Have you ever heard people refer to “Leo Season” but not been sure what it means?

Well, Leo season starts when the sun moves into Leo and a number of other personal planets join it during the month-long transit of the sun through Leo

Leo is a fire sign and brings a bold & expressive energy but it can also be a bit ego-centric and selfish.

Leo season


July 23-August 22

Ruled by: 

The Sun

Ruling house: 

5th – Creativity & Pleasure

Mantra for Leo Season: 

leo season mantra

Best things to focus on during Leo Season:

Take that energy that you collected in Cancer season and go out and be brave, bold, and expressive. Shine your light and be seen and heard for all that you are! Most of all have fun with it!

Personal Planets in Leo:

Mercury – 20th July – 4th August 2022

Mercury moved into Leo on the 20th July and it brings a brave and bold approach to communications.

The best way to harness the Mercury in Leo energy is to take bold and brave action to express your sacred message – be playful and invoke your inner child in the way that you communicate.

It’s a great time to step outside of your comfort zone and try new ways of communicating such as podcasts, lives, reels, or Instagram stories.

Venus – 12th August – 5th September 2022

Venus moves into Leo on the 12th of August 2022 and will bring a warm, expressive, and charismatic approach to receptivity and magnetizing your soul client.

In business, your clients will love your willingness to be seen and heard and they will be inspired by your boldness! But be careful you don’t let your ego get too big!⁠

Where is Leo in your chart?

To find Leo in your chart you will first need to create a chart at astro.com if you don’t have it already.

Then you will want to look around the edge of the chart and find the Leo Glyph.

Then look at which house(s) Leo spans in your chart to see which areas of your life Leo season is likely to play out in.

If you want an easy reference chart for the signs and houses join my free astrology course.

In my chart below you can see that Leo spans the 11th House of Friends, Community & Hopes and Dreams and the 12th House of Rest, Retreat, and the Unknown.

Leo season is a very good time for me to show up, be visible and go after outward goals especially relating to building my community whilst also focusing on self-care and filling up my cup – it’s a lesson in sustainability and balance! I’m actually heading off on a creative retreat as Mercury enters my 12th house of rest and retreat

leo season

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