In this blog, I’m writing about the Personal Planets in your astrology chart – Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

These planets are closest to Earth, move around our chart the quickest and their themes are personality-based.

Personal planets are the ones that embody our core personality, fundamental archetypes, and basic drives as humans. It is the placement of our personal planets in our natal chart that provides the most information about who we are and what makes us tick.

personal planets

If you’d like a summary of the meanings behind these planets and their placements in your chart check out my free astrology basics course here.

Mercury in your chart

Mercury is the Messenger and the planet Mercury is all about how you communicate and your intellect and intelligence.

Most of us probably only know Mercury as the dreaded “Mercury in retrograde” period when Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky – it’s a time when communications get muddled and things such as technology seem to experience more than the usual issues. In the soulful online launch community it’s a rule to not launch during this time – but difficult – as most years Mercury is in Retrograde 3 times during the “launch year”.

Look to where Mercury is in your chart and then think about the traits of that sign and house – what might it say about how you communicate?

My Mercury is in my second house of Money and resources in the sign of Scorpio.

I’ve never been one for small talk and you’ll find me instead with my heart on my sleeve getting into the deep and hard parts of life. Telling a stranger about how my house burned down when I was 9, or how my boyfriend died when I was 24, or how difficult my first childbirth was and how I had post-traumatic stress after, or maybe about my difficult family life. And I’m not afraid to talk about (and hear about) the hard parts of your life either. I’m no fair-weather friend. I’m the type of person you can tell pretty much anything. I don’t expect grief to pass in a month or a year. I know that healing is a much longer process than that.

So it’s no surprise my work is evolutionary astrology – because this is where we reflect on and talk about our lives and how events have shaped them. How we discover how we can be true to ourselves and overcome these hard times that life has thrown at us.

Yeah, my Mercury is very much of the Scorpio variety!

My Mercury is also in my house of money and resources, it’s intimately linked to how I make money through writing and teaching. My vulnerable, transformative, and deep communication style is intrinsic to my success.

My mercury is also trine (a harmonious aspect) to my Moon, as such the two work together and support each other – my moon needs to connect with the broader community and my Mercury knows that the way to do that is through depth and transformation.

Mercury is one of the faster moving planets staying in each zodiac sign just 3-4 weeks so you can look ahead each month to discover the best times to have hard conversations or communicate clearly to your audience depending on which sign and house it is in.

Venus in Your Chart

Venus has feminine energy but not the mother energy (like the moon) but the siren, the goddess, the seductress.

Venus is all about how you love, receive, and attract.

Look to where Venus is in your chart and then think about the traits of that sign and house – what might it say about how you are in relationships and how you might be able to receive and attract?

My Venus is in Scorpio. Intense, emotional, intuitive and sensitive. Yep, that’s me. Venus is in my first house of self and appearance so this intrinsically part of who I am and how I appear to others.

I have to admit my inner Venus took a sleep for a while when I gained a lot of weight. I never hated my body, I could always see the beauty but I knew that there was a Kath inside aching to break free.

And break free she has. I’ve rediscovered my inner goddess. Sexy Kath. Cute Kath. Cheeky Kath. I can’t wait to discover more about her!

Venus is also about how we receive and that includes money. With Venus in the first, I am meant to receive for me – just being me – which ultimately is the personal brand model of business.

Venus moves through the signs every 4-5 weeks so we can look ahead each month to see where we can attract and receive best and in what way for example if in Aries in the 4th House, it might be about taking action at home – having hard conversations, changing your routine and maybe even turning up the romance.

Mars in your chart

Mars is all about your inner warrior. How you take action, how you can be brave, how competitive you are, and how you respond in anger. It also tells us something about your passion, desire, and approach to sex!

Mars helps us to activate and is the ruler of Aries – a fire sign. Look to where Mars is in your chart to see where and in what way (house and sign)  you can invoke your inner warrior.

My Mars is in Capricorn in the 4th House. Discovering that Mars the god of war was in my house of the home was pretty significant to me. This placement can indicate a father who struggles to manage their anger (tick), your own repressed anger (tick) due to it not being safe to express it (tick), and the propensity to boil over when pushed to my limits (tick).

Connecting the dots between my repressed anger, my father, and how my inner warrior comes out in the home – protecting myself and my children and husband was pretty life-changing and healing.

Having Mars in Capricorn also gives me an enormous drive that is consistent, steady, and long-term. I have the ability to work towards long-term goals in a solid way.

I also think my Mars in Capricorn in the 4th explains why I like working from home so much and can also still be very disciplined and hardworking in this environment.

Mars moves signs every 6-7 weeks meaning that every 6-7 weeks the energy of your inner warrior changes and as it transits the different houses of your chart you will be predisposed to take action and be brave in different parts of your life.

Want to learn more about the Personal Planets?

If you would like help to interpret the placement of your personal planets (or even where they are!) join my free astrology course here.

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