Astrological Healing Gifts

We all have specific astrological healing gifts as seen through our natal charts and the first place to look is at Chiron in our chart.

Chiron – the healer in you

Chiron in our Natal chart represents our greatest wound in this lifetime as well as our path to healing. It is a portal or gate that we must pass through and heal in order to then be able to help and heal others. 

We are often initiated into our healing gifts through trauma, healing crisis, or illness and we often get worse before we get better.

In fact, we may never fully heal – rather it is about learning to live with it and learn from it to help others – thus the term the wounded healer. 

In helping others to heal similar wounds we continue to heal ourselves and so the path to healing is through helping others heal.

Chiron represents our wise inner teacher and mentor and activates when we help others to reach their full potential.

So in this blog, I am going to give you some insight into your healing gifts based on the sign of your Chiron placement.

Astrological Healing Gifts & Chiron

How to find Chiron in your chart

Watch this video below to create your birth chart.

Once you have created your natal chart you can look for your astrological healing gifts – your Chiron – in your chart. You can see in the below image that my Chiron is in Taurus in the 8th House.

Chiron through the signs & your astrological healing gifts

The following goes through your healing gifts and style – or how you can take your core wound experience and use it to help others. Some of these descriptions may not immediately feel like they align with the role of a healer – but remember there are many ways to support someone to heal!

Chiron in Aries – Warrior Healer

Your healing gifts are related to being a fiery, passionate mentor or leader to those who need to develop the skills of self-assertion, empowerment, and independence themselves.

Chiron in Taurus – Embodied Healer

Chiron in Taurus

Your healing gifts are related to helping others to become more earthed, solid, and embodied. 

You can support them to be connected to what’s permanent and valuable, and help them cultivate their own sense of physical and material security.

Chiron in Gemini – Dynamic Healer

Chiron in Gemini

Your healing gifts are related to helping others embrace their communication skills and gifts and claim their right to be heard.

Chiron in Cancer – Nurturing Healer

Chiron in Cancer

Your healing gifts are related to providing inner mother energy – stability, kindness, and nurturing, and intuitively understanding what people need to feel safe and secure.

Chiron in Leo – Creative Healer

Chiron in Leo

Your healing gifts are related to inspiring others to express their creative genius by encouraging others to explore their creative expression and guide them on the journey from a place of love, sensitivity, and compassion.

Chiron in Virgo – Self-Love Healer

Chiron in Virgo

Your healing gifts are related to helping others to see where they are being overly critical or perfectionistic and help them to release themselves from this prison by embracing their perfectly imperfect natures.

Chiron in Libra – Relationship Healer

Chiron in Libra

Your healing gifts are related to helping others to claim their wholeness, empower themselves and make healthy relationship choices.

Chiron in Scorpio – Transformational Healer

Chiron in Scorpio

Your healing gifts are related to supporting others going through painful and dark experiences. 

Your recognition of the soul which never dies – and a belief in reincarnation (or a similar belief system) will help support you to guide others through the mysteries of life and death.

Chiron in Sagittarius – Visionary Healer

Chiron in Sagittarius

Your healing gifts are related to helping others to embrace the adventure of life and to seek meaning and purpose in their own lives.

Chiron in Capricorn – Accountability Healer

Chiron in Capricorn

Your healing gifts are related to supporting others by providing guidance, strategy and helping others to create order and structure in their lives. 

Chiron in Aquarius – Community/Sisterhood Healer

Chiron in Aquarius

Your healing gifts are related to helping others who feel like a lone wolf or like they don’t belong to experience the healing of soul community and connection.

Chiron in Pisces – Mystical Healer

Chiron in Pisces

Your healing gifts are related to sharing your natural healing abilities, psychic abilities, and mystical spiritual connection in service of others.

Example from my chart

My Chiron is in Taurus – an earth sign – and consequently my form of healing is very grounded and is reflected in the name of my astrology academy – The Embodied Soul – in other words grounding your soul on earth.

I help others to connect with their soul purpose and then to ground it through their business in a solid and meaningful way.

My approach to healing is slow and luxurious – taking the time to do the work and make slow, consistent changes for lasting results. 

Want to learn more about your Chiron placement and healing gifts?

I have shared just a tiny portion of what your Chiron placement means for you. In my new course Your Astrological Soul we will discover your core wound and path to healing as well as what aspect from your Chiron to other planets add to your healing journey.

We’ll also track your core wound and major Chiron transits to understand your healing journey as well as your shorter-term healing focus.

You’ll learn all this and more as we also cover Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in this transformation course. Check out the program here.

Your Astrological Soul
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