People often ask me when is the best time to schedule surgery based on Astrological principles. Given I am having ankle surgery this week I thought it would be an excellent time to provide a high-level overview of the timing techniques to find the best time to schedule surgery using astrology.

Before I dive in I must be clear that I am not a trained medical astrologer and I have not done training in selecting the best time to schedule surgery using astrology – the below is a result of my general astrology knowledge along with some research conducted for this blog.

Sometimes you just need to have surgery when you can get it – be that because of an emergency situation, a genuine need to get the issue attended to quickly, or because the best surgeon available to you has limited options.

Like anything I teach around astrological timing – the critical thing is to be aware of any potential challenges relating to the timing – forewarned is forearmed.

The time that I am booked in for surgery is not perfect – but it does tick off most of the below guidelines which helps me to feel more confident about going ahead with the surgery.

Surgery Electional Astrology Guidelines

The following are some simple tips to help you select the best time to schedule surgery using astrology techniques OR to be informed about potential delays or complications.

  1. Avoid solar & lunar eclipses – the energy is too intense during this time and the chances of excessive blood loss, clots, and even death are higher.
  1. Moon Phase
    1. The most ideal time is approximately 5 days before the new Moon to 30 minutes after the New Moon. The reason for this is that the moon affects blood flow and excessive blood loss is less likely, along with reduced bruising and swellings during the last quarter moon to the New Moon compared with the Full Moon to the Last Quarter moon
    2. It is best to avoid timing surgery 30 minutes to 36 hours after New Moon as often emotions and tensions are heightened during this time.
    3. Avoid the full moon – let’s just be really basic here. On a full moon hospital, admissions are way higher, the hospital and its staff will be under more stress than usual and you may even find your elective surgery is postponed.
  1. Try to avoid having surgery on a part of your body that rules the sign the moon is in on the day of surgery. For example, Aries rules the head, teeth, tongue, and arteries so you would want to avoid dental surgery (as one example) when the moon is in Aries. It is also recommended to avoid the opposite sign as well so this would be Libra in this example.
  1. Avoid surgery when the moon is void of course – when the moon is void of course – nothing will come from it – and this often means that surgeries will be unsuccessful and need to be re-done or revised. You can find out the exact time the moon is void of course and have the surgery scheduled for later or earlier that day. It is best to avoid 3 hours before the moon goes VOC and three hours after.
  1. Avoid Mars retrograde – the planet Mars rules over surgeons and this is a time when surgical errors are more likely to occur as well as profuse bleeding, infection, and inflammation, and recovery will likely be longer than necessary
  1. Avoid Mercury Retrograde – Lab reports could be misread, wrong tests administered, poor communication between medical staff

Bonus Tips for selecting the best time to schedule surgery using astrology:

  • Look for a positive aspect between Mars and the Moon – such as a trine or sextile
  • Benefic planets (such as Venus or Jupiter but also Mercury and even Mars given its relationship to surgery) transiting your 1st house of the body or your 6th House of health and routine
  • Virgo season (August 22-September 22) which rules the 6th house seems to me like the perfect time to take care of health issues.

Best of luck in selecting the best time for your surgery – and remember sometimes we just need to trust in divine timing and the universe working in our favor.

If you would like to learn more about medical astrology I highly recommend Kira Sutherland of Astrology of Health.

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