The word ‘sales’ strikes fear into many the heart of a soul centred entrepreneur and can bring up words like slimy, sleazy and difficult. But selling is a really important part of a launch based business and there are so many ways you can bring more soul into your sales. I believe it’s time to define what soulful sales means to us and discover ways that we can share our life’s work and ‘sell’ in way that feels authentic and aligned. So here are my tips for putting more soul into your sales!

How to practice soulful sales

Master your sales mindset

You can use all the soulful sales strategies you like but if your mind isn’t on board then it will be hard to achieve launch alignment. 

So before we start talking about sales strategies worthy of a launch goddess, I want to address the key mindset blocks that I see come up over and over again:

  • “Selling is sleazy”
  • “I’ve sent too many emails”
  • “I’m getting too many unsubscribes”
  • “I’ve only got a small list”
  • “I don’t want to ‘convince’ people to buy who don’t need it”

Do you recognise any of these statements? Maybe you’ve said the exact same thing to yourself? Can you think of a positive statement that you can use instead?

For example: Instead of telling yourself that “selling is sleazy”, you could affirm that “sales allows me to share my gifts with the world”.

Instead of telling yourself that “I’ve sent too many emails”, you could affirm that “my mailing list wants to hear from me and how I can help them”.

It’s important to recognise that everyone has mindset blocks that come up during a launch. Click here to read about more blocks and the tools you can use to overcome them!

Create an invocation prayer

An invocation prayer is a soulful way of getting clear on who you want to attract into your program and what the experience is that you are inviting them into. It also allows you to connect with your ideal participants.

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The invocation prayer can be written in any way that feels right for you and can be any length. You can use it as a personal ritual, reading it to yourself every day during the launch, or you can make it public and really put it out in the universe. 

Use the Sacred Container Method

A sacred container, similarly to an actual container, is created to hold space for your soul clients. A launch sacred container is built through visualisation and intention and is a way to create the energetic pull to attract your soul clients.

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To create a sacred container, use visualisation or guided meditation to set an intention for the space. You can then call in your soul clients and hold the space for them in this container.

Write soulful sales emails

Email marketing is one of the most important components of a successful launch but many people find it overwhelming and hard. The truth is: sales emails can be soulful and they’re a highly sustainable way to build your launches.

Here are some ways that you can write soulful sales emails:

  • Tell personal stories that will resonate with your audience
  • Connect with your audience by showing them your own struggles
  • Provide valuable information to build trust and reciprocity
  • Get people excited by building urgency and desire to purchase

Sales emails aren’t so sleazy now, right? In fact, the term ‘sales emails’ is a little misleading as we do not want to be spending the entire email selling but rather connecting, resonating and building trust. This doesn’t just apply to your sales emails but all communications with your audience.

And finally, don’t forget to take your tribe on a journey! To do this you should be sharing the stages of the development of new product, the concept (and an interest survey to refine your concept), the branding, sneak peaks of the sales page, membership site and content, basically every stage you go through can be shared via sneak peaks on social media, in your newsletter, in your blog and in live streams – the sky’s the limit!

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