What does Mars represent in Astrology?

Mars is one of the faster moving planets also known as the “inner planets”.

Mars is the Warrior – the planet of drive, motivation and action amongst other things.

The sign and house that your Mars is in will indicate things such as your ability to take action, self-motivate and make things happen as well as your sense of bravery and your level or assertiveness/aggressiveness. 

Your Mars placement may also indicate how you are in your relationships when there is conflict – do you avoid it or withdraw, suit up for battle, become passive aggressive, become threatened and defensive or something else. 

We can apply Mars to our business because it ultimately represents how we can take action and be brave within the entrepreneurial pursuit. 

Mars Astrology

My Mars Astrology:

Aligning to my Mars placement in Capricorn helped me to:

//  Activate my inner warrior queen and understand that I am most brave in my home sphere, the cause that I am most passionate about is domestic violence and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect those I love. I no longer carry around guilt for my need to activate this warrior from time to time. 

// Embrace that I activate from home. It took me a long time to understand why I never felt comfortable in the corporate office environment yet working from home I could achieve things that most others could not. Mars in Capricorn means that I am responsible and disciplined when it comes to taking action in the home environment. I have Mars in Capricorn in the 4th house which means that I have a natural drive to take action from home so working for myself in a home office is my perfect way to be productive.

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what zodiac sign is your mars

Read the following for your Mars placement and those closest to you – you might just find it helps you to deal with conflict with them a bit better!

Mars in aries

You need to take action quickly and you love new beginnings. 

You are brave and determined and you listen to your gut. 

Mars in Taurus

You have great capacity to lead others. 

You take your time to make decisions and take action and can be quite intuitive when it comes to right timing. 

Some might call you stubborn but once you decide to do something you are fully committed to it.

Mars in Gemini

You get bored easily so you can have trouble staying focused. 

You need change and variety to activate your energy. 

You take action best in conjunction with others as they stimulate your ideas and action taking.

Mars in cancer

Like Taurus you take your time to take action and you need to feel very sure about your decisions. 

You don’t like change or confrontation so you will avoid that at all costs and may tend towards passive-aggression and defensiveness. 

You will thrive in a supportive environment that understands your need to take things slowly.

Mars in Leo

You need to feel like you are making a difference and being recognised. 

You are not afraid to take risks and be daring when taking action. 

Mars in Virgo

You are busy and practical and can take on a lot at once and successfully juggle it all. That being said you are prone to stress, and others may think of you as a stress-head.

In order to be brave you need to feel secure in your decision and have the systems and structures set up to support you. 

Mars in Libra

It can be hard for you to make a decision and take action and will vacillate between options until you finally settle on your preferred option.

You take action in a way that is fair and harmonious and may struggle to act in your own self-interest.

Mars in Scorpio

You have the ability to be incredibly focused and determined and meet challenges head-on. 

There is the potential for you to be ruthless, manipulative or dominating in order to get what you want.

Mars in Sagittarius

You have abundant energy to start things and  you take on lots of projects but can struggle to complete them and lack the dedication required.

You have the ability to form a compelling vision and you can be quite brave but that’s not a lot of help if you don’t follow through. 

Mars in Capricorn

You are controlled and very disciplined with a strong sense of your long-term goals and the responsibility to see them through. 

You are willing to work hard and consistently to achieve your goals and a sense of achievement is important to you. 

Mars in Aquarius

You have a natural ability to self-motivate yourself to take action. You are rebellious and innovative and other people’s inputs can stifle you and so you need a lot of personal space.

You are one of the bravest signs because you have an eye and mind for innovation and futuristic ideas that others may think of as crazy.

Mars in Pisces

It is important for you to focus on letting things happen rather than trying to make things happen. You need a lot of freedom of time so that you can intuit, channel and creatively take action and manage your energy which ebbs and flows constantly.

You can tend to be unfocused and scattered and not have a strong sense of what you actually want to take action on. 

You are one of the least brave signs as you are highly sensitive and it is hard for you to put yourself out there but if you see someone who is in desperate need you can muster the bravery to help them.

Summary of your Mars placement through the Zodiac Signs

Mars Astrology Inforgraphic

Want to learn more about Mars Astrology?

If you would like to learn more about your Mars Astrology and your sacred Bravery and how you can align your business check out my program Your Astrological Style.

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