Jupiter and Saturn are often called the first of the “transpersonal” or “transcendent” planets as they represent a transition from the inner personal planets to the outer modern, impersonal planets

The transpersonal planets are crucial to understanding ourselves and the way that we both expand AND contract in the world. 

In this blog, I am going to explain what the transpersonal planets, Jupiter & Saturn, represent and give you some examples from my own chart as to how your astrological substance is so impactful to learn, integrate and align to.

jupiter and saturn

First, let me summarise the components of Your Astrological Substance

your astrological substance

Your Jupiter – Expansion and Abundance

Jupiter is my fave planet possibly because it rules my sun sign Sagittarius but also because who couldn’t love a planet that is all about luck, expansion and abundance?

Jupiter is also about Growth and Optimism so look to where it falls in your chart to see how and where you can experience luck, abundance, expansion, growth & optimism.

Jupiter is not concerned about the little things in life. Jupiter is about the big, hairy, scary goals, your highest potential and the most amazing and expansive thing that could happen to you.

We can apply Jupiter to our business because Jupiter can show where we have the most potential to expand and to experience luck and abundance – so if we align our business with this innate expansion potential then we are really onto something major with our business.

Want to know how to find your transpersonal planets in your chart and how to interpret them – download my free guide below

Your Saturn – Fear, responsibility and structure

Saturn is all about structure and responsibility and some refer to it as your great work (or more precisely your “hard work” or what is challenging for you).

Saturn was known as a Malefic planet or as a troublesome one but in modern astrology, we see all planets as both teachers and tricksters – they all have the potential for good (and not so good) in our lives.

The sign and house Saturn is in your chart will give you an idea for the way you experience structure, responsibility and discipline and which particular part of your life it will be most significant in. It can also represent where we experience fear or limitation in our lives that may hold us back from our potential.

We can apply Saturn to our business because Saturn can tell us about our great or important work as well as giving us insights into how we can work WITH structure and  overcome our fears.

Are you starting to get the picture of how aligning and integrating Your Astrological Style could be extremely powerful in how you show up in your business? By working with our expansion potential AND creating the right type of structure to overcome our innate fears and limitations we can ascend and overcome the limitations that we have set for ourselves.

My Astrological Substance

Aligning to my Jupiter

With Jupiter in my first house in Libra, I am a natural philosopher, deep thinker and the endless optimist. I actively seek expansion and far-reaching goals but being in Libra there is an ever-present theme of needing to balance this with responsibility, fairness and harmony in relationship to others.

Aligning to my Saturn

My Saturn is conjunct my Jupiter in my first house. As such Saturn is a big part of who I am and how I present to the world – responsible, disciplined, structured and in the sign of Libra – so with an energy of fairness, harmony and balance. This also means that in relationship I can feel a lot of responsibility and constriction.

The Great Conjunction

My Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Libra in the 1st house. This is known as the “great conjunction” and it is a strong natal signature that occurs once every 19 years.

Being in the first house this makes these planets a core part of my identity and their relationship to each other, being conjunct, is also very significant.

Saturn and Jupiter conjunct can feel like an expand then contract energy or cycle. Jupiter wants me to expand in the world, to broaden my horizons and experience abundance but then Saturn wants to restrict this expansion out of fear. With them both in Libra there is a sense of needing to balance my desire for expansion with my need for structure and responsibility.

In my business I can tend to expand, experience success and fulfillment and then feel a need to contract again. Even in terms of the products and services I launch I go wide for a while and then focus in narrowly – this expand and contract motion feels natural but also a little tricky.

The challenge for me is to find freedom (Jupiter) within the structure and responsibility of relationship (Saturn). I think this is a big part of why I didn’t settle down until my late 20s until just before my Saturn return.

Learning to work with this energy rather than against it has been really important to finding the best way to align to my business – creating structure yet also freedom.

Integrating your Astrological Substance

Integrating my Astrological Substance has: 

//  allowed me to let go of any guilt or judgment of this expand and contract pattern and instead to see it as a normal and innate part of who I am.

// helped me to understand why expansion can trigger stress responses in me and why I can then tend to contract – often on a subconscious level by getting sick.

// helped me to embrace my strategy AND soul approach to how I work with clients and how I am meant to impart knowledge through my courses

// enabled me to just go with the flow and see it as part of my “process” – to push through or to take some time to integrate depending on the situation.

The one thing I can promise about Your Astrological Substance is that it will bring clarity, it will answer some of those questions about why you are the way you are and shine a light on both your fears and your potential.

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