Every online business needs a compelling free opt-in as its primary list building strategy. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you either need to decide what yours should be or you want to check whether the one you created is achieving what you need it to.

A free opt-in, also called a Lead Generator, is a resource that prospective clients can access by providing their email address. They exchange their private email for something valuable to them.

In the realm of list building strategies a free opt-in on your website is king (or Queen!).

Your free opt-in is essential for attracting and engaging prospective clients.

An effective opt-in, as part of wider list building strategies, not only builds your email list but also establishes your authority, builds trust, and showcases your work. However, selecting the right opt-in requires thoughtful consideration. Let’s explore the key factors to consider, framed through an astrological lens.

Why Align Your Free Opt-In with Astrology?

Aligning your free opt-in with astrology makes selecting and designing it so much easier. It allows us to narrow in on our soul client and determine what they most want and need from us, as well as the way they would most like to consume this information.

Who Are Your Soul Clients?

Astrologically speaking, your soul clients are represented by your (or your business chart’s) descendant angle or 7th house cusp sign. This angle indicates the type of people you (or your business) naturally attract and work well with. Any planets tightly conjunct with the descendant angle can provide additional insights.

For example:

  • If you have Pisces on the descendant with the Moon conjunct, your soul clients might be dreamy, spiritual, highly sensitive empaths seeking deeper meaning in their lives, or they may even be professional mystics themselves.
  • If your descendant is in Leo with Mars conjunct, your clients could be creative, celebrity archetypes with a lot of passion and the bravery to shine their light and be seen and heard.

Understanding who your soul clients are will help you create an opt-in that resonates deeply with them. To learn more about your soul client, check out my Your AstroBrand Map course, where we dive deep into discovering your soul client.

What Do They Need From You?

Your (or your business’s) ascendant angle or 1st house cusp sign represents how others see you or your business and what they are attracted to in you. It’s your allure or special sauce. Any planets conjunct the ascendant can influence this as well.

For example:

  • With Virgo rising, you (or your business) might naturally provide detailed, analytical insights and practical solutions.
  • If you (or your business) have Cancer rising with Saturn conjunct, you may offer nurturing support and emotional guidance while helping your clients create healthy boundaries and supportive structures.

By aligning your opt-in with what your soul clients need from you, you’ll create a magnetic offer that feels authentic and compelling. To learn more about your Ascendant superpower, check out my FREE Superpower Training.

How Do They Like to Consume Information?

Returning to your descendant angle, consider how your soul clients prefer to receive information.

For example:

  • If your (or your business’s) descendant is in Gemini, they might prefer an opt-in that includes a free community to engage with others or a learning-based opt-in to indulge their love of learning.
  • With Capricorn on the descendant, your clients may appreciate structured, in-depth materials such as comprehensive guides or webinars.

Tailoring your opt-in to your clients’ consumption preferences ensures they will engage with and value the content you provide.

Showcase Your Skills and Talents

Choose an opt-in that highlights your unique abilities and expertise. This not only builds your authority but also gives prospective clients a taste of what it’s like to work with you. You can learn more about your strengths by considering your sun placement, planets in the 2nd house, or your second house ruler.

For example:

  • If you’re a gifted writer, an e-book or blog series could be a perfect fit.
  • If you’re a talented speaker, a free webinar or video series might be more effective.

Select a format that allows your strengths to shine through.

Solve a Small Pain Point

Identify a small but significant problem your soul clients face and offer a solution (don’t forget to showcase your Ascendant skills) that leads naturally into your other offerings.

For example:

  • If you help clients with business strategy, you could offer a free business audit checklist that leads into your comprehensive coaching program.
  • If you specialize in wellness, a free guided meditation for stress relief could be a great lead-in to your full wellness course.

Before creating your Lead Generator ask yourself the question: does this free resource naturally lead in to my paid offerings?

This approach not only provides immediate value but also sets the stage for deeper engagement.

List Building Strategies for your free opt-in

Selecting the right free opt-in is a powerful step in building your business. By considering:

  • Who your soul clients are
  • What they need from you
  • How they like to consume information
  • How to showcase your skills
  • How to solve a small pain point

You’ll create an irresistible offer that attracts and engages the right people.

Would you like my support creating your Free Opt-in

If you would like my help designing your astrologically aligned free opt-in, then my new course Your Constellation of Offerings is a must-do.

You’ll not only design your free opt-in but also dive into three other offerings that make up a simple yet strategic business model.

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