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Have you ever heard people refer to “Aries Season” but not been sure what it means?

Well, Aries season starts when the sun moves into Aries and during its month long transit through Aries a number of other personal planets join it .

This means that there is a wealth of Aries energy that we can harness in our personal lives.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign and brings a fierce warrior energy with boldness, bravery and bucket loads of assertiveness and action taking energy.

Aries Season


March 19-April 19 2021

Ruled by: 


Ruling house: 

Identity & Physical Body

Mantra for Aries Season: 

Best things to focus on:

Taking action on all those ideas and dreams that you visioned in mystical Pisces season.

Planets in Aries:

Mercury – 4th April -19th April 2021

Mercury in Aries brings a direct, confident and brave approach to your communications.

It’s a great time to have that difficult conversation with a loved one or to stand up for what you deserve in your life. 

In business you can break through the noise and be heard.

Venus – 22nd March -14th April 2021

Venus in Aries brings an impulsive, dominant and brave approach to relationships and going after what you want.

It is a great time to take brave and bold action relating to your relationships.⁠

In business, your clients will love your leadership and bravery to go after what you want.⁠

Where is Aries in your chart?

To find Aries in your chart you will first need to create a chart at astro.com if you don’t have it already.

Then you will want to look around the edge of the chart and find the Aries Glyph which kind of looks like a big “V”.

Then look to which houses Aries spans in your chart to see which areas of your life Aries season is likely to play out in.

If you want an easy reference chart for the signs and houses download my free astrology guide below.

In my chart below you can see that Aries spans my 7th House of Partnership & Marriage. I have to admit there has already been some BIG Aries energy with myself and my partner since the sun moved into Aries but ultimately it is about having the hard conversations to take us to a better future.

Want more?

Want to learn more about Astrology – then check out my Foundations of Astrology course over at the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy.

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