It's never too soon to start launching

There’s a little myth that I’ve been hearing from a lot of my community lately… they keep telling me that it is too soon to start launching. I hear this in my community forums. I hear this in my post-launch surveys. And I hear this from the people who I work with one-on-one. And honestly, it just isn’t true. It’s never too soon to start launching in your business. It’s like saying that it’s too soon to start offering your services!

Launching is simply another way to share your offerings with your community and there’s never a ‘wrong’ time to do that. So here are some reasons why I think launching is good for your business – and why it’s never too soon to start launching!

Why it's never too soon to start launching

Launching helps you to establish yourself as an expert

The number one reason people believe that it’s too soon to start launching is because they’re not quite an expert yet.

“I haven’t been around long enough”

“I haven’t quite proven myself yet”

“I just need to do another course to be fully qualified”

“I need another qualification to call myself an expert”

But really, these are all just ‘stories’. And the best way to become an expert… is to do the things, own your skills and knowledge and share them with others.

You’re not going to become an expert by playing small and waiting around for someone else to call you an expert. You must go boldly and bravely to claim the title for yourself. And launching is an incredible way to do that!

It’s never too soon to do this. In fact, the sooner that you establish yourself as an expert in your field, the better. So what are you waiting around for?

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Launching allows you to learn ‘along the way’

So you know that you don’t need to be an expert in your field to start launching (because that just takes care of itself) but what about launching? Do you need to be a launch expert in order to launch your program successfully?

Short answer: No!

Long answer: The best way to become an expert in launching is to get started and learn along the way – with lots of trial and error. You could do all the courses, do all the reading and do all the study and none of it will prepare you for what a launch will really be like. Essentially, you just have to trust yourself and dive in to experience it for yourself.

I definitely wasn’t an expert when I launched my first program. There were many things that I didn’t know but I didn’t let that stop me and I’ve now launched over 30 times. 

Launching helps you to build your list

If I had a dollar for every time that someone told me that their ‘list isn’t big enough to start launching yet’ then I could probably add a few more zeros to my income. And I totally get it!

Having a good sized list is an important part of launching. But you could wait around for weeks or months or years to grow your list or you could get started now! 

In fact, pre-launch list-building is one of the most important phases of the launch and something that I include in every single launch that I do. This is why webinars, free PDF guides and challenges are popular during a launch… because they help to build your list!

So why should you have to wait around to build your list when you could start launching now and do both all at once?

Launching allows you to create an income

The final ‘story’ that I want to talk about today is this one… “I’m not earning enough money to start launching in my business”.

So let’s get real for a moment…

Who said we already need a successful business before we start launching?

What if launching was the key to our successful business?

And what if we’re actually denying an abundant stream of income because we think it’s ‘too soon’ to start launching?

Did you know that I only earned $7,780 in my first year of business? I could have taken this as a sign that I needed to work harder, needed to do more courses or needed to build a bigger list. But instead… I created an e-Course and I started launching. And in my second year of business, I reached a six figure income.

I wasn’t earning an abundant income before I started launching… it was launching that allow me to earn an abundant income. And this could be true for you too!

So what are you waiting for?

Believe me when I say, that it is never too soon to start launching in your business and it just might be the very thing that your business needs to grow!

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