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Neptune is in Retrograde from July 2nd – December 8th 2024.

Firstly what is a retrograde? 

A retrograde is when a planet appears to turn backward in the sky. This happens due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit. 

All the major planets (excluding the luminaries – the sun and the moon) go retrograde from time to time.

When planets go retrograde the impact of the planet changes and the type of activities that are recommended change too.

What is a Neptune Retrograde all about?

Neptune is the planet of dreams, spirituality, creativity, imagination, and illusion (or delusion)  and is ruled by the sign of Pisces – and the 12th house of Rest, Retreat, and the Unknown.

Neptune represents where we can get confused or lost or seek to escape in our life. Neptune can place a haze over whichever part of the chart it touches.

It is considered to be a fairly harmonious planet but whilst in transit, however, it brings to light things that were previously hidden.

Neptune can be thought of as the Mystic. 

How to work with the energy

When Neptune goes retrograde, this heralds a time for seeing the big picture, increased intuition, and more vivid dreams. During this retrograde period, what was once unclear becomes crystal clear, and if we have been lying to ourselves, it’s much more difficult to ignore the truth. Neptune Retrograde is a wake-up call that may provoke you to make big changes in your life.

During a Neptune Retrograde, we may feel spiritual, creative, and visionary.

A Neptune retrograde will ask us to be honest with ourselves once and for all and to release the limiting beliefs holding us back.

By the time Neptune turns direct, we will be ready to make some big changes in our lives that in the past we have not been clear on. 

Where is Neptune retrograding in your chart?

Neptune will retrograde from 29’55-27’07 degrees Pisces in 2024 so take a look at your natal chart to see which house this is in for you and take note of any other planets around this area.

If you are unsure what the different houses represent, check out my FREE astrology basics course.

What might the position of Neptune’s Retrograde in 2024 mean for you?

In which part of your life do you need to get honest with yourself?

For me, it is in my 7th House of Partnerships. My husband and I are going through a lot of challenges relating to both our daughters and it’s bringing up a lot of stuff in our relationship around communication.

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