In 2016, I made a monumental mistake—I rejected my innate rising sign astrological superpower. Based on others’ reactions, I deemed it dull or even undesirable. Consequently, I attempted to be someone I was not, which cost me dearly in my business.

By rejecting my rising sign astrological superpower, my clients lost what they loved most about me. Instead of embracing what made me special, I tried to embody qualities that didn’t resonate with who I truly am. It was a misguided move, and sadly, I see many entrepreneurs making similar missteps.

Often, we underestimate our natural abilities, assuming everyone possesses them. However, these innate talents set us apart—they’re our superpowers. Sometimes, we’ve repressed or demonized these gifts so much that we no longer recognize their value.

I want to remind you of your special talent—the one that’s uniquely yours and essential for your success. It’s time to reclaim and harness this power to elevate your business.

For me, the turning point came when I delved into astrology. Through this ancient practice, I rediscovered my superpower and realigned my business, leading to remarkable success.

In today’s fast-paced world, losing touch with our true selves is easy. How can we expect our clients to feel confident working with us if we’re unclear about our superpower?

So, how do we uncover our astrological superpower? Look to your rising sign—the zodiac sign that marks the horizon at your time of birth. It’s the essence of what others adore about you, the quality that radiates effortlessly.

Your rising sign intersects with your AC angle, as seen below, this chart was created at (if you don’t know how to create your chart I suggest you go through my free course astrology basics) and there are three places that tell you your rising sign.

  1. Red summary text in the top left corned
  2. AC in the planetary table – it abbreviated your rising to the first three letters
  3. Looking at your chart and identifying the zodiac glyph that the ascendant intersects (this takes a bit of astrology knowledge)

Identifying and embracing your rising sign is key to understanding what makes you uniquely valuable to your clients. The missing piece sets you apart and attracts your soul clients.

As a starting point for exploring your rising sign astrological superpower, here are some of the potential superpowers associated with each ascendant sign

Aries – Boldness, Bravery, Speed, Leadership

Taurus – Quality, Sensuality, Luxury, Grounded, Slow & Steady

Gemini – Curious, Connector, Variety Communication

Cancer – Nurturing, Intuitive, Feminine

Leo – Expressive, Creative, Charismatic

Virgo – Organised, Detailed, Systems Simplification

Libra – Relationships, Beauty, Style, Balance

Scorpio – Passionate, In-depth, Researched, Transformational

Sagittarius – Teacher, Guide, Philosophical, Optimism, Worldly

Capricorn Masterful, Disciplined, Responsible, Hard-working

Aquarius – Innovative, Forward-thinking, Revolutionary, Maverick

Pisces – Spiritual, Creative, Sensitive, Mystical

Want to learn more about your Superpower?

If you’re eager to explore the unique superpowers granted by your rising sign even deeper, I invite you to join my specialized superpower training. In this free training, you’ll uncover your distinct superpower, understand its significance, recognize any tendencies to suppress it and learn practical ways to leverage this gift in your business. Don’t miss out—sign up for the training here to unleash the full potential of your astrological superpower!

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