astroplanning with retrogrades

Why should we be concerned with retrogrades and astroplanning ? By understanding the implications of various retrogrades, you can gain foresight and make informed planning decisions.

In the realm of astrology, retrogrades are periods when planets appear to move backward in the sky due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit. While some may view retrogrades as challenging times, they can actually serve as valuable tools for long-term planning in your business.  

In this blog, we will explore how working with planet retrogrades can help you plan your business activities effectively.

Retrogrades in 2023

Retrograde Season and Its Impact

Astrologists often refer to “retrograde season” to indicate a period when multiple planets are retrograding simultaneously. The duration of retrograde season varies each year. In 2023, the retrograde season extends from July to December, with September and October being the months with the most significant retrograde activity. During this time, it becomes crucial to pay special attention to the retrogrades of Mercury and Venus from late July to mid-September.

Mercury Retrograde: Communication, Travel & Technology

Mercury, the planet associated with communication, travel, and technology, can bring challenges when it goes retrograde. Launching new projects, signing contracts, and initiating websites or technology-related endeavors during this time may not yield desired results. Communication tends to become more prone to misunderstandings and delays. Instead, use this period for reflection, review, and refining existing plans. 

The next Mercury retrograde for 2023 occurs from August 23 to September 15.

Venus Retrograde: Money, Sales, Receptivity

Venus retrograde, which takes place from July 23 to September 4, 2023, affects areas related to money, sales, and receptivity. While launching new ventures during this time may lack the desired magnetism, it presents an opportune moment to reconnect with past clients and nurture existing relationships. Focus on cultivating strong connections and nurturing trust, laying the groundwork for future business growth.

Mars Retrograde: Taking Action Effectively

Although Mars retrograde is active in 2023, it’s worth noting that this period affects taking action effectively. When Mars is retrograde, it is advised to refrain from initiating new endeavors. Instead, embrace introspection and reflection. Plans made during this time may feel like an uphill battle or fail to gain traction. Wait for Mars to go direct before taking decisive action.

Harnessing Retrogrades for Business Planning

Understanding the impact of retrogrades can help you plan your business activities more effectively. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Retrograde Season Timing: Retrograde season often brings challenging energy. It’s advisable to prioritize your most important launches in the first half of the year when the cosmic climate is generally more supportive.
  • Personal Retrograde Influence: If you were born with a planet retrograde, its impact may differ for you. Planets occupying prominent positions in your birth chart, such as those on angles, may intensify the effects of retrogrades. Take these factors into account when planning retrograde periods.
  • Capitalize on Inner Planet Retrogrades: Inner planet retrogrades, like those of Mercury, Venus and Mas, have a more significant impact on our daily lives and businesses. These retrogrades are shorter and easier to plan around. Use these periods for reflection, reviewing strategies, and fine-tuning existing projects.
  • Reflect, Review, and Realign: Retrogrades provide an excellent opportunity to reassess and realign your business structures, goals, and career path. Use Saturn retrograde (June 17 to November 4) to review and refine the systems and structures in your business, paving the way for future success.
  • Embrace Self-Exploration and Healing: Retrogrades, such as Neptune (June 30 to December 6 2023) and Pluto (May 1 to October 11 2023), offer opportunities for self-exploration, healing, and shedding limiting beliefs. Engage in introspective work, address past hurts or traumas, and reevaluate your spiritual and creative pursuits.

By working with retrogrades and understanding their implications, you can engage in long-term planning for your business while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Embrace the periods of reflection and review provided by retrogrades like Mercury and Venus, and use them to refine your strategies and nurture existing relationships. Additionally, be mindful of the cosmic climate during retrograde seasons, prioritize your launches wisely, and leverage the knowledge of your personal birth chart to navigate these periods effectively. 

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