The 12th House in Astrology

With the impact of Covid-19 wreaking havoc on people’s lives and routines on a global scale I thought it would be interesting to take a look at our 12th house in our astrology charts to determine the best way to spend this time to keep our business flame alive.

In this blog, I’ll be looking at your 12th house of rest and retreat.

So let’s dive in!

The 12th house and social distancing

The house of Retreat and alone time

The 12th House represents our natures when it comes to retreat and alone time so we can look to the sign that rules our 12th house as well as any other planets there to see how we can best spend this time of social distancing and even home quarantine.

How to find your 12th House ruling sign

Your 12th house ruling sign is the zodiac sign that intersects the start of your 12th house or (12th house cusp).

My chart below shows that my 12th house ruling sign is Leo.

If you don’t know how to create your astrology chart then read this blog.

12th house ruling sign

If your 12th House is in…


Take action in whatever environment you are in, write a to-do list and let your Aries drive spur you on.


Take this time to make your business beautiful whether that is cleaning and beautifying your home office or updating your website or course materials.


Connect with people through online means like zoom or skype calls, write blogs, connect on social media – with a Gemini 12th house you still need to express yourself and communicate.


Connect with your clients and community through Zoom Calls or community forums. If you normally deliver work in person then find a way to provide the same nurturing in an online way.


Take this alone time to inspire your hopes and dreams. Work on the book or online course that you’ve always wanted to launch but have been too afraid to try – now is the time for bravery.


Get organised! Now is the time to catch-up on taxes and book-keeping, filing, business systems and anything that you have let get disorganised. It’s also a time to be of service – so ask yourself how can I still show up and serve during this time.


Maintain balance, for you, a mixture of work and rest is really important as is maintaining your relationships – so find ways to connect during this isolated time.


This is a great time to reignite your spiritual practice – meditate, journal, tune in and allow the divine downloads to flow in. Scorpio is also the detective so it can be a great time to do research for a new project.


Poor Sag 12th House, you really hate having to take “time off” that isn’t spent traveling! Well, the next best thing for you is learning so invest in some online training and dive in!


Capricorn you go against the grain in the 12th house, rest is for the weak and you actually need to keep working towards your goals in a slow and steady manner. Remember it is a marathon, not a sprint and this has never been truer in the current environment where social distancing could go on for a long time!


You will thrive on this time of isolation because your instincts can be to be quite detached. But the key is that you are using this time to think about the collective, the greater good, and, the future. What could this look like for you, your family, your business and the world?


You are probably feeling the most sensitive out of everyone right now because you can feel all the unsettled global energy. So be kind to yourself and give yourself plenty of alone time. However, you likely have a gift to channel inspiring messages right now so don’t be afraid to write and do live videos when the muse comes calling.

Extra Tip – Planets in the 12th House

If you have any planets in the 12th house this can give you additional tips on how to spend this time. You can join my astrology basics FREE course to get a download that gives you more information about what planets in your 12th house relate to.

I really hope this helps you during these uncertain times to keep the flame of your business alive!

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