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Venus Retrogrades from July 23rd – September 4th, 2023 from 28-12 degrees Leo.

Firstly, what is a retrograde? 

A retrograde is when a planet appears to turn backward in the sky. This happens due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit. 

All the major planets (excluding the luminaries – the sun and the moon) go retrograde from time to time.

When planets go retrograde the impact of the planet changes and the type of activities that are recommended change too.

What is a Venus Retrograde all about?

Venus is the planet of Love, Money, Beauty, and Receptivity and is a double rulership planet ruled by the sign of Libra and Taurus and the 2nd & 7th Houses.

Venus represents our approach to relationships, love, money, and receptivity. 

Venus can be thought of as the Seductress. 

It is considered to be a fairly harmonious planet but whilst in retrograde, however, it tends to bring less receptive and magnetic energy. 

So when Venus goes retrograde this heralds a time for focus on existing or old relationships and money streams rather than creating or trying to attract new ones. 

During a Venus Retrograde, we may feel unattractive, boring, and broke and like we can’t magnetize anything we want. 

A Venus retrograde will ask us to focus instead on the relationships and money that we already have in our lives – to till our own soil. It is not recommended to create new offerings or try to attract new clients during this time. 

But with Venus retrograding so frequently sometimes this can’t be helped and we can’t always avoid these things so instead be prepared for less magnetic energy and create the environment to feel more receptive by doing things that make yourself feel sexy, attractive, successful, or magnetic. 

This is the time to get back in contact with old clients and leads and to remind them about your services and offerings or to offer them a custom offering just for them. 

By the time Venus turns direct, if we have taken the time to focus on what we already have we will be much more magnetic and receptive to move forward and reach that next level in our business. 

It is worth noting that if you were born during a Venus retrograde you might actually find that the impact is reversed for you and that this period is super magnetic and abundant for you!

Where is Venus Retrograde in your chart?

In which part of your life is this retrograde activating?

Check out where it is in your chart when it retrogrades from 28-12 degrees Leo and take note of any other natal planets around these degrees.

If you are not sure what the different houses represent then check out my FREE astrology basics course.

What might the position of Venus Retrograde in 2023 mean for you?

In which part of your life should you till your own soil?

In my chart, it retrogrades from the 12th house back into the 11th house and over my North Node. This feels like a reminder to harness the community and community-based offerings that I have already created, to connect with past clients who may want more from me, and to reconnect with my purpose of being seen and heard within the community.

In my business chart, it retrogrades through the 10th house and over my MC angle, business Jupiter and into my 9th House. This feels like a time to focus on what my business has already created and allow it to expand through its solid business model without needing to create anything new.

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