saturn retrograde

Saturn is in Retrograde from May 11th to 29th September 2020.

Firstly what is a retrograde? 

A retrograde is when a planet appears to turn backwards in the sky. This happens due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit. 

All the major planets (excluding the luminaries – the sun and the moon) go retrograde from time to time.

When planets go retrograde the impact of the planet changes and the type of activities that are recommended change too.

What is a Saturn Retrograde all about?

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, restriction, discipline and structure and is ruled by the sign of Capricorn – the slow and steady mountain goat and the master and the 10th house of Career and Public Recognition.

Saturn is often considered to represent our life’s work or the area of our life where we will have to work hard, be disciplined and responsible. Saturn is also considered father time and can represent Karma in our lives.

So when Saturn goes retrograde this is like a double dose of Karma in our lives and whether it is good karma or bad karma will depend on how responsible we have been in our lives so far.

During a Saturn Retrograde, we may feel limitation, restriction, anxiety, and fear and this is particularly heightened this year during the Covid-19 social isolation. 

A Saturn retrograde will ask us to get our lives in order, to take responsibility and to grow up. It really makes me think about getting our business systems and structures in order during this isolation time where it may not be the best economy to launch it (not I said “may” because I am not buying into a limiting belief here!) and certainly offerings like retreats, travel and in-person events are not possible.

By the time Saturn turns retrograde we will be ready to move forward, be focused and productive and to chase success and recognition out in the world once again.

saturn retrograde

Where is Saturn retrograding in your chart?

Saturn will retrograde from 1 degree Aquarius to 25 degrees Capricorn so take a look at your natal chart to see which house this is in for you and take note of any other planets around this area.

If you are not sure what the different houses represent then check out my FREE astrology basics course.

What might the position of Saturn’s Retrograde in 2020 mean for you?

Where do you need to be more responsible? Your finances? Your home? Your Work? Your Health?

For me, it is in my 5th house of Pleasure and Creativity. 

Over the next 4.5 months I am going to be quite busy writing the modules and creating training for my next courses Your Astrological Style, Your Astrological Substance and Your Astrological Soul. Whilst this is the house of creativity and pleasure (and I do take pleasure from creating my programs!) I will need to be responsible and disciplined to achieve my deadlines. 

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