Three most common money blocks when launching

Money blocks… we all have them. They might look different. They might come up in different situations. They might be really good at going unnoticed. But believe me, we all have them! And we all have money blocks when launching too!

I remember doing Denise’s Money Bootcamp for the first time and thinking that I didn’t have any money blocks. Oh goddess, I was wrong!

Since becoming aware of my own money blocks, I’ve become more aware of the ones that pop up with my clients… especially money blocks when launching. So today, I wanted to share a list of the three most common money blocks when launching.

Three most common money blocks when launching

But first, why is it so important to know your money blocks when launching?

Knowing the most common money blocks when launching will help you to notice the situations in which your brain goes into fear, scarcity and lack.

I believe that it’s absolutely critical to go into our launches with an abundance mindset and without knowing our money blocks, it’s easy to adopt a lack mentality instead.

Lack mentality can be felt by those around you and by being in a lack mentality, you are energetically pushing potential clients away.

So an abundance mindset is important during a launch because otherwise our inner critic will take hold and tell us that there is not enough.

Not enough clients….

Not enough money…

Not enough time…

And to adopt an abundance mindset, we need to work with and on our money blocks when launching. Want to get a glimpse at some of my favourite abundance rituals? Click here!

So here are some common ones that I see pop up all of the time…

Launch Money Block #1: “I’m not worthy of an abundant launch”

Launching is a completely different way to earn money in your business and is a method that is often far outside of people’s comfort zones. I mean, launching is the opportunity to create a program and continue to launch it and earn a leveraged income. It sounds amazing (and it is!)

But this is where the money blocks come in because so many of my clients convince themselves that launching is ‘too good to be true’ and that they’re not worthy of an abundant launch.

I hear so many women in my community saying:

“I need a bigger list before I start launching”

“I need more experience before I start launching”

“I need better branding before I start launching”

While all of these might seem like legitimate reasons, they’re all just mirroring the same limiting beliefs and money blocks. That is, “I am not enough” and “I am not worthy”.

And if you can actually convince yourself that you are worthy of launching, these same money blocks come up during a launch too.

This might look and sound like:

“I’m just going to keep this launch small with a couple of emails and social media posts”

“I don’t need a lot of people in my program, I’d rather keep it intimate”

“I don’t want to do [insert important launch activity] because I’m not smart enough/pretty enough/brave enough or any other ‘not enough’ statement that you can think of”

And once again, these statements are all just saying: “I am not worthy of an abundant launch”.

So instead of finding reasons why you shouldn’t have an abundant launch, why not make a list of the reasons why you are worthy of launching and creating a leveraged income?

Here are some examples:

You are worthy of launching… because of your brilliant idea!

You are worthy of launching… because your people need your support!

You are worthy of launching… because your work is truly unique!

You are worthy of launching… because you’ve been there and experienced that!

You are worthy of launching… because abundance is your birthright and you deserve to be the fullest and richest version of you!

So your challenge is to try these on for size and see what you can make happen.

Launch Money Block #2: “I have to work really hard to get my desired results”

I mentioned before that launching is a completely different way to earn money in your business and is a model that a lot of people haven’t experienced before. We’re often told by society or our family or our bosses and co-workers that we need to work really hard to earn good money. Essentially, we need to ‘prove’ ourselves by working ourselves into the ground and burning the candle at both ends.

But launching doesn’t have to be like that… although we often convince ourselves that it should be like that!

Enter Money Block #2: “I have to work really hard to get my desired results”

Here are some examples of how this money block plays out during a launch:

Convincing yourself that launching is too ‘hard’ and you can’t do it

Working so hard in the lead up to your launch that you burn out half way through and fail to show up in a potent and magnetic way

Failing to launch because you’re so paralysed by ‘all the things’ that you need to do  

Working tirelessly to do ‘all the things’ and failing to recognise important areas that you should be focusing on instead

Ignoring the ‘ebb and flow’ of your launch and working so hard that you get adrenal fatigue

Making your launch so complicated that it fails to be truly effective

But what if you took the word ‘hard’ and replaced it with something else? What if launching didn’t have to be hard? What if it could be effortless? Or magical? Or inspiring?

So your challenge is to become aware of the times that you use the word ‘hard’ to describe your launch and replace it with another positive word like effortless or magical or inspiring.

Launch Money Block #3: “I’m not willing to invest money in my idea until it’s proven to be successful”

While launching is a great way to create a leveraged stream of income in your business, it does come at a cost. And one of the biggest costs of launching is the investment that it takes to launch your program into the world.

While I hear so many women tell me that they want to build a leveraged income in their business, there are very few women who are willing to back themselves up and invest in their idea.

I once had a business coach tell me that if I wanted to earn $100,000 in my next launch then I had to be willing to invest 20% of my goal (which works out to be $20,000). This number seemed massive at the time and I was so scared about spending that much in my launch. But when you’re asking the universe for abundance, you’ve got to be willing to back yourself up. And so over the next few launches I invested more and more, and finally, I invested $20,000 into a launch (despite the MASSIVE fear) and I earnt more than $100,000!

And what I realised from that experience is that you have to invest in yourself and your idea… even when it hasn’t been proven to be successful yet!

I’m not saying that you have to invest $20,000 in your next launch but I think it’s worth considering how much you’d be willing to invest to launch your program.

How much is this idea worth to you?

How willing are you to back it up?

The amount that you invest isn’t necessarily important but backing yourself up and investing in your idea definitely is!

I hope that this blog post has inspired you to take a deeper look at your money blocks when launching. When you can transform your money blocks, you can transform your entire launch!

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