What to expect from the Astrology of 2020 & how it will impact your chart and life

Have you been wondering what the Astrology of 2020 holds for you?

Well first you need to understand the global astrological energies and then apply it to your individual chart so let’s dive in!

astrology of 2020

The Astrology of 2020: Major planetary movements

The following are the major planetary movements for 2020:

  • Jupiter Moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn
  • Saturn & Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

Jupiter moving into Capricorn

Jupiter the planet of expansion, luck and abundance moves into Capricorn on the 3rd December 2019 and over the next 12 months moves from 0 degrees to 30 degrees Capricorn.

Jupiter shifts from its home sign of Sagittarius where it is naturally optimistic, expansive and abundant into Capricorn which brings an element of responsibility and hard work to Jupiter’s energy.

There is a sense that in 2020 we will have to work harder for what we want and take on more responsibility but there is also the chance to harness the Mastery energy of Capricorn to expand our world for the better.

So where is transiting Jupiter in your chart?

For me, Capricorn spans the 4th and 5th house so Jupiter will bring this energy to my home life and my creativity and pleasure zone. 

It will also transit over my natal Mars bringing a period where taking action and being brave is well aspected.

To learn more about the houses the planets are in during 2020 download my free guide.

Saturn & Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction in 2020 has been described by many as a “cosmic storm”. 

It is the start of a new 30-year cycle and this particular aspect of Saturn and Pluto happens every 34-38 years but it has been hundreds of years since they were in the sign of Capricorn together.

The exact conjunction takes place on January 12th, 2020 with multiple further conjunctions during 2020 and the ending to this aspect will take place on the 31st January 2021 when the planets have a 10-degree orb (or separation). 

This aspect has the energy of responsibility, tough love, change, transformation and restructuring, endings, rebirths, awakenings, power and limitations.

Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn is about a restructuring of the world’s economy, governments, systems and organisations.

Pluto in Capricorn has been restructuring global power systems and burning down what no longer works. There is a strong Karmic force at play when Pluto joins Saturn in Capricorn.

Movements such as #metoo #timesup #blacklivesmatter are all part of this Pluto in Capricorn energy and this conjunction.

Events like the Notre Dame fire of April 2019, the Amazon fires of August 2019 (and the suspicions surrounding the origin of the Amazon fires) and the massive Australian bushfires of December 2019 are very Plutonian in nature and they can be seen as the ramp-up to this powerful conjunction. I don’t blame you for wondering if that’s the ramp-up what is the final culmination of energy?

The patriarchal structures are collapsing, women are speaking out, the most powerful men in society are being named and shamed (Epstein’s suicide in August 2019 is a great example as is the current suspicions and investigation into Prince Edward). Honestly, there are endless examples such as Bill Cosby, Michael Leunig, Harvey Weinstein, R.Kelly…

We are also facing a global environmental crisis brought on by the world and the structures of men. 

Things will need to change with the help of Saturn and from the expansive and ever-youthful energy of Jupiter in Capricorn.

Some might say the rise of Greta Thunberg, a young female leading a global movement for the climate crisis is also part of this astrological storm and karmic burning.

Past Saturn and Pluto conjunctions ( in 1914, 1947, and 1982) have brought times of recession and depression, wars and revolution.

Time Nomad describes the nature of the conjunction:

“The Saturn – Pluto archetype is the one of constrained and slow explosion, or rather an implosion when structures built by Saturn need to undergo the test of time. During the period of testing the pressure will increase to match the deep volcanic nature of Pluto. The structures may pass the test if they are strong and truthful. But anything false and superficial is more than likely to collapse as it won’t hold the absolute fire that Pluto brings.”

So where is transiting Saturn & Pluto in your chart?

Pluto – 22-24 degrees Capricorn

Saturn – 21 Capricorn to 1 degree Aquarius

For me, Pluto & Saturn are over my 5th house and so I think to think about how I need to restructure and rebirth my creativity and pleasure zone. 

Don’t forget Jupiter!

Jupiter will also join this powerful conjunction in Capricorn in 2020 in March and the second half of 2020 and it may soften the edges of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction or perhaps it will amplify and expand it!

One thing is for sure, we will need to claim responsibility for our lives, our decisions, and the way in which we are running (or ruining) the world.

On a personal level it is a time to re-work the structure of our lives, burn down what no-longer works and take responsibility for creating our future vision.

The Astrology of 2020: Movements of the slow-moving planets

Even if a planet doesn’t change signs it may change houses in your chart so look at the table below for the range of planetary movement and then look up those degrees on your natal chart to see which house is being activated by the Astrology of 2020.

Jupiter6 Capricorn to 2 AquariusCapricorn & Aquarius
Saturn21 –  29 degrees  Capricorn
0- 1 degree Aquarius
25-29 degrees Capricorn
Capricorn & Aquarius
PlutoBack and forth between 22-24 degrees
Uranus2-10 degreesTaurus
NeptuneBack and forth between 16-20 degreesPisces
Chiron1-24 degreesAries

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