Working with the moon cycles has gained popularity enormously over the last 10 years especially setting New Moon Intentions. That’s not to say that it is a new practice, quite the opposite – it’s a sacred and ancient one. However, working with your natural cycles – both menstrual and lunar has grown in popularity and in 2020 is dare I say it almost mainstream.

In this blog, I am going to share how I work with the new moon by setting aligned New Moon Intentions as I regularly get questions on my Instagram page about how followers can apply it to their own chart and life.

So here goes!

New Moon Intentions

New moons are all about the start of a new lunar cycle and they are perfect for setting intentions for the next 2 weeks through to the new moon. I used to do quite a detailed new moon practice but these days I find that simpler works best and is easier to be consistent with.

To get started on applying the new moon to your chart follow the below instructions:

1. Add the dates of new moons to your diary or online calendar, I’ve added a list for the next few below but you can access a full list here.

  • October 16th 2020 in Libra at 23 degrees
  • November 15th 2020 in Scorpio at 23 degrees
  • December 14th 2020 in Sagittarius at 23 degrees

2. I recommend adding the time in your local timezone (you can calculate this here), the zodiac sign the moon is in, and the degrees – you’ll need this later.

3. On the day of, or just after, the new moon grab a journal, your astrology chart (to learn how to create it go here), and the details of the moon as advised in point 2 above

4. The first thing is to understand that each new moon is in a different sign and is influenced by the personality of that sign. To get a summary of each sign download my astrology basics guide below.

5. Then look up the degrees of that sign on your chart, for example in my chart below for the October 2020 new moon in Libra at 23 degrees you can see that this falls in my 1st House

6. Take note of whether there are any planets within about 5 degrees of the new moon – if so they will have an influence over this moon phase for you – using the October 2020 example this new moon is conjunct my Natal Pluto which is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth.

7. Combine the information you have gathered and write them down

  • The Sign  the new moon is in and the themes associated
  •  The House that the new moon is in and the realm of life that is being activated
  • Any other planets in your birth chart that are within 5 degrees of this new moon

For example the October 2020 New Moon is in Libra which is all about relationships, harmony, beuaty and balance. It is activating my first house of body and identity and is conjunct my natal pluto which is about how I transform. This could mean that this new moon is having some sort of impact on my identity and how I show up in the world and transforming this. Interesting given around this new moon I am receiving my new brand photoshoot photos to use on a new business website.

d.       Now once you have a sense of what the context is for you it is time to set an intention for the next two weeks that is related to the sign, house, and any conjunct planets.

For example, mine could be that I set the intention to show up authentically and to embrace my external transformation through my new business.

So there you go – there’s my simple process for working with the new moon in an aligned way. Below you’ll find some of my fave tools and resources for working with the new moon. And you can follow me over on Instagram to be reminded of each new and full moon and more detailed information on the energy of each cycle.

New Moon Resources

Magic of I Planner – space to record your new moon and full moon practice plus additional astrological information.

New Moon List

Moonology – A great book that gives more detail on the nature of each new and full moon by sign and house.

My Astrology Basics Free Course

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