Launching can bring up a lot of resistance, limiting beliefs and launch blocks. And after becoming an energy and soul medicine practitioner, I’ve come to recognise that these blocks most often exist in our energetic system. To be truly successful and abundant during your launch, you need to understand what the blocks are, how you can move through them and ways to activate your chakra system while launching. 

Step 1: Understanding your chakras & energy system

One of the easiest ways to understand these energy blockages is with the chakra system. The word ‘chakra’ is from Sanskrit and means ‘wheels or disks of energy’. The chakra system is based on your seven core energy centres and each chakra is connected to a particular area of the body and represented by a different colour.

Here is a brief rundown of each of the chakras and some examples of launch blocks that you might experience during a launch:

Root Chakra

Position: Lower back

Colour: Red

Example of a launch block: Worrying about money and basic security

Sacral Chakra

Position: Reproductive area

Colour: Orange

Example of a launch block: Lack of passion & creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra

Position: Upper abdomen

Colour: Yellow

Example of a launch block: Lacking confidence and self-worth

Heart Chakra

Position: Heart/Chest

Colour: Green

Example of a launch block: Fear of being hurt & disapointed by not meeting your launch goals

Throat Chakra

Position: Throat

Colour: Blue

Example of a launch block: Inability to authentically communicate how your program can help your community

Third Eye Chakra

Position: Forehead

Colour: Indigo

Example of a launch block: Difficulty tuning into your intuition and inner wisdom

Crown Chakra

Position: Very top of head

Colour: Violet or white

Example of a launch block: Feeling like you have to do it all yourself and not being open to divine guidance and support

Step 2: Recognising a launch block

When a chakra is blocked we can often feel it in our body either energetically or literally such as getting a throat infection when our throat chakra is blocked or a sore back when our sacral chakra is blocked.

To help you recognise any launch blocks, you can do a body scan meditation to help check in with your chakras.

This is how to do a body scan meditation:

Find a nice quiet and comfortable spot where you can sit or lay down for 10 minutes. Make yourself as comfortable as possible with cushions, blankets or a yoga mat.

If the chakra system is new to you then you might like to print out the chakra diagram above so that you can have it in front of you as you work through the chakras.

Alternatively, you could bring it up on your phone or laptop.

Start to ground into your body with some deep, intentional breaths.

When you feel anchored into your body, I want you to focus your attention on your first chakra – the root chakra. Spend a couple of moments focused on your root chakra and being witness to any thoughts or feelings that come up. When you’re done, move on to the next chakra and do the same. Keep repeating until you have worked your way through each of the chakras.

Did you feel any blocks?

If the body scan meditation feels a little too advanced then you might like to refer to the information about each of the chakras above and see which launch block you most associate with.

For example, during a launch, I often find that my base chakra and heart chakra are blocked. The base chakra because I am worried about the results and my heart chakra because my system wants to protect myself from disappointment and hurt and feelings of not being good enough.

Step 3: Work through the launch blocks

Once you’ve identified the chakras that feel most blocked then you can work through them.

Here are some ways you can help bring that chakra back into balance and work through your launch block:

1. Bring the colour of your blocked chakra into your life by wearing clothes of that colour, eating food of that colour or surrounding yourself with flowers and crystals that are that colour.

2. Affirmations are also a great way of activating your chakras.

You might like to say:

“My [insert blocked chakra] is vibrant and strong ”

3. Focus on doing energy work. You could work with a kinesiologist or you could do energy work on yourself too!

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