How to transform your launch energy

What do you really believe about your business and your launch? And how does that impact your launch energy?

Do you believe, in your heart of hearts, that business is meant to be a struggle — that it’s a hard, exhausting slog that’s meant to nearly break you?

Do you believe that you’ll never have enough time, energy, or money — that you’ll always come up short?

Do you believe that it’s “par for the course” to be depleted, overwhelmed, and running on empty all the time?

And finally, do you even believe that you’re capable of anything different? Do you even believe that you’re worthy of what you desire?

These questions are confronting, I know. But they’re important. It’s essential that we take a close look at our energetic beliefs — not what we say we believe, but what we actually believe.

Because you know what?

[bctt tweet=”You can only achieve what you believe is possible.” username=”kathhocking”]

You can only receive what you believe you are.

And you cannot hide your launch energy.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change your energy. But to do this, you need to work with your energy. Not against it!

So in this blog, I give you my approach to working and transforming your launch energy.

How to transform your launch energy

Know your launch superpower

The first part of this process is about understanding your launch superpower. This is the place where you feel really comfortable and confident. It’s all about the tasks that come natural to you. And if you had the choice, I bet you could work in this superpower bubble all launch!

For example, one of my launch superpowers is planning and strategy. If you’ve been hanging around here for a while then you will already know that I’m a planner personality and love a good spreadsheet and Asana project. I’m also great at implementing my strategies and taking whatever actions that I need to take.

And as good as this superpower is, it also shows me the areas where I am lacking. The areas where I don’t feel so strong. And the areas where I lack full belief.

I’ll talk about this in more detail soon but first… let’s identify your launch superpower with the questions below:

What launch tasks do you feel confident doing?

What launch tasks do you really love doing?

What launch tasks do people always comment on? Perhaps people really love your launch emails? Or your Facebook Live videos?

Using the responses from the questions above, what do you think your launch superpower is?

Discover your launch archetype

You can also take your superpower one step further by identifying which launch archetype you most resonate with. This will help support you in the next step of the process!

There are two main launch archetypes that I teach and work with: the launch warrior and the launch priestess.

Each of these launch archetypes have different strengths that will most likely align with the superpower that you chose in the first step.

Here are some examples of the different superpowers of each of the archetypes:

The launch warrior’s superpowers include: planning her launch, implementing launch strategies and being fearless in her post-launch review.

The launch priestess’s superpowers include: adopting an abundance mindset, achieving flow and harmony during a launch and writing potent and magnetic sales copy.

Using the examples above, my strategic and planner personality means I most resonate with the launch warrior.

Now this doesn’t mean that I never adopt the energy of the launch priestess. I actively work with the launch priestess archetype and in the next step, I’m going to show you how to do that!

Call in a new energy

Once you know your launch superpower and your launch archetype, you should have a clear idea of the gaps that exist in your launch energy.

For example, I’m really good at launch strategy and planning but when it comes to opening my heart and being truly visible with my soul clients then my introverted self can get scared!

Those gaps that we have (i.e. the launch tasks that we don’t feel so confident in or the launch archetype that we resonate with least) can often be the place where we hold limiting beliefs about our launch.

So if we can identify the gaps and call in an alternate archetypes then we can start to transform our launch energy.

So if you’re a launch warrior, this means calling in the energy of the launch priestess.

If you’re really good at planning and strategy, then you might want to focus on launch mindset and alignment tasks.

To support you in calling in a new energy, I also recommend positive affirmations.

You might like to try these beliefs on for size:

“I believe I can attract all the abundance in my business that I desire — the income, the customers, the traffic, the conversions, everything. And I believe I can do it with ease.”

“I believe I’m worthy of a business that nourishes and supports me. That fulfills me creatively, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and financially.”

“I believe I am the High Priestess of my business — an unwavering beacon of light, radiating love, and magnetising all my desires towards me.”

By repeating these affirmations and calling in a new energy to your launch, you really can transform your launch energy and truly start believing!

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