I love using AstroPlanning to plan my year and  I have a pretty in-depth process that I take clients through in my year ahead readings.

However, this is mostly at the annual or monthly level including things such as Retrograde Season and Natal Chart Transits as well as the New and Full Moons for the year.

But have you ever wondered how to plan your week using Astrology?

If so, I have great news for you because there are a range of AstroPlanning techniques that you can consider to plan your week and day.

I’m a practical girl so I don’t go too minute with this, it still needs to be practical so, for example, I don’t think planning client meetings down to the precise minute is helpful!

AstroPlanning Tip 1 – Avoid Void of Course Moons

Every month on a number of days the moon is “Void of course”.

A void of course moon (sometimes just called the void moon, or abbreviated as VC or v/c) is a period of time before the moon moves into a new sign during which it doesn’t form any significant meet-ups with any of the other planets.

During this time it is thought that nothing will come of the action you take so it is best to avoid major business activities such as launch activities or important business meetings. In a way it’s like a retrograde for the moon in terms of the impact it has on us mere mortals.

You can determine these days in advance and block them out in your calendar , or at least note them so that you are aware of the potential impact.

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AstroPlanning Tip 2 – Align to the Sign that the moon is in

You can look at the week and see what days the moon is in which sign and get a sense of the energy for example when the moon is in aries it may be a great time for taking action or being brave – when it is in libra you might want to focus on your clients and other business relationships.

You could even plan your client calendar around the days the moon is in Libra or another suitable sign for your work!

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AstroPlanning Tip 3 – Work with Planetary Days

You might be interested to learn that certain days of the week are suited to certain activities and we call this “planetary days”. When I’m full-time in my business I tend to plan my week in alignment with this approach and have found it really supportive.

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AstroPlanning Tip 4 – Review other significant planetary movements

I also like to review and consider when any of the transiting personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Mars, or Venus) are changing signs or changing houses in my natal chart, the shift in energy, and how I can best harness it.

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How to plan your week using Astrology – top tips

These are the tools that I use to plan my week using astrology. I have a ritual of sitting with my physical planner every Sunday afternoon and reviewing and planning in alignment with the planetary energies for my week. It has become a really supportive process and I encourage you to try it.

In my free workshop on December 14th, I’ll provide you with a worksheet that you can use to help you plan your week using astrology.

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