types of astrology readings

If you are new to Astrology you might be interested in getting an Astrology reading but feel unsure which type of reading is right for you.

In this blog, I’m going to go through the typical types of readings and how they can help you.

types of astrology readings

Types of Astrology Readings

The Natal (or Birth) Chart Reading

Natal Chart Reading

Most astrologer’s will offer a Natal Chart Reading but what is it? It’s a reading of the exact placement of the planets at the time of your birth and it will speak to what we call your Natal Blueprint or Natal Promise. In other words, the unique potential that you came into the world with, the strengths you possess as well as some of the potential challenges you might face.

A natal chart reading should feel empowering and not limiting because the natal chart can manifest in your life in infinite ways. The role of the astrologer is to illuminate some of these potentials but also to guide you to tune into your own intuition as to how to make the most of your natal promise.

Best for:

People who are new to Astrology and have never had a reading

Check out my Natal Chart Reading here.

The Year Ahead Reading Reading

year ahead astrology reading

Some (but not all) astrologers will offer Year Ahead Readings. 

These readings look at the transits you are going through over the next 12-18 months and how you can best harness the energy that will impact your life.

Year Ahead readings are based on the movement of the planets and how they activate the placement of the planets in your natal chart.

Year Ahead readings may look at other factors such as New & Full Moon cycles, Progressions, Solar Returns and other astrological techniques depending on the astrologer’s process.

Best for:

People who have some astrology knowledge and who are perhaps feeling a bit stuck or confused or just want to make the most of the energy available to them. 

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business chart reading

Business Chart Readings

Business Chart readings are like a natal chart reading for your business. They look at the unique energy of your business, it’s strengths and weaknesses and may also look at things like how to brand your business.

These readings are far less common and you need to find a specialist business astrologer (like me) to really get value out of them.

Best for:

Business women who would like to understand the unique energy that their business brings to the world.

Check out my Business Reading here.

launch chart reading

Launch Chart Readings

Launch Chart readings are a highly specialised aspect of business astrology that combines electional and predictive astrology to help you determine the best time to launch a business or product or service offering.

Few people offer this specific service and this is one of my flagship reading types.

In my launch chart readings I will look at the next 3-12 months to determine the top 2-3 times to launch your business or product or service offering and provide you with information on the energy and how best to harness it. We’ll narrow down the best time to launch and I’ll provide you with more detailed information on timing for different activities. 

I’ll also give you a summary of how to best harness the energy of each lunar cycle during the period we are looking at. 

Best for:

Business women who are planning to launch a business or offering and who want to be intentional with their timing and pick the best possible dates to do it. 

Check out my Launch Reading here.

synastry chart readings

Relationship & Synastry Readings

Synastry readings are really interesting and I use them a little depending on the clients circumstances.

Synastry readings are most common for relationship astrology where you want to look at how you and your partner or another person will relate to each other and any potential issues. They can be used to find similarities and differences and to predict relationship success. To get this type of reading look for a relationship astrology specialist.

In a synastry reading two charts will be put together, as an example my natal and business chart are shown as a synastry chart below.

synastry chart

I sometimes use synastry charts to look at the relationship between a client’s natal chart and their business chart to help them understand the relationship and to work in better alignment with these energies.

Best for:

People who want to understand their key relationships better OR understand the different energy between their natal and business chart

Specialist Readings

specialist chart reading

It can be super powerful to have readings done that look at a specific part of the chart or specific planets.

For example some people specialise in just the Asteroid Goddesses – the lesser known feminine astrology archetypes.

I do shorter readings as optional add-ons for my course participants on your Astrological Signature (Sun, moon, rising) or Astrological Style (Mercury, Venus, Mars).

I also combine Astrology and Branding in my AstroBranding sessions.

Honestly, the options are endless when it comes to astrology Money Astrology, Medical Astrology, Career Astrology and much more!

Best for:

Once you have had a natal reading and want to explore more specific applications of astrology.

But what if I want it all?

I have many clients come back to me for multiple types of readings and they’ve been asking me for a while to package them up into a Business Astrology Journey.

Complete Business Astrology Journey

So I’ve finally done this and you can purchase my In-depth Business Astrology Journey that takes you through these readings over a period of 2-3 months:

// Natal Chart Reading

// Year Ahead Reading

// Business Chart  Reading

// Business/Product Launch Reading

Find out more here.

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