I get a lot of clients coming to me when they are going through a personal and business transition. Sometimes it is a full-scale awakening, other times it is after they emerge from the “having babies bubble”, and often it is around the mid-life crisis transits (hint. These start earlier and go longer than your 40s!).

But the thing that they are all struggling with is how to navigate the fact that they are not who they once were and that their business doesn’t quite fit anymore.

The good news is I have been through this transition and I’ve come out the other side more aligned than ever before and I discovered a range of astrological tools that can help you. So let’s dive in!

reconnect to your business using astrology

1. Understanding your Sun

OK so most of us know what our zodiac sign is but what does it really mean. What can it tell us about how we can feel most vital, most alive, and how we can most shine?

Your sun is a key piece of the business alignment puzzle and moving towards our sun can ease a transition.

2. Integrating your Moon

Our moon sign is all about what makes us feel nurtured and secure yet many of us don’t even know our moon sign or if we do are likely not integrating it into our lives and our business.

Integrating our moon helps us to feel balanced and calm and many women actually relate to their moon more than their sun so it is very helpful to understand what your moon needs as this will make your transition much more easeful.

3. Embracing your Rising Sign

Your rising sign is how you appear to the rest of the world and is viewed by many astrologers as just as important as your sun sign. Knowing your rising sign helps you to understand what attracts people to you and how you can work with your “brand” as Jeff Bezos said “your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” and in astrology that’s your rising sign!

We are not an island and a transition in our business needs to consider what draws people to us to be in alignment.

I bring these three elements together in my signature methodology “Your Astrological Signature”.

4. Magnetising your soul clients

Once you understand your astrological signature you have the keys to creating a brand that will magnetize your soul clients to you because it will convey the true essence of who you are and how you can help them.

I call this my AstroBranding method and it is all about combining your true soul essence with the essence of your true soul clients. How do you know who your soul clients are? Well, they are right there in your chart if you know where to look!

5. Healing your core wound

Did you know that in your astrology chart lies a planet that represents your core wound AND path to healing? A lesser-known (and written about) planet Chiron is pivotal in transitioning in your life and business because if we do not recognise and heal we cannot move forward. 

6. Discovering your soul purpose 

The Lunar Nodes in astrology can help you to identify your soul’s path in this lifetime, any challenges to that path, and also the skills and mastery that you have come in with.

When we are going through a transition it is often an alignment back to our North Node from our South Node’s comfort zone. For this reason, it is extremely helpful to understand the nature of your comfort zone, where you might stagnate, the nature of your soul purpose and the challenges and gifts that go along with it. 

7. Implementing your calling

Your soul purpose is your overarching why but to earth this we need to understand our career or entrepreneurial calling – in essence, the practical way that we are called to use our skills and gifts in the world. I call this launching and earthing our soul and I have developed the Career and Calling Astrological Blueprint to help you do this to align your business to your soul purpose in a practical way. This is more than just looking to your 10th House or MC line!

8. Unearthing your unique bravery style

A key tool we need when going through a business transition is bravery and the capacity to act. Our astrology can give us insights as to how we can best harness our bravery – I call this the Bravery Blueprint and we can look to our chart to see how we can best take action, be the warrior woman, and harness the initiator energy in our business.

Forgot doing things that go against your natural bravery style instead work with your true bravery essence. We get a little help from a lesser-known asteroid goddess in your chart that I know you will adore!

9. Harnessing the Astrological Energies

So much in life is about timing. When you are going through an awakening or a major transition I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a key transit occurring for you. I find this comforting and very helpful as there is always a reason and a way to harness these energies to make the transition smoother.

I’ve developed an AstroPlanning framework that supports you to work with the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual astrological energies unique to your birth chart. This has been truly transformative in how I plan my year and make the most of the energy around me.

10. Picking the best time to launch….anything

In line with the above astrology can help you to select the best time to launch anything in your business be it a new website, a new program or even when the best time to retreat and take time off


I hope this blog has shown you a myriad of ways astrology can help you to make a transition in your business to a more aligned and easeful state of being.

If you would like to learn business astrology and potentially bring it into your business I invited you to join me in the Level 1 Business Astrology Certification.

Business astrology certification
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