Having launch abundance rituals has been absolutely critical in helping me to achieve an abundance mindset during a period of time where my inner critic can often take over.

Launches can bring up a lot of fear, scarcity and lack which can seep into launch communications and people can literally feel the desperation.

Lack mentality can be felt by those around you and it is not attractive. By being in a lack mentality you are energetically pushing potential clients away.

This is why launch abundance rituals are so important and today I’m sharing five rituals that I personally use during my own launches.

My Personal Launch Abundance Rituals

Launch Abundance Rituals #1 – Kick off with a mindset day

Mindset is the hardest part of launching yet often the aspect we give the least focus.

There is no end point. No actual ‘mastery’.

The mastery is in the continuous consciousness around the importance of it.

I always start my launches with a full day committed to working on my mindset. This ensures that I’m tuned into an abundance mindset before my launch even begins.

Rituals that I practice during my mindset day include:

  • Listening to guided meditations 
  • Cleansing my workspace
  • Doing an oracle card reading for my launch 
  • Aligning with my launch goals
  • Creating launch mantras
  • Journaling my dreams and desires
  • Completing a launch clearing balance and receiving activation 
  • Doing an EFT practice on my limiting beliefs

Launch abundance rituals

The Law of Attraction explains that ‘like attracts like’ so if you can tune into the feeling of abundance during your mindset day then you will manifest more of it into your life and launch.

Also remember that abundance exists in many ways from your relationships, to your living environment, your freedoms you take for granted, your smiling children or your quiet time to just read.

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Launch Abundance Rituals #2 – Make a date with my kinesiologist

Launching can create blockages in our energetic systems and I highly recommend seeking out professional energy alignment work during your launch such as kinesiology, reiki or other forms of energy healing.

My personal favourite is kinesiology and I see it as essential to maintaining my alignment to my launch goals and moving on any blocks or resistance to achieving these goals.

Launch abundance rituals

Launch Abundance Rituals #3 – Listen to guided meditations

Guided meditations are meditations often set to music that guide you on the meditative journey. They are great if you are new to meditation but also super helpful to work on specific issues – like abundance!

One of my favorite guided meditations is the 3×3 manifesting abundance meditation by Dina Proctor found on the Omvana app. This meditation is just 3 minutes long and she recommends listening to it three times a day, however, I often use it just once or twice. I find that when I listen to it I feel much more receptive to launch abundance and it also brings me back to the truth that the energy of abundance is limitless and therefore so is my potential in my launch.

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Launch Abundance Rituals #4 – Work with crystals

I love to work with crystals during my launches and I do this in two main ways:

  1. Creating a crystal grid: A crystal grid is a pattern made of crystals for the purposes of directing energy towards a specific goal. I write down my launch intentions (like a revenue goal) and then create a crystal grid (or pattern with crystals) over the top to charge those intentions. Citrine is the crystal for energy and abundance and is a powerful crystal to use when working on your abundance mindset.
  2. Keep specific crystals close to me while I work: I always wear a citrine or amethyst ring during my launch and surround myself with crystals on my desk, in my pockets and even down my bra!

Launch abundance rituals

Launch Abundance Rituals #5 – Surrender to the ebb and flow (but also take inspired action!)

An abundance mindset is critical to the success of your launch but it is difficult to maintain. And it is something that takes daily (if not hourly!) maintenance.

Know that it’s okay for your abundance mindset to ebb and flow and there is always action that you can take to raise the abundant vibrations again!

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