One of the things I love to do most is mentor clients to use Astrology to determine the most aligned offerings in their business. Because when our business is aligned with our (or its) natural energy we have more clarity and more ease and we can let go of all the shoulds like “I should write a book” or “I should create a membership” and instead take the path of least resistance (and most joy) in our business.

aligned offerings

Using Astrology to determine the most aligned offerings – Should I use my business OR natal chart?

The answer depends.

If you are yet to create and launch a business and you are in the planning phases then absolutely use your natal chart to determine the offerings that are most aligned with your natural strengths and talents.

If you already have a business and you have an accurate date and time that it was born then you can use your business chart.

If you want to analyze the energy of the business as well as your natural energy then you can look at both to find the commonalities.


So what do I look for in my astrology chart to find the most aligned offerings?

I mentor my Level 2 Business Astrology Certification students as well as my Infinite students to look at certain houses for this information.

In this blog, I’ll give you a summary of what our natal or business chart can tell us about aligned business offerings.

The Astrological Houses and Aligned Business Offerings

Firstly all of the 12 houses could be interpreted in relation to business offerings, however, I have selected the ones that I think most apply to the modern online business and online entrepreneurs.


Teaching, writing, or speaking professionally.


Creating physical products such as oils, candles, artwork, jewelry, etc


1:1 work such as counseling, coaching, and healing.


Publishing books, decks, or other physical products


Group offerings such as memberships and group coaching programs


Hosting Retreats, creating meditations & intuitive readings

Find your busy houses

The next step is to look at the houses in your business and/or natal chart and see which of these houses have a cluster of supportive planets – ideally 3 or more planets in one house.

Which planets are best?

The most supportive planets for determining business offerings are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or the North Node or Part of Fortune (both not actual planets).

You might also want to add some or all of the asteroid goddesses into your analysis depending on the nature of your work.

The other planets may also be helpful but it depends on the nature and combination for example Saturn with Mars and Venus could actually bring discipline and structure. Pluto with Mercury and the Sun could indicate transformational communications whereas Neptune, mercury and the moon could indicate intuitive work.

As always in astrology it is about combining the house, planet and sign meanings to interpret them.

What if the house relating to the work I really want to do is empty?

If you notice that a certain house is empty this doesn’t mean that you can’t offer the associated product or service – but it may mean that it’s not the path of least resistance for you or the business. 

My case study

The table below shows the planets in the offering houses for both my natal and business chart. This graphic also shows the 10th house because in a business chart the 10th house can indicate the nature of the work you can become known for.

use Astrology to determine the most aligned offerings

With three personal planets in my business’s 7th house – booking astrology readings have come super easily to my business but I don’t have planets in the 7th house natally so it’s not what I’d prefer to offer as my main source of income – it can be quite draining for me personally. 

In contrast both my charts have an 11th house North Node which means that group offerings are very aligned for both me and my business and in fact they are how I live out my personal as well as business purpose.

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