Every year I write a year in review post. 

This year has been a big one for me and I’m sure it is a year that we will not quickly forget!

But I can honestly say that I sit here writing this year’s review feeling so much pride for what I have accomplished and excited for what my next level of business and personal growth will be in 2022.

I experienced a really hectic year in 2021, starting the year planning to quit my part-time corporate work by December 2021 and in actual fact submitting my resignation in February and finishing up by April! It’s amazing what happens once you set the plans in motion and you put the intentions out there.

This year had scary moments where deep down I wasn’t sure if I could do what I set out to do – but thankfully after a slow first few months being back full-time in my business, I got into the swing of things and the business really soared.

I underestimated the emotional release that finally being back in my business full-time would have and to be honest for the first 4-6 weeks I just felt exhausted! I truly believe this was my body finally taking a big old exhale after a difficult 2-3 years both personally and in my business. Kind of like when you finally go on holiday and then get a big old infection and have to take to your bed!

In 2021 I really felt the impact of much less in-person connection with some of my best business friends who live interstate and I struggled to surrender to not being able to plan any future international travel. I had to surrender to being “grounded” and to be content with the here and now.

2021 was a year of taking a risk on myself and my vision, of getting in and doing the work and seeing the fruits of my labors over the last 3 years.

In last year’s review, I wrote that growth and momentum from new business concepts and offerings often take 2-3 years to manifest – well that was true for me in 2022 when things finally got moving in a real way.

I set a goal to turn over $200k in my business this calendar year and I’m sitting here writing this expecting $189k+ by December 31st. I could choose to feel frustrated that I’m so close but not quite there. But instead, I choose to tell myself that even though 2021 was not an easy year that I met 94.5% of my stretch goal and created freedom and empowerment in my life again and of that, I am damn proud.

year in review 2021

2021 for me was simply about freedom in all forms – financial, creative and lifestyle and I can truly say I’m ending this year feeling delightfully free. 

The energy of 2021


I was in a personal 5 year which can best be described as Movement, Freedom, Communication, Travel, Diversity, Expansion, Creative Chaos, Expanding Horizons, Adventure & Change.

I’ve just recently moved into a personal 6 year which I’ll tell you more about in my 2022 year ahead blog.

If you want to find out what year it is for you and how you can best work with it check out Your Soulful Year 2022

Astrological Transits

My major astrological transits in 2021 were Neptune square Neptune and Saturn Trine Saturn.

Neptune square Neptune

Neptune square Neptune is known as one of the mid-life cycle transits and it can be quite a confusing time. It involved my 7th and 3rd houses – partnership and communication and I’ve definitely felt the shift in my intimate relationship and almost like needing to rework our relationship for this next stage of our lives. 

My first direct hit of this transit occurred when I went back full-time in my business and we had to re-work our schedules and responsibilities – ultimately for the better with more freedom and flexibility but it still required negotiation and planning. There was another direct hit in September when I ended up in hospital for a week with severe food poisoning and I had time to just stop and reflect on our lives and how everything was working.

If I think about this time it hasn’t been the easiest of times in my relationship and communication has absolutely been a theme for us. However, we have always been intensely committed to each other and this is just another stage for us to work through.

I’ll have the last direct hit of this transit in early February 2022 where hopefully I’ll finally have the insights I need and have more clarity around this part of my life.

Saturn trine Saturn

On a more positive note, I also experienced Saturn trine Saturn with direct hits in February, September, and November. 

This is a happier transit involving my 1st house of identity and 5th house of creativity and pleasure. It’s a time where you can harness responsibility, discipline, and hard work to achieve your goals. 

If I reflect on this on the direct hits of this transit I quit my corporate work to go full-time into the work that is creative and pleasurable for me. 

By September my business was consistently turning over $15-19k per month from purely astrology-based offerings and during my week in hospital, I earned a heap of money whilst lying in my hospital bed resting.

In November I had my highest monthly revenue for the entire year (excluding the 2 months of January and July when I launched the Level 1 Certification).

If you would like to learn how to work with astrological transits to understand why you are feeling the way you are and what is going on for you astrologically then check out my year-ahead reading.

My 2021 Theme Word

My main word for the year was Freedom – financial, creative and lifestyle.

Ultimately this meant:

Financial – being able to support my family financially through my business through a six-figure salary.

Creative – being able to do work that is creative, pleasurable and meaningful to me. To choose where I place my creative energy.

Lifestyle – being able to create a flexible lifestyle around my roles as mother, partner, individual and entrepreneur. Freedom to take time off when I am sick, take myself away on creative retreats, spend a long summer holiday with my kids and support my partner by taking on an equal load of parenting and household responsibilities.

To support this I focused the majority of my time building my Level 1 Business Astrology Certification, writing courses and training and planning my schedule in a way that worked with my natural cycles.

Supporting Themes

Build an epic astrology academy with a full Level 1 cohort, regular evergreen sales, and develop the Level 2 for 2022.

I achieved all this including designing the content structure and delivery for the Level 2 which will be released in the 2nd half of 2022

Be a masterful custodian of my business finances and attract abundance and opportunities for exponential growth.

I followed the profit first method for my business finances, I was able to pay myself a full salary every month and was able to easily pay my super and tax each quarter.

I also attracted a particular opportunity that should help my business soar in 2022

Make decisions that create and increase lifestyle, creative and financial freedom

All my decisions in 2021 were put through the lens of whether they would help me achieve this ultimate goal and they did!

Save for and achieve personal financial goals

I managed to buy myself a lovely new car, take my husband on a beautiful tropical holiday for his 40th and we are soon going on a beautiful 8 night holiday with the kids.

We had some other goals which we didn’t achieve but overall I am very happy with how we progressed in 2021 – but next year we need to focus back on another home renovation project so that my husband can house his beautiful boat!

Build an exciting and thriving branding business at Pisces Creative Co

Pisces Creative Co is my boutique branding business and it gets less marketing love than my other offerings however I had consistent branding and website clients for the entire year with minimal marketing effort.

If you would like to create something similar to the above for 2022 in order to focus your efforts, goals, and intentions then check out Your Soulful Year

Overview of 2021 Offerings

The Level 1 Business Astrology Certification

In 2021 I launched the Level 1 Business Astrology Certification and over two launches we enrolled 35 students. 

The Level 1 certification accounts for 54% of our revenue and so it is where the majority of our focus and energy goes through the business.

The plan moving forward is two launches per year of this certification.

The Embodied Soul Astrology Academy

In 2021 we launched a revised version of Your Soulful Year for 2022 as this program has become something that my ongoing clients look forward to each year. It’s a beautifully simple yet powerful process and I describe it as a business retreat in a box – so I was thrilled to launch it again for 2022 and bring in additional content to make it even better.

We also updated Astrology Abundance with new content and I wrote my new courses Your Astrological Soul & Intuitive & Insightful Chart Reading (this course is only offered to certification students). 

The Academy purchases of one-off self-study courses account for 15% of our revenue with limited effort required.

Astrology Readings 

Through my kathrynhocking.com website I offer 5 different types of astrology readings

I was consistently booked every week for my astrology readings including Natal Chart Readings, Year Ahead Readings, Business and Launch  Chart Readings (including picking the best date to launch) as I have recently added Solar Returns. 

I worked with 59 clients in 2021 ( that’s an increase of 35% from last year.) which is on average 5 readings per month.

My natal chart readings account for 49% of readings, followed by Year Ahead readings (24%), Business Chart Readings (17%) and Launch Readings (10%).

I absolutely love doing astrology readings for clients and helping them to join the dots of their life and to make changes (big or small) to align their life and business to their cosmic signature. I love that I now have return clients for year-ahead readings and clients for who I have done multiple types of readings.

The Astrology readings account for 10% of my revenue but are the least leveraged offering of all. I don’t expend a lot of time and effort marketing these offerings as the readings sell themselves. However, I need to be careful that I structure my time well for these readings and in 2022 I’ll get stricter about only offering a certain number of sessions per month.

Astrology Toolkits

Through my kathrynhocking.com website, I sell a range of Astrology Toolkits (currently Lunar Planning and Karmic Astrology).

The toolkits account for 3% of overall revenue but are completely leveraged and as such is a great regular revenue source and introduction to my higher-priced offerings.

I would like to give the marketing of these more focus in 2022 to increase the overall % of revenue.

Pisces Creative Co

Pisces Creative Co where I do AstroBranding Readings and AstroLuxe Brand Identity for soulful women in business has gone from strength to strength. I have been consistently booked all year round and have delivered two Squarespace websites as well. 

I do very little marketing for this business and most of my clients find me through Google searches. I love that I generally don’t need to convince clients to work with me – they come to me because of how I integrate astrology and branding and so there is no hard selling required – you either want that, or you don’t!

Pisces Creative Co accounts for 14% of overall revenues but it is currently un-leveraged and by that, I mean all services are 1:1 and completely custom. 

I love the creative outlet that this work gives me as well as helping soulful entrepreneurs step up and become more visible by investing in their brand.

In late 2021 I engaged a web development company to support the development work that is not my forte but I still do the full visual design of the websites.

At some point in the future I may bring on a designer to support me as well as look at leveraged courses or e-products and/or an AstroBranding certification – but for now, it is a great steady stream of income.


Here are the websites I developed

AstroBrand Signature

Here are a selection of the AstroBrand signature mood boards created through my AstroBrand Signature process – I did 15 in total in 2021!


I would have loved to continue public speaking in 2021 but Covid put the kibosh on that over the last few years.

I’m hoping that there are some more opportunities in 2022 in Australia (and perhaps internationally) to do this. If you are reading this and have an event coming up in 2022 please get in touch!

Future offerings

My 2022 blog will go into this more but in 2021 I did design the Level 2 Business Astrology Certification with plans to launch it mid-2022 and I also designed a 50+ card astrology deck and hope to launch it in mid-late 2022.

I also have plans for some additional astrology toolkits.

And there is a secret squirrel collaboration in the works, stay tuned.

Best Moments

Lorn Rose Farm

In April 2021 during a covid respite in Australia, a group of my entrepreneurial friends and I descended on one of my besties divine rose farms. We had an amazing couple of nights there talking, masterminding, and just chilling out. This was certainly the highlight of my business year

Photoshoot with Eyes of Love Photography

In June I traveled to the Gold Coast and had a beautiful photoshoot with Eyes of Love Photography. I went all the way and hired a specialist photoshoot venue and had such a great time.

Rebranding  kathrynhocking.com

In July I gave my business a rebrand using my gorgeous new photos and some new branding designed by moi. And yes I may have obsessed over this for way too long – designers curse.

Launches of the Level 1 Business Astrology Certification

I had two really successful launches of the certification in January/February and July.

Trips to Cairns

In October and November, I went to tropical north Queensland, first for a couples trip with my hubby (4 nights of bliss!) and then for a writing retreat for myself where I wrote prolifically.

Big Lessons


I started off 2021 with the worst sunburn I have ever had. I was in pain for about 2 weeks and cried when I woke up in the morning for the first week. NEVER. AGAIN.


I realised that alongside freedom – flexibility is one of my highest values and needs. I had a discussion with a business bestie about how I didn’t want to recreate in my business what I hated about corporate life. This means being kind to myself, not beating myself up for taking time off when sick, being understanding and flexible with clients (I don’t have strict rescheduling clauses because life happens) and I’m focused on attracting clients who understand that sometimes I’ll get sick and that sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan.


Like most entrepreneurs, I have so many visions and ideas but I can’t do it all. I had to practice discernment this year and focus on the things that will bring the most benefit.  That meant putting my oracle deck on the back burner for a little while.

Quality over quantity

I often fall into the trap of feeling like I need to make more friends, connect with more people and be the “cool girl”. I had yet another BIG lesson this year about being discerning to who I give my energy, time, and trust – for me it is quality over quantity all the way – whether that’s in clients, friends, projects, or lifestyle decisions. That’s not to say you can’t have A LOT of quality clients – you totally can!

Keep your eyes on the path in front of you

I’ve had an up and down business journey over the years and as a result, I have some super successful biz besties and I’ve had times where I’ve had more staff and been in super-expensive masterminds and done a lot of travel.

But, and here’s the thing, just because my friends are joining masterminds, going on the most expensive trips, or hiring lots of staff that doesn’t mean it is the right time for me.

I had to stay focused on rebuilding a profitable foundation first! But I’m pleased to say that in November I was finally in the position to bring on more help again!

Busting Through Blocks

I had a few significant blocks to work through in 2021 (don’t we all!).

Owning it

I had to move through the next levels of embracing my work as an astrologer, I still don’t always find it easy to introduce myself as an “astrologer” but I have told my family that this is how I now earn a very healthy business revenue and I push through the discomfort when telling people I don’t know that well what I do.

I ran into someone I’d known since I was 16 the other night and I told her what I did, to say she was shocked was an understatement but not because she wasn’t into astrology – because she couldn’t believe someone in my family would have had the courage to do someone SO different. She then went on to tell me that I was the shining light in my family of origin!

Money mindset

I had to work on my mindset around my ability to create sustainable wealth after it took a beating in 2018 but I have made a lot of progress in this area and have regained my confidence in myself and what I can create for the future – just watch me do it!

Managing my business finances

Getting comfortable with excess in my accounts, it is safe to not spend it all.

This might seem counter-intuitive but a few years ago in a kinesiology session, I discovered a block along the lines of “worrying keeps me safe” – as in by being in times of lack this pushed me to do and achieve more – so by spending all my money it pushes me to earn more. I’m ready to let go of this story – I can have excess money AND an easy flow of more without the angst.

Setting a legacy goal

In 2021 my husband and I set a legacy goal for the business.

By this I mean what do we want the business to help us achieve?

What is something that we can pass on to our daughters that the business has helped create?

We decided what we really want to do is to purchase an oceanside retreat property through the business – a property that I can run beautiful retreats at and where my husband can also use to indulge his love of fishing.

We have set this vision, considered different locations, and talked to my business accountant about how we will manage the finances.

It’s a longer-term goal (perhaps a 5+ year one) and one that feels somewhat uncomfortable but which we are committed to holding space for.

Focus on your strengths and get help (but at the right time for you!)

In the previous section, I talked about focusing on your own path and not doing what your “friends” or mentors are doing without placing it through your own lens of “is this the right time?”.

I used the profit-first model to determine what revenue I should be at before seeking any significant ongoing support – and I reached this revenue in 2021 and so in November I was very excited to bring on a community mentor for the certification.

I am already seeing the benefits of having someone 100% focused on engagement, encouragement, and support. I know that in my role as “creative genius” (yes I say that somewhat tongue in cheek!) and CEO that customer support and community management is not my zone of genius or something that I have enough headspace to focus on – so this was absolutely the right next step.

Business Success Secrets in 2021

I like to see every year that I am in business as a success – and you should too! So here are the things that I think had the most impact on my year.


Blogging is still an amazing traffic generator for me and my web traffic has over doubled from 2020 to 2021.

My top five blogs (based on traffic) brought over 145k hits in 2021 and the top 2 brought in 86.5k hits. 


Being active on Pinterest and sharing great content there drove a lot of additional traffic to my offerings – Pinterest is responsible for 67% of my social media traffic. This is interesting because I put way more effort into my Instagram feed which brings a tiny % of hits to my website so this is something to reconsider in 2022!

Continuous Learning

Continuing to invest in astrology training and reading many books from astrology greats.  


Continuing to Implement the Profit First financial system allowed me to go full time in my business and easily pay myself a six-figure salary as well as buy myself a new car, take my hubby on a luxury trip, set aside adequate tax and superannuation as well as pay myself a quarterly profit distribution. 


Writing blogs, newsletters and scheduling Instagram content every week has been core to my growth.

Making strategic offers

You can only make money from your business if you have offers for people to take you up on. I have a structured plan for launches and promotions that I plan a year in advance to ensure that the business continues to grow.

Flagship Offer

My year-long astrology certification brought in 55% of revenue and has created a strong financial foundation for my business. My business bestie Denise Duffield Thomas likes to say “all roads lead to bootcamp (her flagship program)” well in 2022 my new mantra is “all roads lead to the certification!”. 

Biggest Challenges

Juggling parenting responsibilities

My husband also works full-time and with two kids in school this is much harder than running a business!

Managing my health whilst still meeting my commitments to clients

I have a poor immune system and this is an ongoing issue for me to manage.


I’m on the cusp of a major jump in business growth but of course, I want it now dammit!

What I actually did in my business this year!

  • Quit my part-time role on one of Australia’s largest digital transformation programs
  • Enrolled my Level 1 Business Astrology Certification twice
  • Created two brand new advanced astrology courses
  • Created two astrology toolkits
  • Worked with 8 clients on a premium brand identity
  • Launched two clients’ squarespace websites into the world
  • Conducted 15 AstroBrand signature sessions
  • Conducted 59 astrology readings
  • Wrote 46 blogs
  • Sent (on average) weekly newsletters
  • Shared Astrology education over on Instagram every week
  • Revised and expanded my Your Soulful Year program for 2022!
  • Revised and expanded my Astrology Abundance Program
  • Created 8 certification quizzes and certification workbooks
  • Designed a 50+ card astrology deck
  • Brought on two new team members
  • Created my FREE Astrology Biz Incubator & AstroPlanning training

What’s Next?

I just want to say two things if you have made it this far – firstly congratulations it was a long one! 

Secondly, maybe this post comes across as self-indulgent or self-aggrandizing but truly it is one of my fave things to do each year. The reason for this is that even when it can seem like I have not done much or achieved much (a ruler archetype curse) writing this blog helps me to reflect on all the things I have done, the successes I’ve had, and the lessons I’ve learned. I always end up feeling more content, more successful, and immensely grateful and that is a gift. 

So try it out for yourself! 

So that was my 2021! Look out for my next blog that looks forward to 2022 and what you can expect from me.

From my family to yours Happy New Year – May it be all you wish for and more! And so it is. 

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