I often get asked, “How should I brand my business to align with my astrology?”.

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple answer!

Firstly, why should we even care about aligning our branding with Astrology?

Good branding elevates your brand, positions your services as desirable, and draws clients to you. So imagine for a second if your branding wasn’t just good—it was also SOUL ALIGNED. 

What do I mean by this? 

Imagine if your branding was based on your essence, magnetism, and allure and designed to attract the people you are most meant to work with at a soul level.

Sounds amazing, right? But how do we even figure this out?

I’m here to tell you it’s ALL in your natal astrology chart.

Astrology Branding – Aligning your brand to your astrology chart

In this blog, I will introduce you to my take on the best color palettes and vibes for each zodiac sign to give you a starting point for your branding. 

You need to remember that your brand is much more than just the colors; colors are often the first thing we think of when branding because they create an emotional connection and response.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that (just like in life!) branding is not all about you and what you like! 

Your brand also needs to consider how others see you and what they are attracted to in you (FYI, this is often quite different from how we see ourselves), your soul client vibe, and the best way to connect with them and magnetize them to you.

I discuss this in this blog.

Astrology Brand Colours for each Zodiac sign

Every zodiac sign has a color palette, ranging from deep and moody for Scorpio to bright and bold for Gemini and earthy for Capricorn.

And yes, it is important to align your branding, particularly if you have a personal brand, with your sun sign, but it’s certainly not the whole story.

Remember, you might not immediately like the colors shown, but you can always go a little muted or a lot brighter to bring through your preferred brand vibe.

My full AstroBranding zodiac color chart employs a range of 5 colors, but for this blog, I will simplify things to 3 main colors to consider.

Aries color palette

We should use bright, bold colors such as red, orange, and yellow for Aries.

Taurus color palette

We should use earthy, muted tones but ones with a feminine edge for Taurus.

Gemini Color Palette

For Gemini, we should use bright, fun colors, potentially in Neon tones.

Cancer Color Palette

For Cancer, we should use pale, soft, pastel colors, particularly those in blues and greens reminiscent of the sea.

Leo Color Palette

For Leo, we should use warm desert colors that are still bold, such as orange, yellow, and camel.

Virgo Color Palette

For Virgo, we should use calming, healing, cool colors such as blue, forest green, and greys or taupes.

Libra Color Palette

For Libra, we should use muted romantic colors such as blush, coral, deep blues, and greens.

Scorpio color palette

For Scorpio, we should use rich, passionate, dark colors that invoke a sense of mystery, such as burgundy, wine red, and charcoal.

Sagittarius color palette

Sagittarius Color Palette

For Sagittarius, we want to use deep, dark colors that invoke a feeling of spiritual or philosophical pursuits, such as grape purple, navy, and Charcoal.

Capricorn color palette

For Capricorn, we should use serious, earthy, traditional colors such as burgundy, camel, and navy or khaki.

Aquarius color palette

Aquarius Color Palette

For Aquarius, we should use bright, bold, and perhaps a little quirky colors, like firetruck red, jewel-tone sapphire blue, and emerald green.

Pisces Colour Palette

Pisces Color Palette

For Pisces, we want to use mystical, sea-inspired colors like seafoam, turquoise, blue, and purple to convey its soulful and creative aspects. I like to describe these as “mermaid colors.”

Astro-Branding – What’s Next

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Astrology and branding and being introduced to the color palettes of each zodiac sign. 

I’ll be running my annual round of Your AstroBrand Map course very soon. In this course, I’ll guide you through creating a custom color palette and mood board for your business using your natal chart or business chart. Here are some examples from previous rounds.

My AstroBranding framework looks at least four points on your chart and combines two to four zodiac archetypes (depending on your unique natal and/or business chart) to create your soul-aligned brand mood board.

So, if you want to dive deeper into your soul-aligned brand, check out Your AstroBrand Map.

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