest asset (that’s me by the way!) – by designing a schedule that works for me and that is flexible enough to allow for life’s ups and downs
  3. Creative Retreats – that allow me to give intense focus to my creative projects as well as fill up my cup.
  4. Up-level – make sure that I am using the right systems, surround myself with the right people and hold myself and my business to the highest standards.
  5. Lead – Enroll a Level 2 Business Astrology Certification to continue to support my Level 1 students, be seen as a leader in my field and grow my own skills. Ultimately to be known as the best Business Astrology Mentor.

This means that as I make decisions I ask myself:

  • Will this support me to be globally recognised for business astrology
  • Should I be doing this – or should I be delegating?
  • Am I protecting my business’ greatest asset through this?
  • Am I giving myself enough intensive creative time?
  • Am I up-levelling my business by doing this?
  • Does this position me as a leader?
  • Is this aligned with my intention to “shine”

You can find out more about my process to pick my word for the year and supporting themes here.

2022 Goals

As you may have read in my recent year in review blog – my Level 1 Astrology Certification accounts for approximately 54% of my business revenue.

For this reason, in 2022 my mantra is “all roads lead to Level 1”.What this means is that everything I do in my business should support me to train more and more people in the Level 1 Business Astrology Certification.

My goals in 2022 are to:

  1. Earn $370k+ through my  business with at least 65% of this coming from the certification (Level 1 & Level 2) 
    • Launch the Level 1 Certification twice and enroll 40+ students in 2022
    • Launch and enroll 15+ existing students into the Level 2
  2. Travel to Europe (covid permitting) and run an Astrology event or retreat
  3. Publish my Astrology Deck
  4. Certify as an Astrocartographer (to continue my professional development)

I will do this by:

  1. Put the majority of my focus into launches of the Level 1 certification
  2. Continue to focus on activities that grow my list 
  3. Set aside time for creative retreats three times in 2022 to write my astrology deck guidebook as well as content for the Level 2 certification
  4. Enroll in the certification in January and set aside 1 day per week to study

Tip: Make your goals a reality – declare it and make it real publicly (to your list, on your blog, on your social media or in Facebook groups).

My Numerology

2022 is a 6 year for me.


There is an energy of Responsibility, Maturity, Wisdom, Healing, and Harmony for 6 years.  

It is a year where after the creative chaos of a 5-year you are asked to rebalance and focus on sustainability. After a few creative years of doing a whole lot of applications of astrology I’m being called to focus on the certification – it feels very Saturnian in nature. 

It’s also a year where relationships need focus – I can see that in my astrology transits too – and I’m already feeling that part of shining will be about effective relationships with my husband and my team.

You can find out more about how to find out what numerological year it is for you here.

So what is my focus in 2022?

My focus is:

To be recognised as the provider of a world-leading business astrology certification program that is soulful yet practical, customer-focused, professional, ethical, and delivers a beautiful experience.

My Astrological Energies for 2022

I have a large focus on my 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th houses in 2022 which represents Pleasure & Creativity, Day to Day Health and Routine, Partnership & Marriage, and Transformation and rebirth. 

In 2022 I have Jupiter over the 6th & 7th House bringing luck and expansion to my day-to-day routine and my marriage and partnership.

Saturn & Pluto are over the 5th house bringing structure and responsibility, and transformation to my zone of creativity and Pleasure. Saturn will conjunct my south node towards in early January which may bring up some past life karmic energy.

I feel like 2022 will be another year of being serious and disciplined towards content creation for my Level 2 certification and other projects.

Uranus continues to be over my 8th house bringing highs and lows of unexpected change to the realm of other people’s money. This could mean unexpected inheritances or taxes or even a business partner or investor. Expect the unexpected with Uranus! Uranus will also conjunct my Chiron in May which may bring an unexpected healing or healing crisis’ to my core wound around money and power and death.

Neptune will cross over my 6th House of daily routine into the 7th House of Marriage and Partnership in February 2022. Neptune is bringing a sense of disillusionment and confusion over my intimate relationship – but I’ll stay the course as I know the greater purpose it is serving, especially given I am also in my Neptune square Neptune mid-life crisis transit! Neptune will conjunct my DC line of relationships at the start of February and I may feel stronger than normal confusion or haze around relationships.

You can learn about which parts of your chart are being activated here.

A year from now

I am so proud of what I achieved in 2022:

  • I doubled my business revenue
  • Had a six-figure launch for the Level 1 certification
  • Enrolled the Level 1 twice and the Level 2 once
  • Launched my Astrology Oracle Deck
  • Took myself on three business retreats – including a trip to Corsica and Sardinia – covid gods permitting!
  • Experienced some wonderful surprise opportunities to speak or collaborate with those I respect
  • Certified as an AstroCartographer

“It’s my time to shine.

I am seen & heard in my brilliance.

I am a leader in my field and my certification is sought after.

I flow with ease and grace and attract clients who love and accept me.

I experience rapid business growth and abundance.

I encourage you to go through a similar process for your own business and you can do this with my business planning day framework Your Soulful Year.

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