So when is the best time to launch using astrology ? This is one of the common questions clients ask me.

Let me start by saying that this is both a simple and a very complex question and answer.

Using electional astrology techniques I could pour over charts and calculations for hours to answer this for you.

But I could also give you a general time of year that will likely work well for you using a simple approach.

In this blog, I am going to walk you through the simple approach using the New Moon and the part of your chart it is activating.

best time to launch using astrology

Should you use your Natal or Business Chart when picking the best time to launch using astrology ?

Firstly the question of whether to use your natal or business chart. In general, if you are a personal brand and your business is just you and maybe a few service providers then your natal chart makes sense to use.

If you have a business that is bigger than yourself with multiple employees and perhaps a brand name that is not your name then a business chart (a chart run for the energetic incarnation time of your business) would be better suited.

I tend to consult both but I always start with my natal chart as I am still the main driving force behind my business. 

Looking at both has been helpful as my business incarnated during Mercury Retrograde which means I don’t worry so much about avoiding this time to launch and also when personal planets are over my natal 12th house they are actually activating my business 10th house – so again I don’t totally avoid this time – but I was simply reviewing my natal chart I would!

Why are New Moons important when it comes to picking the best time to launch using astrology?

New Moons are the start of the waxing moon phase where energy is building and this is the optimal time to launch something through to just after the full moon. 

Energetically they are the best time to “start something new”.

It is best not to launch until 24-48 hours after the New Moon but from there until just after the full moon is an optimal time of the month to be launching.

Think about the archetypal energy of the New Moon

One of the first things you can do is think about the product or service you are launching and think about which zodiac sign archetypes would match up well with your offering.

For example, for my Business Astrology Certification, I might choose the Capricorn New Moon (status, recognition, mastery), Sagittarius (Learning and Mentoring), or Cancer (because it is a group-focused program).

So firstly note down which signs make sense for your offering.

To get a full list of the zodiac archetypes and which offerings they suit grab my AstroLaunching Toolkit

Think about the best Houses to be activated at your launch

For most offerings, the houses below will be the best ones to be activated (but it really does depend on the nature of your offering!).

2nd House – your entrepreneurial house and using your strengths and talents to create resources, also known as the money house

6th House – great for offerings where you want to help people with their health or routine

9th House – great for online learning offerings or launching a book

10th House – great for getting recognition for your work

11th – great for group coaching offerings

So have a think about which houses make sense for your offering. To get a full list of the houses and which offerings they suit grab my AstroLaunching Toolkit.

Picking the best New Moon Cycle

The next step is to review which new moons over the next 6-12 months will be in the zodiac signs you identified and/or activate the specific houses you identified. 

To get help with this check out my Lunar Toolkit. 

Example from my Business and picking the best time to launch using astrology

Let’s take an example of my Business Astrology Certification offering for a launch in 2023.

The new moons I like to launch under are:

  • Aries – the start of the astrological new year makes sense for this offering as it runs over 9-12 months and this is a program about building the new astrology leaders which is very Aries
  • Cancer – my moon is in cancer and it is in the 11th house of community and it brings a nurturing vibe to my launch, however, if the New Moon is too close to my natal moon it can be an unstable time for me
  • Leo – My north node is in Leo in the 11th House and this energy can be great for shining my light as a community leader. However, I’d want to avoid the new moon activating my 12th house so new moons in the earlier degrees of Leo are ideal. 
  • Scorpio – My 2nd house is ruled by Scorpio so new moons in Scorpio activate my money house but I’d want to avoid being too close to my natal Uranus. 
  • Sagittarius – the sign of my Sun, all about guiding and mentoring and also rules my 3rd house of communication and teaching.

The houses I like to be activated for this offering are:

  • 2nd House – Entrepreneurial House and Money
  • 3rd House -Writing, speaking, and teaching
  • 10th – Recognition & Success
  • 11th – Community

The first question I would therefore ask myself is do any of these signs and houses match up in my chart?

The answer is yes for:

  • 0-17 degrees Cancer and 10th House 
  • 18-29 degrees Cancer and 11th House
  • Up to 14 degrees Leo and 11th House 
  • 2-29 degrees Scorpio and the 2nd House
  • 2-25 degrees Sagittarius and the 3rd House

So this then narrows down 4 new moons over the next 12 months which I can then assess against other plans:

New Moon – Date, Sign, and degreesActivatingNotes
July 17th 24 degrees Cancer11th House5 degrees away from my natal moon which is a good distance
Avoid launching over US/European Summer
August 16th 23 degrees Leo12th HouseA 12th House activation is not ideal for a launch so I am running a retreat during this time instead.
Avoid launching over US/European Summer
November 13th 20 degrees Scorpio2nd House6 degrees away from Uranus which is a good distance to avoid its unpredictability. I normally launch my Your Soulful Year Program at this New Moon.
December 12th 20 degrees Sagittarius3rd HouseConjunct Neptune which is not the most stable energy, too close to Christmas for it to be a good time for me to launch.

Based on the above and the fact that I want to launch this offering before June 2023 this rules out the new Moons that combine aligned signs AND houses so this would likely mean I would then look at New Moons in a good sign OR house (rather than both). 

The best of these would be the Aries New Moon and the start of the Astrological new year activating my 7th house of Partnership which is great energy for my certification offering. 

Or I might focus on a 10th House activation which would be the Gemini June New Moon however as I am avoiding Launching over June-August so I likely wouldn’t select this.

So using this process just after the Aries New Moon on March 21st, 2023 is the most aligned time for me to launch this offering.

Of course, being an experienced electional astrologer I would look at things such as retrogrades, the void-of-course moon, moon aspects, positions of transiting planets, and more to get precise with launch timings. However, this simpler approach can help you quickly narrow down the approximate time of year for different offerings and plan your year ahead. 

If you would like to learn more about AstroLaunching check out my AstroLaunching Toolkit or get my 4 toolkits for 50% off the price of purchasing individually using code: oct30

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