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What to expect from the Astrology of 2021 & how it will impact your chart and life

Have you been wondering what the Astrology of 2021 holds for you?

Well first you need to understand the global astrological energies and then apply it to your individual chart. 

But first let’s reflect on the year that was…

Astrology of 2021

2020: A Cosmic (and Karmic) Storm

Well what a year 2020 was, it is one for the history books.

And most astrologers you speak to will not have been that surprised as it was clear to us that the energy of 2020 was always going to be heavy.

You can see what I wrote about it in this blog.

I for one am very happy to see the end of the Great Conjunction and Capricorn Stellium energy of 2020.

Capricorn is grandfather energy and there was a feeling of the old patriarchy being dragged kicking and screaming to the old folks home, much like one might say Donald Trump has behaved during the USA election results!

2020 has changed the world forever.

Our lives have been changed, whole industries have collapsed (at least in the short term), we learned to live without overseas or even local travel, we’ve had to isolate ourselves, quarantine and wear masks. We have become far less globally focused and more reliant on our domestic economies and markets and with even those being shut down for periods of time our economies have suffered.

On the upside we have connected more with our immediate family, we have simplified our lives, improved our home environments, seen more of our own country, and best of all mother nature got a massive reprieve from pollution levels caused by certain industries such as airline travel.

If you had asked us no-one would have thought we would suddenly be unable to travel if we wanted to. Companies have had to digitally transform, flexible working policies have had to become more progressive, organisations are asking themselves do we really need these big fancy offices and do our people really need to travel? 

The Astrology of 2021: Major planetary movements

In 2021 the only planet still in Capricorn is Pluto and it will continue to transform and shake up the last vestiges of the old world order.

But there is also an energy of innovation, hope, compassion and progress with Jupiter and Saturn both moving into Aquarius. We as individuals, and as a society, will be more open to change, innovation and futuristic thinking. 

We are more than ever aware of our individual impact on the collective – we’ve seen what one’s person’s infection can do to whole cities and countries and we don’t want this to go on forever.

The energy feels lighter but don’t be fooled into thinking we are on easy street. There is still a lot of work to do.

Jupiter moving into Capricorn

Jupiter the planet of expansion, luck and abundance moves into Aquarius on the 20th December 2020 and over the next 12 months moves from 0 degrees Aquarius to as far as 2 degrees Pisces.

Jupiter shifts from Capricorn where it has been restricted and literally grounded from expansion. It actually made me chuckle in 2020 when the restrictions on travel emerged and I realised that the planet of travel (Jupiter) was in the sign of restriction (Capricorn) – it could not have been a more perfect manifestation of this placement!

But thankfully it is shifting into the progressive sign of Aquarius where it is a lot more empowered to exert its boundless energy. I doubt we’ll see full-scale global travel in 2021 but expect to see innovative and creative ideas such as regional bubbles between countries and regions that have similar levels of cases and quarantine policies.

So where is transiting Jupiter in your chart?

For me, Aquarius spans the 5th and 6th houses so Jupiter will bring this energy to my creativity and pleasure and my day to day life.

It will also transit over my south node of past skills and experience and karma.

I expect to see myself expanding into my creative gifts and finding innovative and creative ways to structure my day to day work and home life.

To learn more about the domain of the houses download my free guide below.

Saturn moving into Aquarius

Saturn, the planet of fear, restriction and responsibility, moves into Aquarius on the 19th December 2020 and over the next 12 months moves from 0 degrees Aquarius to as far as 13 degrees Aquarius.

Saturn shifts from its home sign of Capricorn where it exerted its conventional responsibility and restriction and into Aquarius where it will need to be more innovative and respond to the change that 2020 brought and rebuild the structures that were dissolved in a more progressive way.

It is time to build a legacy for future generations that benefits humanity as a collective. A new world order.

So where is transiting Saturn in your chart?

For me, Aquarius spans the 5th house so Saturn will bring this energy to my zone of creativity and pleasure and will conjunct my south node. I feel like in 2021 I will be drawing on past or innate creative skills and building structures like my new business Pisces Creative Co to express this part of myself. It won’t all be easy and Saturn will likely bring out fears and insecurities in this area of my life but it will all be for the greater good and it is about finding innovative ways to do this work.

To learn more about the houses the planets are in during 2020 download my free guide.

Other Planetary Positions

Neptune will continue to be in Pisces throughout 2020 and we may feel somewhat confused about this new world order and our place in it.

But I expect we will also feel more empathy and compassion for others as well.

Uranus will continue to be in Taurus and we can expect ups and downs in our individual financial situations as well as local and global economies that will likely experience some form of depression or recession after the Pandemic subsides and the impact can be fully observed.

Saturn square uranus

The Aspect of 2021: Saturn Square Uranus

The big event of 2021 is going to be Saturn in Aquarius, the planet of boundaries, responsibility and restriction, squaring Uranus in Taurus, the planet of rebellion, sudden change and freedom.

Transit Saturn square Transiting Uranus is a major planetary aspect that occurs every 14 years. There will be three direct squares between February-December, 2021.

This is an aspect of challenge so I’m sorry but the hard energy is not all over but the great thing about Squares is that it creates dynamic tension that can push us to make productive changes.

It may bring the type of change that we don’t want – I feel like travel disruptions and limits personal freedom of movement and congregation will continue.

This aspect can have a very spontaneous and productive energy and it brings the progressive energy that the world needs right now. It is a further breaking down of the old world structures that erupted in 2020. 

There is a tension between independence and responsibility and it makes me feel that regional blocks will continue rather than a shift back to full opening of the global economy and travel again.

On a personal level you can look at where transiting Saturn and Uranus are in your chart to get a sense of how this will play out for you.

In my chart I have Uranus over my 8th house squaring Saturn over my 5th house, I wonder about how challenges relating to how I earn money (Taurus and 8th House energy of other people’s money) may play out in 2021. Perhaps I will be challenged to choose between what I creatively want to pursue verses what opportunities present themselves, perhaps having to make financial decisions between soul work and work that pays the bills. Perhaps the challenge is to set the structures in place so that I am in a position to be able to do both. But with Uranus who knows! I have felt that having Uranus over my 8th house may bring some form of trauma and grief before it moves into my 9th house which would not be surprising with 2 grand-parents in-law in their 90s and 2 sets of parents in their 70s. In fact I already experienced multiple losses in 2020 of people much younger than this as it was.

The key with this aspect is to stay open-minded, patient and flexible.

In 2020 we were dealt some pretty extreme changes to our reality – we have made the really difficult shifts and now it is about learning to adapt to this new normal and finding ingenious ways to overcome the reality and create a better future. 

It’s time to

  • stop resisting the change and take a long-term and measured view.
  • find the opportunity in the restriction
  • to focus on possibility thinking rather than focusing on what isn’t the way you want it to be.

After all, we existed in a non-globalised world pretty successfully in the past.

We can choose to view it as a reset for the environment and for ourselves.  

Want more?

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