In astrology, few celestial events rival the drama and intensity of a lunar eclipse. These cosmic spectacles, akin to super-charged new or full moons, wield a potent energy that can reverberate through our lives with the force of three or four lunar cycles combined. In this blog, we’ll dive into the Lunar Eclipses of 2024 and how to harness them – or at the very least survive them!

Unveiling the Mystery of Lunar Eclipses

Once feared as harbingers of doom, lunar eclipses now stand as symbols of cosmic alignment and spiritual awakening, bridging ancient mysticism with modern understanding. While these events may no longer strike fear into our hearts, their influence remains undeniable, stirring the depths of our souls and shaping the course of our destinies.

Occurring 2-3 times a year, lunar eclipses mark pivotal moments in our journey, offering glimpses into the hidden recesses of our psyche and inviting us to confront our shadows with courage and introspection. Unlike their solar counterparts, lunar eclipses cast a spotlight on the emotional realm, guiding us through endings and transitions.

Lunar Eclipses in astrology are like potently super-charged new or full moons and can pack the punch of three or four moons – so imagine how a full moon impacts your normally and magnify that three or four times!

Will the Lunar eclipses of 2024 be prominent for you?

Not all eclipses will impact you in the same way, some you may barely notice and others may turn your life upside down.

Eclipses that are at corresponding degrees of your natal planets

If you have natal planets at the same degree of the eclipse in your natal chart (5 degrees for this latest lunar eclipse) the eclipse is likely to impact you profundly especially if the eclipse is at the same degree as your sun, moon or ascendant. 

Eclipses that are in the sign of your sun, moon, or rising sign

When eclipses are in the same sign as your sun, moon, or rising sign are likely to be highly impactful and be turning points in your life. So if you are a Libra, Aries or Pisces sun, moon, or rising this is likely to be a big year for you. This is especially true if the eclipse falls on, or very close to your birthday.

Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

Lunar Eclipses occur when the earth is exactly between the sun and the moon and for a short time, the earth’s shadow may turn the moon into intense shades of red, brown, and grey or may completely disappear if you are in a certain part of the world. However, whether you can see this visually or not the energy of the eclipse will still impact you.

Lunar eclipses are a time when we need to face our shadows, our darkness, and our secrets. Lunar eclipses can be a turning point in our lives that catalyze big changes, and help us to break patterns, and shift dynamics. 

Lunar eclipses are related to endings and typically are more emotional than solar eclipses.

The Lunar Eclipses of 2024

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on March 25th in Libra at 5’13 Degrees 

This lunar eclipse is at 5’13 degrees Libra and so it is a time of changes and perhaps endings to relationships in your life.

With the upcoming eclipse on March 25th, happening in the harmonious sign of Libra, it’s time to focus on our relationships. Libra’s energy encourages us to take a closer look at how we interact in our partnerships and assess the balance of giving and receiving. Ask yourself: Do I like who I am when I’m with certain people?

This eclipse might highlight any rocky or unstable aspects of our relationships. You might notice dynamics that no longer serve you coming up for review, or find that your thoughts and feelings about your relationships are shifting.

If you encounter challenges in your relationships during this time, resist the urge to place blame. Instead, take a deeper look at the situation and consider how you can address any issues with understanding and empathy.

You can look to your chart for more information. Which house is 5 degrees Libra in your chart and do you have any other planets there?

In my case, this eclipse falls in my 1st House and is exactly conjunct my Jupiter.
I’m considering if issues related to my personal freedom might arise and need addressing. It could also affect other types of partnerships, like my publishing relationships. This is particularly relevant as we’re in a critical phase of finalizing the revised oracle deck.

Interestingly, this eclipse is also close to the north node of my business chart. Even though it might stir up some resistance from my ego, I can see how it’s creating space for my Jupiterian publishing projects.
Regardless of what unfolds, I remind myself not to react impulsively. Instead, I’ll take a step back and allow the eclipse energy to pass before making any major decisions.

It is also important to mention that this Libra Lunar Eclipse is part of a bigger Eclipse cycle that began in April 2023 and will continue for the remainder of this year. The next time we revisit this same Eclipse cycle will be in October, so it’s likely whatever comes up in March will only be part of the story. We may have to wait until October 2024 or even March 2025, when we experience the last Eclipse in this series, for the full picture.

Partial Lunar Eclipse on September 18th 2024 in Pisces at 25’47 degrees

I’ll come back and write more about the Pisces lunar eclipse closer to the time. That being said I wonder if the Pisces lunar eclipse will ask us to either sever ties with spiritual circles and practices that no longer nourish us or if it causes us to end relationships that at their core are not soulful. Perhaps it will send us looking for our soulmate.

We can certainly anticipate a journey into the depths of our spiritual essence, beckoning us to release that which no longer serves our soul’s journey.

Tips for working with the Lunar Eclipses of 2024

Pay attention

During eclipse season, remain vigilant and open to the messages of the universe. Pay attention to subtle cues and synchronicities in the world around you, as they may hold valuable insights into the unfolding cosmic drama.

Timelines are Accelerated

Eclipses have a way of fast-tracking our journey, bringing forth events and revelations that may have otherwise remained hidden or delayed. Be prepared for an acceleration of timelines, as what you thought was distant may suddenly come to fruition.

Changes are Illuminated

Lunar eclipses illuminate areas of your life in need of transformation. Embrace the opportunity to confront uncomfortable truths and embrace necessary change, both within yourself and in your relationships with others.

Embrace Divine Timing

Events set in motion during eclipses are often divinely orchestrated and aligned with your highest good. Rather than resisting or fighting against the change, trust in the wisdom of the universe and surrender to the flow of cosmic energies.

Exercise Patience

In the aftermath of an eclipse, exercise caution before taking major actions or making significant decisions. Allow a buffer period of at least a week to integrate the energies and gain clarity before embarking on new ventures.

Lighten Your Load

During eclipse season, maintain a flexible schedule and remain open to the unexpected. Unexpected challenges or issues may arise, requiring your attention and adaptability. By keeping your schedule light, you can navigate these with greater ease and resilience.

Surrender to the Lunar Eclipses of 2024

By embracing these practical tips, you can harness the transformative power of eclipses and navigate them with clarity, insight, and grace. Trust in the unfolding journey of your soul, knowing that each eclipse offers a sacred opportunity for growth and evolution.

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