Your Astrological Soul is the name I have given the Outer Planets + Chiron.

The outer planets are comprised of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and they are sometimes referred to as “transpersonal” or  “Soul Planets” as they are less personal and more generational or collective in nature. 

Whole generations are born with these planets in the same sign because they move so slowly and so they don’t describe individual characteristics but generational and collective themes.  

These planets also rule destined outer world events including acts of God, natural disasters, and pandemics that are beyond human control. When looking at annual astrology for the world this is where we look.

Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus – inside the orbit of Saturn when furthest from the sun and further out than the orbit of Uranus.

As such Chiron bridges between Saturn and Uranus – and the inner and outer planets. 

Chiron plays the role of linking the visible (inner planets) and the invisible (outer planets), meaning its role is to help you see what would otherwise remain invisible, and experienced as “fate”. 

Before the discovery of Chiron, in 1977, we experienced the outer planet’s influence as “fate”, as something that happens to us. We needed a tool to integrate them and that tool was Chiron.

In this blog, I am going to explain the components of Your Astrological Soul (or what these planets represent) and then next week I’ll give you some examples from my own chart as to how your astrological soul is so impactful to learn, integrate and align to.

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The components of Your Astrological Soul

I believe that these planets together are the recipe to embody your soul on earth and by looking at each and aligning our life and business we can have a deeper, more soulful and aligned experience in our current lifetime.

your astrological soul

Chiron – Your Core Wound & Path to Healing


Only discovered in 1977 between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is a relatively new study in Astrology. 

Although not termed a planet – this minor planet (or planetoid) bears significance to the outer planets explored in this course as it relates to our core or fundamental wound and our path to healing.

Rulerships for this minor planet are yet to be established and agreed upon.

Chiron’s orbit is an elliptical one and as such spends as little as 1 and ¼ years in Libra and up to 8 and ¼ years in Aries! It spends the most time in Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus and significantly less time in the other signs. 

Chiron’s glyph is the key and represents the ability to unlock the gate between our ego and soul. The word Chiron comes from the greek word for “hand”. 

Chiron is also referred to as the “rainbow bridge” which unites the chakras.

Chiron’s discovery coincided with the rise of alternative healing practices and the concept of the mind-body connection (yoga, meditation, reiki, and other forms of energy healing) which profoundly changed our society and understanding.

With Chiron’s discovery, there was also a revival of astrology which is linked to Chiron.

As such Chiron rules all the holistic healing techniques and modalities that don’t fall under the umbrella of modern medicine.

Chiron is the planet of our core wound and path to healing.

Uranus – Your Sacred Rebellion


Uranus is the planet of Freedom and Rebellion and is ruled by the sign of Aquarius – and the 11th house of Community, Friends and Hopes and Dreams.

Uranus represents where we want to rebel against the status quo, where we seek freedom, and where we can experience sudden ups and downs.

It is considered to be a planet that can go either way – sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Uranus is all about ensuring that we don’t let our souls wither and die. Without Uranus’ unexpected energy, its dark night of the soul, many of us would simply stay in our comfort zones and status quo never knowing anything better.

But Uranus is not having that and will push us to transcend these self-imposed boundaries – sometimes in chaos for a while in order to shine a light on something better – the pleasure in the pain, the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Uranus can be thought of as the Great Awakener. Think of Uranus as a bolt of lightning with the power to harm us or the power to give an intuitive bolt of knowing.

Uranus will vacillate unexpectedly between breakdown and breakthrough, ups and downs, feast and famine. 

Uranus will bring to consciousness the things that we have been afraid to admit to ourselves but that we need to confront.

This is why Uranus is known as the awakener or a wake-up call (sometimes brutal in nature but always in our highest good).

Uranus rules over Natural Disasters including lightning strikes, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones, and world events that seem totally out of the blue. 

Uranus also rules astrology and chakra science and meridians.

Your Neptune – Your Sacred Connection


Neptune is the planet of dreams, spirituality, creativity, imagination, and illusion (or delusion)  and is ruled by the sign of Pisces – and the 12th house of Rest, Retreat, and the Unknown.

Neptune was discovered around the same time as there was a collective awakening of personal mysticism – not needing a priest or holy person to be our intermediary.

Neptune represents where we can get confused or lost or seek to escape in our life. Neptune can place a haze over whichever part of the chart it touches. Its place in our chart can show where we are constantly confused or vague about our goals or where we are inclined to drift or float.

Neptune can be thought of as the Mystic and it is the planet most closely related to the divine and the etheric world – the things that cannot be seen, grasped or measured. 

It is where we can access a higher consciousness or altered state of consciousness. 

It is the manifestation of the concept of “love and light” and allows us to experience unconditional love, bliss, and the interconnectedness of all things. Neptune wants us to merge with the divine.

Neptune brings changes that can seem confusing and mysterious and which dissolve our old lives and selves and we can end up feeling disillusioned at what we once thought was real..

Neptune asks us to surrender, hold onto our faith and connect to a higher power.

Neptune rules over water in particular floods, deluges, monsoons, tidal waves, and tsunamis.

Neptune also rules over drugs and alcohol, spiritualism, new age/transcendent religions.

Your Pluto – Your Sacred Transformation


Pluto is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, and power and control and is ruled by the deep intense sign of Scorpio and the 8th House of Sex, Money, Power, and other people’s money.

Pluto is closely linked in myth to the underworld and your shadow side or the darker and more painful aspects that you need to transform. Pluto represents where we meet our shadow in order to transform and evolve.

Pluto is about facing and healing old wounds – our capacity to meet our unconscious, recover our soul essence and reclaim any stolen energy.

You can think of Pluto, like the snake shedding its old skins or the Phoenix rising from the ashes. 

Pluto has the ability to create major change in our lives particularly when certain people or situations are no longer serving us. This could come about through death and rebirth-type crises that can annihilate our current life and confront us with our deepest fears. We may feel quite powerless as we confront our demons (our shadow side), expose our secrets and finally find the gold hidden underneath the dark.

When you are going through a dark night of the soul or like you are burning everything down in your life – that’s Pluto exerting its influence in your life.

Pluto strips us of everything holding us back from the mission that we were incarnated with – it’s often painful, messy, and traumatic – but it is always for our highest good.

Pluto, therefore, rules over deep healing modalities such as depth psychology regression techniques, transformation healing, shamanism, and soul retrieval. 

Pluto rules over volcanoes, earthquakes, atomic weapons, toxic pollution, and nuclear disasters.

Your Astrological Soul is a transformational journey into your soul’s expression on earth

Are you starting to get the picture of how aligning and integrating Your Astrological Soul could be extremely powerful in how you embody your soul on earth and show up in your business?

To discover your astrological soul is to discover your core wound and path to healing, your freedom and rebellion style, your sacred connection method, and your transformation potential.

Want more?

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