Does the thought of your next launch make you want to crawl under the covers and take a big nap? Or even worse, crawl under the covers and not come back out until the end of the launch!?

I get it, I really do! Launches are full of the unknown and can be incredibly overwhelming. Not to mention the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that decide to pop up just as you go live. It’s easy for everything to start feeling too hard! 

But it doesn’t have to be this way! I believe that launching is essential to your online business and the most effective way to scale it and experience true abundance.

So let’s jump into the five blocks holding you back from an abundant launch and how you can overcome them!

Five blocks holding you back from an abundant launch

Abundant Launch Block #1: Setting goals that are too high or too low

If you’ve launched before then you’ll know how important it is to set goals. But it isn’t always that easy and it can be hard to strike the balance between realistic and achievable and expansive and challenging. Not to mention the mindset tricks that come into play when we get serious about what we’re hoping to achieve. For this reason, we often end up with goals that are too low or unrealistically high!

Solution: set three levels of goals for your next launch

My signature goal setting process includes three levels of goals:

  • Base goal: this is very realistic and doable
  • Stretch goal: this goal should stretch you a bit but still be achievable
  • Ultimate goal: this goal is going to be pretty challenging to achieve

The point of setting three levels of goals is not so much to achieve the ultimate goal but to open up the energetic container for what is possible. In practice, this means that if we can visualise and align to our ultimate goal then our base and stretch goals are easy in comparison.

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Abundant Launch Block #2: Under-investing or not sticking to a launch budget

Investing in your launch can bring up a whole lot of anxiety and fear. Depending on your unique personality, this could lead to both under-investing or over-spending.

That’s why a launch budget is so valuable. Not only does it keep you on track but it also helps to ease some of the fear that comes with investing.

Solution: select a budget and use it as your guide

I have three methods to help you decide how much to invest in your launch: The Capital Available Method, The Revenue Goal Investment Method and The List Size Investment Method.

Remember we all start somewhere and we do what we can with what we have.

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Abundant Launch Block #3: Allowing anxiety and overwhelm to take the front seat

No matter how much you plan and strategise, fear and resistance will inevitably show up during a launch.

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Solution: harness the powerful energy of goddess archetypes

One tool that I use to lift me out of resistance and into my fullest power is harnessing the power of goddess archetypes (which I talk about more in this blog post here).

So what does all of this have to do with launching?

Well launches can impact on our self-confidence, self-worth and self-belief. But the energy of different goddesses can be used to draw out our innate qualities and strengths and also build areas in which we feel weak.

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By calling on the goddess energy we are able to transcend the limits we have put on ourselves through negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and in this way the goddess archetypes empower us.

But even more powerful than goddess archetypes is the ability to invoke and embody your own inner launch goddess.

Abundant Launch Block #4: Picking a launch model because it seems ‘easier’

Before we get started talking about launch models, I want to address the elephant in the room and talk about the ever elusive ‘evergreen’ launch model.

‘Evergreen’ model is where your product, program or e-Course can be purchased at any time versus a live launch model where you can only buy during specific dates of a launch.

I’ve seen so many people fall for the illusion that an evergreen model is a path to instant riches… and I’m sorry but it is just not true.

Trust me on this, creating regular passive income from evergreen products is much harder than it looks!

Live launching is a much better way to rapidly grow your list, create urgency around your offerings,  sustainably grow your business, create momentum and build a solid reputation for your products and programs.

But so many of us avoid it because we find it overwhelming or because we burn out.

Solution: pick a launch model that truly works for you

I’m not saying that the evergreen isn’t the model for you or that I’m totally against it but I think it’s important to choose your launch model strategically and not because one looks easier or harder.

Abundant Launch Block #5: Filling your schedule with too much action

The final block I see time and time again is filling your launch calendar with too much doing and not giving yourself enough space to do the very important mindset and self-care work that you really, really need during a launch.

I’m of the opinion that short launches are not the most strategic way to launch.

I think you need to allow time to build trust and credibility with your audience, allow them time to digest your pre-launch content and work out how they will fund your program (especially for more premium priced programs).

I don’t like to make people feel rushed as it invariably attracts the wrong clients.

I like longer launches because they are more spacious for you and your audience. You don’t have to cram 15-20 emails (yes really!) into a week – you can space them out and create an intimate journey with plenty of time for self-care.

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Solution: be realistic when creating your launch calendar

And finally, do yourself a favour and take a week off in-between your abundant launch and delivery. Launches are tiring even done the soulful and sustainable way and you need to step back and re-fill your cup before diving into delivery.

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