The Astrology of 2022

What to expect from the Astrology of 2022 & how it will impact your chart and life

Have you been wondering what the Astrology of 2022 holds for you?

Well, first you need to understand the global astrological energies and then apply them to your individual chart. 

But first, let’s reflect on the year that was…

2021: Freedom versus Responsibility

In 2021 we had Saturn in Aquarius, the planet of boundaries, responsibility, and restriction, squaring Uranus in Taurus, the planet of rebellion, sudden change, and freedom.

This is a major planetary aspect that occurs every 14 years and in 2021 there were three direct squares between February-December, 2021.

This was a challenging aspect but it also created dynamic tension that pushed us to make productive changes. But it also brought changes that we didn’t want – continuing travel disruptions and limits to personal freedom of movement and congregation.

This brought a tension between independence and responsibility where many of us wanted to just scream “enough is enough” and rebel against governmental social distancing, lock-down and isolation requirements, and the protections for the “greater good” yet we were also struggling with our sense of responsibility to others – particularly our nearest and dearest.

We were challenged to stay open-minded, patient, and flexible. We were challenged to surrender to what is and trust that things would eventually ease. We were challenged to find the opportunity or the silver lining in the restriction.

2022 Astrology

The Astrology of 2022 : Major planetary positions

Astrological movements 2022

To understand the Astrology of 2022 we need to understand the placement of the slower moving planets and apply them to our natal chart.

Jupiter moving into Pisces (and Aries)

Jupiter moves from the progressive and innovative sign of Aquarius into mystical, dreamy, and creative Pisces on the 29th December 2021 and will travel as far as 8 degrees Aries during 2022.

Jupiter is at home in Pisces (if we consider the traditional ruler of Jupiter as Pisces) and Pisces slows down Jupiter’s expansive energy to focus on inner contemplation of our soul path. When Jupiter moves into dreamy Pisces there is an expansion of our ability to dream up our future visions even if we can’t yet take action on them.

If any of your angles (AC, IC, DC, MC) are in Pisces you are likely to experience significant growth, luck, and abundance in 2022. 

  • It will be a year when putting in the effort can pay off exponentially.
  • Activities such as learning, teaching or travel are highly encouraged. 

The Jupiter in Aries period (10th May-28th October) will give us a glimpse into the energy of 2023.

However, the shadow side of this is that there is potential for your vision to feel somewhat murky or confused during this year-long transit and there is potential for us to be led astray.

The Jupiter in Aries period (10th May-28th October) is the best time to plan major action, launches, and externally focused projects.

Whilst Jupiter is in Pisces you may:

  •  experience a desire (or events which cause you) to stretch yourself – to expand your worldview especially in a spiritual sense.
  • You may suddenly feel called to study metaphysical subjects such as Astrology, Human Design, Numerology, Tarot or other spiritual topics.
  • You might suddenly have a strong desire to create – to write, paint or make something
  • It’s also a year when sharing your knowledge with others is supported and where you may feel like your time has finally come – like the energy finally shifts into something more expansive.
  • You may feel confused and a bit lost

So where is transiting Jupiter in your chart?

For me, it spans the 6th and 7th houses so Jupiter will bring this energy to my day to day work and health routine and my marriage and partnership. life. It will transit over DC angle (relationships & soul clients line)

To learn more about the domain of the houses join my free course here.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn, the planet of fear, restriction, and responsibility remains in Aquarius and over the next 12 months moves from 11-25 degrees Aquarius.

There is an energy of innovation, hope, compassion, and progress with Saturn still in Aquarius. 

  • We as individuals, and as a society, will be more open to change, innovation and futuristic thinking. 
  • We have one more year to make use of the part of our chart that Saturn in Aquarius activates (11-25 degrees Aquarius) 

Where is transit Saturn activating your chart? 

Where do you need to be more responsible, more structured, or more disciplined?

My 6th House is the focus and I feel that in 2022 I will be asked to focus on creating better structure, discipline and routine in order to continue my business growth. It’s important for me to look after my health as Saturn over the 6th house can bring ill-health.

To learn more about the domain of the houses join my free course here.

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus will continue to be in Taurus and we can expect ups and downs in our individual financial situations as well as local and global economies that will likely experience some form of depression or recession with the impact of years of pandemic.

We can expect ups and downs in our individual finances and changing values.

  • On a personal level you will be most impacted by the destabilising effect of Uranus if you have planets between 10-18 degrees Taurus or (or Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)
  • If you have planets here your year is likely to have a more chaotic or unexpected energy to it (look to the house for more information) and Uranus may bring to the fore decisions you have been resisting or putting off.

Where is transit Uranus activating your chart? 

Uranus will continue to move through my 8th house and over my natal Chiron – likely bring more unexpected events relating to other people’s money. I will also experience Uranus transit aspects with my lunar nodes and mercury.

rn more about the domain of the houses join my free course here.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune will continue to be in Pisces throughout 2022 and we may feel somewhat confused but I expect we will also feel more empathy and compassion for others as well.

Neptune is at home in dreamy Pisces and so it can fully express itself here.

Neptune in Pisces will impact you most if you have planets at 20-25 degrees Pisces (or Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius).

  • This energy can feel somewhat slow, sluggish or stuck and you may feel disillusioned or confused in your life.
  • It’s a time where you need to surrender and slow down rather than fighting the energy.
  • If you can do this you’ll create space to hear the soul callings and to usher in a wealth of creative and spiritual energy.

Where is transit Neptune activating your chart?

For me, it will move through my 6th house over my DC angle and into the 7th house. It will also make transit aspects with my AC (opposition), natal Neptune (square), and MC (square).

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Pluto in Capricorn

In 2022  the only planet still in Capricorn is Pluto and it will continue to transform and shake up the last vestiges of the old world order.

  • You’ll feel this restrictive and fatherly energy most if you have planets at 25-28 Capricorn (or Aries, Cancer and Libra)
  • If you have planets here you’ll likely be going through intense death and rebirth transformation cycle but likely fighting against it to the end.
  • There are likely some major structures of power and control in your life that need to be knocked down.

Where is transit Pluto activating your chart?

For me it’s in my 5th house of creativity and will likely continue to transform my creative energy I bring to my work as well as how I experience joy and pleasure for fun.

To learn more about the domain of the houses join my free course here.

There is a more balanced energy to the Astrology of 2022 with outer planets in each element of Fire, Earth, Air and Water (if we include Chiron in Aries).

The Astrology of 2022: Annual Aspects

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Jupiter conjunct Neptune 2022

We will experience the direct Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on the 12th of April 2022 at 24 degrees Pisces. 

Whilst this is the date that the conjunction is exact we will feel the energy of this conjunction for the entire year. 

This is a powerful conjunction as both planets are at home in Pisces (Jupiter’s traditional ruling sign is Pisces – the modern ruler is Sagittarius).

This aspect occurs every 13 years in successive signs (e.g. the last one was in Aquarius in 2009). As such it is one of the major aspects that Astrologers see as particularly historically significant. 

This conjunction also marks the first time that civilisation has experienced it forming conjunctions through all 12 signs as Neptune was only discovered in 1846.

This aspect should be considered in the context of those of the last few years following the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the Saturn-Uranus square of 2021. These were much more restrictive, masculine, and dominating forces and during a time of a global pandemic and the resulting changes to the world.

The Jupiter-Neptune aspect is as opposite as can be from previous annual aspects – bringing a new sense of hope, vision, creativity & spirituality. 

Creative expression, fresh vision, and spiritual contemplation and exploration are what we will be called towards in 2022.

The changes at play in 2022 will be happening underneath the surface, there will be lots of smaller shifts, often imperceptible, that pave the way for more change in 2023 when Jupiter is in the fire sign of Aries.

Uranus, Mars and North Node Triple Conjunction

Mars, Uranus and North Node Triple Conjunction

There is a fleeting major aspect in 2022 that lasts for just 36 hours where Mars, Uranus, and the North Node are conjunct at 18-19 degrees Taurus. This aspect occurs on the 1st of August 2022.

The last time a similar aspect occurred was in 324BC at the time of Alexander the Great – and there is the sense that this aspect may bring in a new era of Alexandrian proportions. 

This is one of a number of aspects that indicate that we are going through what has been coined by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as “the great reset”. This has also been referred to as the fourth industrial revolution – which has been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. 

The WEF describes this fourth industrial revolution as “a fundamental change to the way we live, work and relate to one another”.

The online and digital revolution is a big part of this revolution – but it is not the only element at play – and it is about a new paradigm for how we can thrive in this new world.

This conjunction indicates that we might experience unexpected, violent or aggressive changes in our lives but ones that move us towards our soul purpose. However, watch out for the stubborn Taurus energy to resist it. 

Want to learn more about the Astrology of 2022 ?

If you’d like to dive in more to the Astrology of 2022 including a process to assess your astrological blueprint for 2022, the new and full moons, and retrograde periods check out my Your Soulful Year Online program.If you’d like a personalised reading about exactly what personal transits you will go through in 2022 then check out my Year Ahead Reading.

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