I began studying energy and soul medicine healing without really know how it ‘fit’ into my business. All I knew was that it was calling to me and I had to answer. Deep inside, I knew that if I followed the call then the answer would come. So after two years of study and a lot of time spent wondering how it would all come together, I came across an important realisation… the biggest thing holding people back from launch success is their alignment and mindset.

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Today, I want to give you three reasons why you need energetic support during a launch.

Why you need energetic support during a launch

Why you need energetic support during a launch

Maintain an abundance mindset

From a soulful launching perspective, having an abundance mindset involves believing that there are more than enough participants for you. And adopting an abundance mindset means taking the leap into deep trust that you will be protected and provided for during your launch.

This is critical during a launch. Otherwise our inner critic will take hold and tell us: “There is not enough. There are not enough clients. There is not enough money. There is not enough time or energy or resources for you.”

And when this lack mentality takes over then it begins to seep into your launch communications like emails, webinars and social media posts.

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So how do you switch your lack mentality to one of abundance? You might like to try a gratitude ritual! I do this by keeping a written enrollment list for my launches. With all of our automated systems, I feel like writing down each person’s name makes them more than just a number and helps me to feel a sense of gratitude all through my body and into my heart. When you tap into this embodied feeling of gratitude then your mindset switches from one of lack to one of abundance and you become truly magnetic!

Clear limiting launch beliefs, thoughts and words

When I look at limiting beliefs or launch blocks, I like to break them up into two categories:

  •      Launch beliefs
  •      Launch thoughts and words

Your launch beliefs are both conscious and subconscious beliefs that you have about launching. These beliefs can be positive but when they are negative, they put you out alignment with achieving your goals.

These are different to launch thoughts and words.

Launch beliefs are things that you fundamentally believe about launching at a core level while launch thoughts and words are less ingrained and tend to come and go.

But once again, when your launch thoughts and words are in the negative then they can also put you out of alignment.

So how do you reframe your limiting launch beliefs, thoughts and words and get back into alignment? Well I’m a huge fan of energetic work which can help to clear any energetic blockages you have and provide strong support during a launch.

Unlock your highest potential

I believe that you are truly capable of so much more than you might realise. Those dreams and desires that you have in your heart? They are so, so possible for you! You just have to believe it!

Energetic support is so powerful during a launch because it allows you to unlock your highest potential and to truly trust yourself in all of your decisions and actions.

Some methods that I use to unlock my highest potential during a launch include:

  •      Guided meditations to help open my mind to what’s possible
  •      Affirmations that turn my limiting beliefs into positive mantras
  •      Oracle cards to help me to connect to my intuition and higher knowledge

And when you’ve unlocked this highest potential then anything is possible!

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